"He's Fast. I'm Quick."

"He's fast. I'm quick." That's how Jordan Polk described the difference between himself and his cousin and UW teammate Chris Polk. Even though they haven't known each other that long - they met at a camp a couple years back - their relationship has grown to the point were Jordan describes Chris like an older brother.

Jordan and Chris already have a running joke; if either one of them messes up that they will lose a letter off their last name. Despite being related, they don't have many similarities on the field, except for the fact that the game comes naturally to both of them and they have good instincts and awareness. One connection Jordan sees in the entire freshmen group at Washington is that they all hate to lose.

While Polk will be playing his first college game in his home state of Oregon, Jordan does have something the younger players don't have yet; a first-hand Autzen Stadium experience. In 2005 his Lincoln Cardinals lost the state championship to Jesuit by four points. Polk is looking for a happier ending this Saturday when his new team travels to play the Oregon Ducks.

The excitement is growing for Polk, especially after a spectacular play he made Monday at practice during a routine kick return. "It was a crazy scene," he said. "I was supposed to be caught and I found a way out. I got to the outside and everybody got quiet. It was amazing how I got out of that hole."

After the play the whole team started to applaud, showing their appreciation for the young freshman and the skill he brings to the field. "He has the ability to make people miss," Washington head coach Tyrone Willingham said of the young specialist. Polk received some advice from Willingham after the play. "He (Willingham) told me play within yourself, have fun, you're going to do things like that, be you, don't try and change because of Oregon" Polk said. And he is planning to do just that.

"I just want to run," he added.

Most of the attention so far this fall has been given to Chris since his play as the Huskies' No. 1 running back this fall, but don't sleep on his cousin. UW Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano isn't napping.

"He can make people miss in tight spaces," Lappano said of Polk's game. "He has instant acceleration. He has football speed. He can go from 0-20 like that. He's got that top end. We call him Lightning in a Bottle.

"He is a little man that plays with a big chip. He plays bigger than he is. He's physical, and he's been banged up a few times this fall, but he's rarely - if ever - missed a practice. That's what I like about him. He plays extremely physical."

Jordan Polk has the big play ability and is a threat to score any time the ball is in his hands, similar to Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears. If he can produce in games like he has in practice, folks just might be calling him ‘Baby Hester' soon.

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