Smith back from UO trip

Charles Smith is a 6-1, 175-pound athlete from La Mesa (Calif.) Helix and Charles spent this past weekend in Eugene, Oregon taking in an official visit to the University of Oregon as they took on the Washington Huskies. With Smith's two leaders being the Ducks and Huskies, this weekend was a perfect opportunity to size up both programs on the field.

"Really, I wasn't really focused on the game all that much," Smith told last night. "Of course I watched it but I was more focused on what I hadn't seen, like the area. Oregon didn't have a good game and Washington played great, but really it was all fine.

"I enjoyed myself. They showed me a good time. I had a good knowledge base going into it, so a lot of stuff didn't shock me. I had a good time. I really enjoyed looking at the facilities and the campus. Those were the big things, seeing stuff that I had not seen yet."

Keith Allen was his player host. "I roomed with the guy from Taft (Lance Broadus)," he said. "Mike Okwo from Mira Costa was there. They were all great guys." The Ducks made sure Charles didn't leave with an empty stomach. "I can see how people can get tired of eating, because they feed you constantly. It was great. I don't think I've eaten that much in a while."

Even with the positive vibes coming from UO, Smith still has some work to do before coming to a decision as to where he wants to go to college. "I talked to the coaches and I told them that I was going to take them my other visits, definitely to Washington and also to Arizona probably," he said. "They just said that my decision should be based on what I like, so I didn't feel that they pressured me at all."

The Huskies may be seeing Charles sooner than anticipated. "I have Washington scheduled for January 10th, but I would like to move that up, get up there earlier," he said. "I had scheduled that based on going with Reggie (Bush), but I kind of want to get up there earlier now. January 10th is going to run into my basketball season a little bit."

A leader? Smith wasn't biting. "At least I want to get up to Washington because I like those two - Oregon and Washington," he said. "Oregon showed me a great time, so I'm looking forward to going up to Washington too."

In the meantime, he has some unfinished business on the gridiron before he moves on to bigger things. Helix finished 9-1 with a big win for league championship. "We beat Monte Vista 52-21," Charles said. "Right now we're the number one seed going into the playoffs and have a first round bye."

Has he been satisfied with his senior season? "When I get a chance to touch the ball, yeah," he said. "I've been playing defense too, which is fun. A lot of people are recruiting me as a receiver but I'd play DB if I got the chance."

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