Post Apple Cup Player Quotes

It was a deliriously happy Husky locker room that we entered following one of the most memorable Apple Cups in history, a 29-26 triple overtime victory by Washington over #3 WSU. Washington was happy not only to finish the season 7-5 and heading for a bowl game, but also to have completed their sweep of the northwest schools.

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  • Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson:

    "I don't think I have (experienced a post-game such as this one). There was one in Seattle in 1989 that was crazy, but never with the bottles and the glass, that was wild. It was a wild game. It was just survival out there."

    "We felt really good on how we moved the ball, until we got in the red zone. Then we went backwards. Cody ended up taking a deep sack and he dropped the ball – those kinds of things – and it happened to both teams. You would go forward for a while, then you would play bad, then you would go forward for a while, then play bad. We missed some throws and we dropped one in the first overtime that wins the game for you."

    "It wasn't a great-played football game, but it is a great win though. It is an ESPN classic (laughs). That was a classic man. I am just thrilled with winning this game and to finish the way we finished against the Northwest opponents. It is a testament to our kids."

    "Charles Frederick hurt his foot or his knee. He tried to go back in and play, then they told him to just stay out."

    CB Nate Robinson:

    On his interception to set up tying FG: "I just wanted to contain him (Mike Bush). I saw the ball in the air, and it was just like a jump ball, like a rebound, and I just went up to go get it."

    "The whole time I was thinking we had a chance. We wanted to send the seniors out with a victory against Wazzu. We haven't lost to Wazzu in five years, so I wanted to keep that tradition alive."

    "That was the funnest game I have ever played in my life."

    "I wanted to prove to everybody in the nation that our DBs are much better than we were. We are a young team. I am a freshman, Derrick Johnson is a sophomore. We have redshirt freshmen coming in next year and everybody is returning."

    "We are a young secondary that is getting better. Coach kept preaching that all year. We just kept practicing hard. I've been telling everybody that I am going to get the most picks, and they say that they are going to get the most picks. If I keep telling them that, they will feed off of what I am saying. And I have been preaching that for over three weeks, and it is kicking in."

    "I don't ever get tired really. I have just so much energy."

    WR Paul Arnold

    "It feels good to never lose to the Cougars. In the future when I am in the business world and if I do business with any Cougars, I will be able to tell them that I have never lost to them."

    "Why do you have to bring that up? (laughs about his dropped TD pass) I had the ball and it popped out. I should have caught it. I just said ‘Oh Man!' I would have felt just terrible if we would have lost the game because I dropped that ball. But my boy John came through in the clutch and made FGs for us and the defense came through in the end."

    We knew that we had a shot. We were doing a lot of things that worked. We figured we just had to keep coming with it. We made some big plays and we won it."

    "I just wanted to get out of there because you could get hit with anything they could throw at you: batteries, water bottles, apples and stuff like that. We just wanted to celebrate and enjoy the victory, but we knew we had to get out before something bad happened to somebody."

    Secondary Coach Bobby Hauck: I believe the guys have played better for the past six weeks, since the Arizona state game. They are just young guys getting better, and it's a credit to them that they've stayed the course and never doubted themselves. They've played good enough football to win, that's the bottom line.

    Owen Biddle has started the past two games and he's played well at free safety. If he were three inches taller he'd make a great linebacker. He's one of, if not the best tackler on our team. He does a nice job when called upon, I can't say how much I appreciate the things he does for us. He's very unassuming and works his tail off. He epitomizes what Husky football is all about.

    Wilbur Hooks has a knack for getting the ball loose. He does a nice job of raking the ball out, he did it to Keenan Howry last week and to Mike Bush this week. He causes fumbles.

    Gesser just sort of heaves the ball up there and has big guys that make plays. We talked about that all week to our guys, that they may make some plays, but that we would make more plays. I thought Derrick did a nice job of getting it back after giving up a long one. We were in press coverage and probably shouldn't have been, but we did a nice job of coming back.

    Nate is a nice player. He hasn't shrunk since we recruited him, but he has a vertical leap. At the end of the game on second down, Nate went down and took the ball away from Bush and set up our tying score. Reggie covered Bush down in the black zone and I thought he did a nice job on him. He got flagged for pass interference on the one play but there was a lot of pushing and shoving going on down there.

    WR Reggie Williams: "I got hit in the back of the head by a bottle. It was a little crazy down there, but what do you expect. I wasn't worried, I'm OK. They got a little hostile, which was expected with the way we beat them today. I wasn't really worried about it. I didn't really care, but I do have the hiccups now.

    It was up and down. When their quarterback went down our defense took control of the game. Our offense maintained and John Anderson had a great game. It shows that true Huskies have pride, and that we finished our season really strong. We wanted to win the northwest championship, and that's what we did.

    They had two guys on me but when I saw the ball coming with 5 minutes left in the game, I knew I had to catch it. It was either me, or nobody would get it. I went and got it.

    I don't care about which bowl game we go to, as long as we go somewhere. Everyone said we couldn't win on the road and we went and won in the two most hostile places there are in the Pac-10. What more can you say now? All you bandwagon jumpers, stay off of our wagon. If you jumped off, don't get back on.

    CB Derrick Johnson: After that TD, I just tried to get it back. I was upset at myself for giving up a big play but I just went out and tried to play better. We are very confident and we're sticking together now. Critics have said a lot of bad things about us but we just stuck together.

    Nate (Robinson) and I room together, and became very good friends. I feel confident with him out there and we have fun. When we're having fun, good things happen. It feels wonderful and I was thankful to get the opportunity to play WSU, and we beat their ass. It can't get much better than that, we have a bowl game next up. If we finish up well in the bowl game, we'll just go from there.

    K John Anderson It's all about redemption and coming back. Everyone counted us out, and said our winning streak was over. We came together and bought into the coaches. My performance today personifies that. I missed my first three and then got down on myself. I then came back and made five in a row. For four years my teammates have had a ton of confidence in me. As a kicker you can't ask for anything more than that. If they needed me, I was NOT going to let this football team down.

    After you make one or two, you start to get on roll and the goal posts become bigger. The whole unit did their job. Me personally, my last kick in Husky Stadium was 52 yards. Now to bounce back like I did tonight, it felt great. I couldn't have picked a better place to play college football than Washington.

    QB Cody Pickett The balls were so slick tonight. We cracked out some new balls tonight because we ruined all of the others at Oregon last week (in the rain). I adjusted to them. On the last throw to Kevin Ware, I wish I wouldn't have dropped it because Reggie was running open and I could've hit him for a touchdown. I don't know how he thought it was a forward pass because I just dropped it.

    On the one to Reggie, I just told him to go deep and that I'd get it there. He did and I just threw a Hail Mary and he went and caught it. We're confident guys and no matter what we're always going to try, and we'll be playing as hard as we can at the end of the game, like we did today. We found a way to win. Earlier in the season we hurt ourselves but now we are playing up to our potential.

    My receivers made great plays and my offensive line gave me a lot of time to throw, and our defense played great today. John (Anderson) is money. When the game is on the line I don't think he's missed. At the end of the game, he's clutch. He's been that way for four years.

    I don't want to stay here, we're getting out of here tonight. I was getting attacked by bottles – we're getting out of here. I told Jason Gesser good luck on the rest of his season. He's a great player and it was a shame he got hurt. After that, I was dodging bottles and got the heck out of there.

    To be down like we were and to come back like this, it shows great character. Playing WSU over here, they're #3 in the nation talking national championship. I'm just glad that we got the victory. We beat the #3 team and that's the greatest feeling right now.

    Let's go to Vegas. Vegas on Christmas after losing three in a row sounds cool.

    It's a great feeling to throw for 4000 yards but you have to have great receivers and you have to have a great offensive line to do that. All year they were there for me. My receivers made great catches all year.

    I didn't know that the game was over until I saw on the replay board, I think it was Tank (Terry Johnson) jumping up and down, and I said, "Please, tell me what I think is going to happen is happening."

    SS Greg Carothers - I didn't root for (Jason Gesser) to get hurt. We were exchanging words during the game but after the game I told him how much fun it was to play against a great competitor. We both agreed. When he went down we knew that they weren't going to try to win it with (Kegel), we knew that they would just not try to lose it, and make everything simple.

    They had good receivers, but I wasn't in awe of them. I think we played them pretty well. Bush and Darling, especially, we really played them well. When I saw Reggie (Williams) and Wilbur (Hooks) back there with me, I was thinking that I'd better get them lined up in the right spots. I helped Wilbur.

    OL Khalif Barnes - I'm eating a pepperoni and cheese pizza with a little sprinkle of cougar on it. This was the biggest win of my life. You can compare this to the Rose Bowl win. The odds were against us and the fans jumped off of our bandwagon. We came back and won the northwest championship and beat three good teams.

    WSU is very fast and speedy on defense, but I think we did well enough against them. We held them off and allowed Cody to complete balls. We're happy about that, and we ran pretty well too despite the fumbles. We were grinding and coming after them.

    These are fun games. They were #3 and had their hopes up of clinching (the Rose Bowl) and beating the Huskies. That fired us up and I think they were kind of treating this as a game to get out of the way instead of a rivalry game. Anytime it's a rivalry game, it's going to be brought.

    Cody has the heart of a champion. We're all in unison and Cody is the leader. He tells us to block, catch, run, and we'll do this. The air went out of (WSU) when they lost their leader. When they brought in the back up, he didn't have as good of an arm as Gesser and it messed them up a bit.

    DE Kai Ellis WSU didn't run a different offense when Gesser went out. I just don't think that the QB didn't take enough snaps to get the feel of the game. He didn't have a chance. I heard in the stands about how I could've been a Coug, and how I was a loser, and that we were going to the toilet bowl. I didn't answer them. I just smiled at them. I'm pretty sure the fans though the game was over when it was 20-10.

    I think this was one of my best efforts besides the two Michigan games. It was my last game. I'll miss playing college football, especially game day.

    I think we were more intense in practice, it carried over from Oregon week. I don't know why we chose the last game to do it. Coach Neuheisel apologized to us for being 7-5, and promised that next year would be different.

    I was unblocked because Tank and Josh got a lot of pressure on the inside. I got my sacks because of them.

    On the last play, he threw it and I held up my left hand and batted it down. I caught it and I was thinking about running but then (Kegel) knocked the ball loose. I dove on it. Then the referees had a meeting, I don't know what for. I thought it was either an interception or a fumble, and that the game was over. He called it a backwards pass. The players were trying to plead their case, WSU claiming it was incomplete. I thought it was an interception and a fumble. I thought they were going to give it back to them.

    OL Elliott Zajac Rien Long is a great player, he's gotten a lot stronger. He's a great player but we won the game. We had a lot of miscommunication, and credit their crowd. It was a lot louder than I thought it would be.

    I took two weeks off and got to be a part of two huge wins to end the season, and now we're going to a bowl. It was unbelievable, the end of that game. It was just like Michigan, only we got to sprint out onto the field this time. It's incredible. Top Stories