Player Quotes - Oregon

After yet another drubbing at the hands of the Oregon Ducks, this one a 44-10 blowout in front of over 56,000 fans at Autzen Stadium, the Husky players were understandably tight-lipped following the game. Even so, several took the time to give us their thoughts on their offensive and defensive struggles and where they go from here now that they are 0-1...

QB Jake Locker

On things they need to work on: "I just need to get the ball out quicker and maybe re-direct a couple plays and as an entire offense we need to get better."

On being a leader and getting the team to bounceback: "This is a good group of guys and I think they're all pretty upset about it and they understand we didn't play nearly as good as we can. We'll probably get together and make sure that point is reiterated – that we're not good enough to just show up and beat teams – we have to play as well as we can to win games. Nobody is a pushover in this league and they played a great game tonight and we didn't come to play."

On the young receivers: "Those guys they were facing were pretty good corners. They probably got their hands up there a couple of times and knocked the ball away. They ran some good routes and got open, I just wasn't able to get them the ball."

On Kavario Middleton's game: "(Oregon) was running all different kinds of stuff, but it's nice to have someone like him across the middle, especially when you don't have anything and you can throw it up to him to make a play."

On getting ready for BYU: "We just need to execute what the game plan is and we need to be more sound everywhere and that's what we'll focus on this next week."

On the difficulty with running the ball: "They had nine or 10 guys in the box and it's difficult to run when they do that."

FB Paul Homer

On the problems with the running game: "We just didn't get in the flow and get it going. That was our gameplan to get the running game going. They had the same looks as what we had in practice. Losing is always frustrating, it's Oregon and it's our first loss and being 0-1 is always frustrating."

On the mood of the team: "We're a good football team and we can play with anyone in the country when we're at our best."

LB Donald Butler

On the defensive breakdowns: "Just some plays on defense that we needed to make and we didn't and they capitalized on them. It's execution and guys being responsible and a little bit of both. It comes back to those three or four plays that the defense needed to make that we didn't."

On the disappointment of the loss: "I'm very disappointed. We came in with high hopes with a new defensive coordinator – Ed Donnatel – and like I said, things turned for the worst and we didn't capitalize like we needed to."

On this team being better than last year's team: "There's no doubt (in his mind). No disrespect to the guys who left last year, but I definitely feel we have a better team. Like I said, again, we go back to those three or four plays that we didn't make and they did."

On what they have to do: "Go back to the drawing board, stay fundamentally sound and guys just need to take care of their responsibilities. I think that's where leadership comes in and the older guys have to show the younger guys that Oregon has a dynamic offense and the second thing is we have to make plays."

On the younger guys: "Quinton (Richardson) was out there and he had that pick for us. He was out there ballin' like usual and even Senio Kelemete was too and even Alameda Ta'amu was out there playing like we needed them to."

On the hurry-up offense of Oregon: "No we expected that. Starting in training camp we knew they run the no-huddle and our offense runs a little of that to, so we weren't surprised."

On the disappointment: "Everybody's disappointed, but nobody is hanging their heads. I mean, none of us came down here expecting to lose, but we're going to get back to work."

TE Kavario Middleton

On his first game and the atmosphere: "It really didn't have as big of an impact as I thought it would. Everything went fine and I played an okay game, but I kind of liked the crowd and being under the lights. It was fun."

On the smack talk: "Nobody really said anything to me or was trash talking. They were just out there playing hard and playing the game."

On his frustration: "It's the first game and we can't really do much about it so we'll just focus on things and come back. It hurts that we lost, but we'll just get back to work."

RB Chris Polk

On his first game being so tough: "We actually had a great practice and we were confident, but come gameday something just happened and I don't know what happened, but we just didn't perform like we did all week. We were real confident going into this game because we had a solid week of practice. We knew what worked against them and all that, but it just didn't happen so we're just going to bounceback and look deep within ourself to get a win next week."

On any surprised from the Oregon defense: "I wasn't surprised because we knew they had a great defense and they had some trouble in the middle and they had speed outside. We expected them to blitz more and they didn't blitz that much, so on our pass routes the backs would stay in more expecting the blitz and we released late because of that."

On plays he missed: "They were there, but I just rushed it a little bit. It was a rookie mistake, that's what I would call it, because they were there but I just rushed it." Top Stories