Garcia expects to play against Oregon

In what has turned out to be an amazing recovery, it now appears that sixth-year senior Juan Garcia, who suffered a Lisfranc fracture in his left foot late during spring camp, will be on the field when the Huskies take on the Oregon Ducks on August 30th in Eugene. When he spoke to the media Friday afternoon, it was impossible to wipe the smile off of his face…

"The whole time in camp, every day I'm thinking I'm not even supposed to be doing this," Garcia told the assembled media shortly after Washington's morning practice. "Just to be able to show up in camp and do the stuff I've done, it's pretty good."

Garcia, who struggled with injuries his first two years on campus, has started every game the past two seasons and he had the option of getting surgery shortly after he suffered the injury and missing the entire season or holding off in the hopes his injury would heal on it's own.

"My foot is coming along and it looks a lot better than the first time they looked at it," Garcia told back in June. "It's not completely healed or anything. They said the bones are aligned and there's a little separation, but they aren't as separated as before. They said it's coming along and it's still a little too early to tell, but it's better than it was earlier."

Now, with camp ending after Saturday morning's practice, Garcia has endured live contact and on Thursday he took part in Washington's last full-scrimmage of camp.

"It felt good because of yesterday and how I pushed it I came back today and the pain wasn't there," Garcia said. "I was wondering how I was going to be, just to do a series with the guys and then rest and then go back in there it felt pretty good and the whole camp has been like that – hurdle after hurdle (overcome) and getting my mind right again.

"I was more involved than I've been all of camp. I was in there for a majority of the plays – about 75 or 80 percent of the plays."

"I'm sure he's going to play,'' Washington offensive coordinator Tim Lappano said. "I see him playing. I think he'll get on that field, definitely. We just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope it holds up.

"It's just whether he can fire off and get into a guy and get his first step, second step, third step, fourth step into the ground and just watch him. He doesn't seem to be favoring anything like that and you can tell when you're drive blocking somebody and you don't have that power in both feet you're going to see that right off and we haven't seen that."

Garcia, always the jokester of the group until the whistle blows, had been trying to get in his own conditioning work, but the coaches have put a stop to that.

"I think they have spies," Garcia said with a laugh. "After meetings I run back to the dorms and they stopped me from doing that. So I decided to go out an hour early, before everybody shows up, so I can run and nobody would know but they found out about that, so I was like cool, I'm going to start running on campus where nobody sees me and when I get to practice coach says ‘I gotta talk to you' and he put his arm around me and he said ‘I don't want you running period' and I'm like ‘how did you know I was doing that?' and I guess someone saw me running as they were in their car."

With his leg healed to the point of where he is most likely going to play, it's doubtful he needs to run anymore on his own.

We'll continue to track Garcia's progress over the next eight days and update things as we find out more. Top Stories