Nicholson looks to reschedule

Donte Nicholson is a 6-2, 210-pound safety prospect from Walnut (Calif.) Mt. San Antonio College, and Donte was expected to take a rare mid-week visit to Washington this week to see if things were the same at the school he originally signed with out of high school. But those plans fell through. Are there new plans in the works?

"What happened was that we scheduled this date and I didn't ask my coaches," Nicholson told last night. "I guess it was my fault. They didn't want it to happen, so I had to reschedule. I still haven't talked to Washington yet." Nicholson and the rest of his Mt. SAC teammates are busy prepping for their last game against El Camino this weekend, and his coaches didn't want him to take time away from his preparation.

This is the last game Mt. SAC will play this year. "The defense played really well this season, but on offense we had a lot of running backs and receivers that got hurt early in the season, and that put us in a hole," he said. But we're second in our conference in touchdowns allowed per game. Last week was actually our playoff game and we lost 24-20."

Nicholson will be enrolling at the college of his choice in January. It's been a long, strange trip where he wasn't even sure he would get past the start. "I had my doubts the first year out of high school," Donte said. "I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go on with football but I'm glad I stuck it out and continued to play."

And there are some schools out there that are extremely glad he stuck it out as well. USC, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington come to mind. "You guys heard about Darnell Bing qualifying, right? So that changed my views on that team as far as Washington, Oregon and Oklahoma. They are all up there," Donte said. The news on Bing apparently is not stopping Nicholson from visiting USC (12/6). His other scheduled visit right now is to Oregon (12/13).

And a leader? "Right now it's Oklahoma, just because it's the only trip I've been on so far, the only school I've gone out to see," he said.

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