Simone taking things in stride

Even though it's the offseason, Skyline (Sammamish, Wa.) WR Gino Simone wants to get out and work with his team, but there's a problem -- he suffered a broken thumb recently after a minor car accident. caught up with one of the top producing wideouts on the west coast and he updated us on recruiting, his summer plans and his timeline to return to action.

"This car in front of us made an illegual u-turn and we rear-ended them," Simone told recently. "The lane they were making a u-turn in was for emergency vehicles only, so it was illegal. I was in the passenger seat, but when we hit them the airbag deployed and I broke my thumb.

"So I've been "clubbing it up" and going out and running around to stay in shape and run routes, but I haven't been able to do much other than that.

"I just broke a small bone at the base of it, so I should heal up pretty quickly. The doctors said basically I will need the cast on for a couple more weeks and then it can come off and I should be good as new."

Starting yesterday, Simone, along with his Skyline teammates, is taking part in the Washington 7-on-7 passing tournament being held at Husky Stadium.

"I'm just going to play defense since I can't really catch anything," Simone said with a laugh. "I just want to get out there and play and help my team. We won last year and I want to win it again."

This coming week Simone will be in Pullman on Tuesday to take in a day of the Washington State camp and to see the campus. He'll then venture back to Montlake on Thursday to visit Washington again, this time to take an unofficial visit, and then over the weekend he'll be in Corvalis to meet with the Oregon State coaches.

"I haven't been over to Washington State yet, so I want to check things out and see some guys I know over there," Simone said. "I'll be able to check out there facilities and just meet with the coaches.

"With Washington, I've already seen the facilities and stuff and I feel real comfortable there, but I haven't seen the rest of campus and I haven't really seen the academic side much, so that's really what I'm going to focus on and then down at Oregon State, I'll meet with the coaches and check out what they have down there.

"It will be a busy week, but it will definitely help me along in the process."

Simone said he's unsure when he'll make a decision, but he did say that it could happen at any time.

"Right now I'm not close to making a decision honestly," Simone said. "I don't think I'll be deciding before the season.

"Honestly, I think I'll probably wait until the middle of my season, but it could be after that. I just need to check everything out and see what the situations are and what fits best for me."

Simone was one of the top receivers, production-wise, as a junior in 2007 posting 70 receptions for 1,420 yards and 20 touchdowns while helping lead Skyline to a perfect 13-0 record and the Washington 3A State Championship.

We'll continue to track Simone's progress and update things as they change.

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