Morrow back from Eugene impressed

Alex Morrow is a 6-6, 260-pound defensive end from Rohnert Park (Calif.) Rancho Cotate, and this past weekend Alex took his first official visit. It was a bit wet up in Eugene, Oregon this past weekend, but it didn't bother Morrow a bit. In fact, he was almost ran out of superlatives in describing his visit to the University of Oregon.

"The trip was real nice," Morrow told last night. "Oregon is a very good school. I liked it a lot. I liked the players a lot. I loved the facilities, Autzen and the indoor turf. I liked it all. I hung around a lot of defensive guys, like Igor (Olshansky), Haloti (Ngata) and Devan (Long). They were all great guys."

Haloti Ngata was his host. "He's just a great guy," Alex said of the true freshman phenom. "He's funny."

Alex also heaped a fair amount of praise on the Duck coaching staff. "The coaches are great," he said. "Coach (Steve) Greatwood talked to me about defensive end and how they are going to need help there next year. I also talked to Coach (Dan) Ferrigno. He's the coach that's recruiting me. And having breakfast with Coach Bellotti was great."

And on a scale from 1 to 10? "Since it's my first visit, I just couldn't tell you how it would rate," Morrow said. "I can't compare it to anything, but I had a blast. It was a lot of fun."

He mentioned a couple of touches that made his visit one that will stay in his memory for a while. "There were some things that stood out," he said. "They made jerseys for us. Of course we couldn't take them with us, but they had our names on them and they let us put them on. And Coach Bellotti had two billboards made up with me on them. I was like 'Wow!'."

The focus of the weekend for Oregon was their game against Washington, and it was doubly difficult for Morrow to choose sides as he's equally interested in the Ducks and Huskies. "It was hard, because I just want to be able to root for just one team," he said. "It's weird, like you're being a traitor to one side if you started rooting for the other team. I was just watching the game, wondering what it would be like in the huddle with the guys like Igor and Haloti."

Morrow still has visits set up for USC (12/6), Washington (12/13) and UCLA (1/10) and won't make a decision until those trips are taken. He's hearing the most from Pete Carroll, Mike Bellotti and Rick Neuheisel. "I might take a fifth visit to Stanford, but really it's just those four. I like how close they are. Being in the Pac-10 is close enough to home for me."

In fact, the Husky Head Coach had just called Alex prior to our conversation. "We just talked about the the Oregon visit and he told me that he's going to make sure my Washington visit is a lot of fun," Morrow said.

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