Moore talks recruiting

At the Seattle Seahawks' facility on Sunday, Prosser WR Kirby Moore joined several Puget Sound players in a warm-up for the 7-on-7 Tournament sponsored by the NFL that will be held in New Orleans in the next couple of weeks. After the workout, Moore talked about how recruiting is coming along and how his one day at Washington's skills camp went on Saturday.

"It was a great experience (at Washington's camp)," Moore told shortly after his brisk 90-minute workout. "I was there (Saturday) and it was a lot of fun just getting out there and competing against some of the top guys out there.

"During the lunch break, they took some of the top guys into the Dempsey and we threw some routes and that was pretty cool because there were a couple of QBs from California there that were really good."

With offers from Washington State, Stanford and Boise State, Moore already has three solid choices, but a new school could be entering the fray soon.

"I talked to coach (Charlie) Baggett for a while during the defensive period, because I wasn't doing much," Moore said with a chuckle. "He was telling me he liked me a lot and the things I do as a receiver. He said they will be handing out some offers this week and I should be hearing something soon from them.

"I think they could be close to offering, but obviously I don't know what they are thinking so I'll just have to be patient and see what happens."

Moore said he has a reason to look at all four of his favorite schools...

Boise State - "It would be great to go there because (older brother) Kellen (Moore) is there and it would be fun to keep playing with him and it's not too far and they have a great offense and I like the coaches there."

Stanford - "Stanford kinda stands apart from all the rest because of the experience there. They have a great education and the campus is amazing. I think it's like 9,000 acres and it's beautiful there."

Washington State - "It's great there and in Prosser, we all pretty much consider it our hometown school. Everyone, when they graduate, it seems like everyone heads there. I really like the coaching staff there too."

Washington - "Cody (Bruns) is there and that would be great to keep playing with him and I like coach Baggett a lot."

"They are all great choices for me and I'm happy to have them," Moore said.

We'll continue to track Moore's progress over the coming weeks and update news as it happens.

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