Trew, Tyler take in game

Kyle Trew and Casey Tyler took a little trip down to Eugene, Oregon this weekend to watch the Washington Huskies and Oregon Ducks do battle. For them, it was a way to kill two objectives with one trip - check out the University of Oregon and also watch two teams they are very interested in knowing more about. And even though both are from the greater-Seattle area, they insist they tried to keep an objective eye when slogging through damp conditions at Autzen Stadium.

"We got there late, right before kickoff, so we didn't really get to see the pre-game stuff," the 6-2, 215-pound Trew told last night. "The fans seemed really into it. It's a cool stadium and they have cool fans. I didn't know they were that outgoing."

"I kept hearing that it was the place to be," Tyler said. "I liked how energetic the crowd was. They had spirit. It was pretty tight."

Casey also remarked about the new and improved Autzen Stadium. "It's a really nice stadium," he said. "I didn't know what it was going to be like from the outside, but when we got in I was like, 'Damn!'"

Ironically enough, even though they came down together, they didn't sit together. "We each brought two friends to the game," Trew said. "Casey and his friends sat totally on the opposite side of us."

"Yeah, that was a little strange," Tyler said. "I didn't realize that was going to happen. We ended up sitting around a lot of the U-Dub people."

With both players looking hard at Washington right now, they continue to assert impartiality. "We just wanted to go down there to see what it was like," Casey said. "It was cool to see a big game like that in person," said Trew. "I wanted to experience the atmosphere and to have a good time. I try to stay unbiased. Both teams are great teams. There were times were I thought, 'Hey, that was a great catch by the Ducks,' or 'That was a big play by the Huskies,' but it didn't change my opinion. I like both the same as before. They are top programs."

And despite the recent news that Tyler was committed to UW but still looking around, he said, 'I'm still open.'" Both Warriors have official visit dates set up to Washington for the weekend of December 13th. "I still think I'm going to visit Oregon officially at some point," Casey added. "I am going to take a trip to Washington State," Trew said. "But I don't have the date set yet."

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