Visit to Washington opens Beckles' eyes

It's always impressive to see a 275 pound man move the way Verbum Dei DT Noel Beckles does. He was on the move this weekend, taking an unofficial visit to Washington, and he came away impressed with what he saw. After arriving home early Sunday afternoon, Beckles put in a call to to update us on his trip as well as his thoughts heading into his senior season.

"Oh the trip up there was wonderful," Beckles gushed after he arrived back in Los Angeles. "It was a great time for me to go up there and meet with the coaches and just see the campus and the city.

"I sat there and talked with coach (Tyrone) Willingham for a while and we talked about recruiting, my senior season and what he's trying to build at Washington. It was great."

Beckles and the other prospects on campus this weekend were also treated to a view of Lake Washington from atop Husky Stadium.

"It was pretty freaky up there, but it wasn't bad," Beckles said with a chuckle. "It wasn't scary because of the height, but it was kinda shaky up there.

"The Blue Angels flew right over us and we watched them for a long time and that was really cool."

Besides the meeting with Willingham, Beckles also had a conversation with defensive line coach Randy Hart.

"Honestly, I'd say that was the highlight of my visit," Beckles admitted. "He was pretty energetic and we talked about what I would be playing if I ended up coming to Washington and he just went over some of the schemes they are going to use this season and what I could expect to be asked to do.

"It was cool just talking with him because he's the coach I'd be spending the most time with, so getting to know him is really important."

With his visit to Washington out of the way, Beckles noted he might take another unofficial visit to another one of his favorites, but he's unsure which one that will be.

"I'm real focused on my senior season, but I also have to keep an eye on the future," Beckles said. "Washington told me they want to see my first few games before they offer and I'm OK with that because you just have to be patient sometimes.

"I know I can really succeed at the next level. I just have to prove it to them and pretty much all of the other schools looking at me have told me they want to see my film from my senior year before they will do anything."

Beckles and his teammates begin two-a-days on August 18th.

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