Huskies make impression on Hauptmann

One of the more athletic California offensive linemen who has so far flown under the radar on the recruiting front is Beverly Hills OL Caylin Hauptmann. He's versatile and he showed his worth on the camp circuit back in June and one of the schools who has shot up his list of favorites is Washington. Read on to get his thoughts on recruiting and his visit to Seattle to check out the Huskies...

"I went to to Washington for camp at the end of June," Hauptmann told recently. "It was pretty cool up there because Seattle wasn't what I thought it was going to be at all.

"Coming from L.A., it's hard to imagine any city being a big city because nothing compares to L.A. and I didn't think Seattle was a big city. When I got there though, I saw that it was a really big city and they had mountains and water real close and that was really cool."

Besides sight-seeing around the Emerald City, Hauptmann also made time to work out for the Husky coaching staff at their individual skills camp and he got to talk with the head coach Tyrone Willingham and offensive line coach Mike Denbrock.

"It was really cool to get to talk to them," Hauptmann said. "Coach Denbrock said he liked my versatility and that he could see me playing tackle or guard. They like to have their linemen be versatile enough to play anywhere and honestly I can play anywhere that a team needs me to because I just want to play.

"Coach Willingham is really cool and he talked to me about what he wants from a student athlete and that was really cool too because it wasn't just about football, it was about life and school and helping me succeed both on and off the field."

Hauptmann's mother accompanied her son north for his visit to Washington, but she isn't the typical football parent.

"My mom isn't into football," Hauptmann said with a laugh. "While I was working out at U-Dub, my mom was down at the (Seattle Art Museum) and checking out the rest of the city so the coaches didn't get to speak to her.

"I want to get my dad up to Seattle to check it out and for him to see it as well, so I'm pretty sure I will go up there for a visit."

Hauptmann didn't walk away with an offer, but he came away with the impression the Huskies are close to extending a full-ride.

"They said they are still evaluating, but I got the impression they were pretty close to offering me," Hauptmann said. "I already have an offer from Syracuse, I got that one a little while ago, but if Washington offered, that would be tough to pass up and they would be a school I would think hard about accepting on the spot.

"San Diego State is another school that looks like they might be close to offering and then I'm hearing a lot from schools like Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Alabama and Washington State, but I don't think they are that close to offering me at this point."

One of the appealing aspects of Hauptmann is his athleticism. At 6-5, 310 pounds, the young man from Beverly Hills runs a 5.0 forty time while also putting up 370 pounds on the bench, 300 on the power clean and a 570 pound squat.

While those strength numbers are impressive, the fact he can do the full splits is even more amazing for a young man his size.

"I did karate for 13 years and I was a six-time world champion for my age group," Hauptmann said. "I can't remember which school it was, but when we were doing stretches and stuff before camp, a coach came up to me and said he had never seen a lineman do the full splits and that it was pretty impressive.

"Karate has really helped me with my flexibility and it's given me quickness with my hands as well as my feet which really help linemen excel."

Hauptmann said he may decide before his season begins, but in all likelihood he will take a couple of visits before his decision is made.

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