Huskies still high on Yarnway's list

The state of California always produces several top running back prospects every year and one of the top runners from the Golden State this year is Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco) RB Dasarte Yarnway. The gifted back has narrowed his list to five schools and he's visited four of the five and he's hoping to see the fifth before he makes his final decision...

Yarnway's size (6-0, 210) and speed (4.52) are the things that set him apart from some of the other backs in California.

"Coach (Wayne) Moses from UCLA told me he thought I was a triple-threat running back," Yarnway noted. "He said he thinks I run well outside as well as inside and he likes it that I'm a good receiver out of the backfield."

In his first two years of varsity of football, Yarnway lit up the competition for over 1,300 yards and 16 touchdowns while earning All-State Underclassman honors as a sophomore in 2006. He followed up that season with over 1,400 yards and 19 more touchdowns as a junior.

"I would really like to make my decision before my season and if I did, then I think I've done enough research on all of my favorite schools to make an educated decision," Yarnway told recently. "But I really want to see Washington, so if I can make it up there early in the year, I think that will really help me finalize my decision."

"I've already seen Arizona State, California, UCLA and Oregon and Washington is right up there with all four of those schools, but I haven't seen the campus or met with the coaches yet, so I want to do that before the season if I can.

"If I don't make it up before my season, I think coming up for the Oklahoma game when they come to Seattle would be a perfect time for me to go and check out the campus and to see the atmosphere."

Besides Washington, the four other schools on his list went to bowl games in 2007, so what is the appeal of Washington.

"Coach (Tyrone) Willingham and coach (Tim) Lappano have really sold me on Washington a lot," Yarnway said. "Both of them are so passionate about football and about life in general. They love to teach the game and they aren't just coaching you on the field, they care about you off the field as well.

"Washington is an up-and-coming program and they have a really tough schedule so that should be exciting for the players because they can really get up for their opponents.

"If you play football you had better like playing the best and that's what Washington seems to do every year."

We'll continue to check in on Yarnway over the next few weeks and see if he makes an plans to see Washington before the start of his season.

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