A familiar name looking north?

Brandon Johnson is a 5-9, 150-pound defensive back prospect from West Orange (Texas) Stark, and his name should sound familiar to Washington fans. His brother is current Husky corner Derrick Johnson. And like Derrick, Brandon has one attribute that immediately stands out - speed. He's got it, and Washington has been calling him lately to gauge interest. Brothers in the secondary?

With a 4.41 40 and a 10.41 100 meters under his belt, it begs the question - who would win a match race? Brandon or Derrick? "I'm going to win, no matter what," Johnson told Dawgman.com. "He would not beat me." (laughs)

Stark is 8-2 this year, and one reason is because Brandon has been a serious shutdown corner. "I have one interception and only five catches against him all year.

When college coaches come calling to West Orange, it's pretty obvious what they like about Brandon and his game. "They say they like my speed," he said. "Even if I get beat I have the speed to catch up and adjust on the football."

He has an offer from Houston already, and interest is coming mostly locally. "Mostly the schools in Texas, like UH (Houston), UT (Texas), and Sam Houston (State)," Johnson said.

There is one school outside the Lone Star State that Brandon has been hearing from consistently. "Washington has been calling me almost before every game," he said. "I talk to Coach (Bobby) Hauck. He said that they are really interested in me and that they would like to have both brothers on the defense."

Brandon has already visited Houston. "It was a visit for track, but it was cool," he said. "I'm planning on taking a trip to Washington. We're trying to get that set up."

He has fond memories of the Huskies, especially the 2000 season. "I remember being at that game (Rose Bowl) and just thinking how I'd like to be in the purple, white and gold," he said. "I remember sitting next to these two fans and they were going crazy. It was kind of cold and they had their shirts off, screaming. It was crazy. Time has gone by fast. Very fast."

And when he talks to his older brother, it just reinforces his opinion of the Huskies. "He (Derrick) said that he loves it," Brandon said. He said that he would like to stay in the state of Washington. That's where he wants to be."

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