Goodman switches visit

Jason Goodman is a 6-5, 245-pound athlete from Great Falls (Mont.) CM Russell, and Jason has switched his attention from the gridiron to the basketball court. He had two days to get ready for roundball, and now is in the middle of getting ready for his 'second season'. But he also still has some recruiting issues to resolve, including official visits. He took one this past weekend and switched dates on the other one he has scheduled.

"I had Saturday and Sunday and then went right into basketball," Goodman told Tuesday night. Their season starts December 3rd when they take on Butte. "Coach (Bobby) Hauck said that he and another coach from Washington would be coming to the game."

Jason and the Rustlers lost to Helena Capital 28-21 in the Class AA championship game. "We had our chances, but they made plays down the stretch," Goodman said of Capital. "They ended up undefeated." Helena Capital should sound familiar to Husky fans. It's Greg Carothers' alma mater.

"It's a bit of a letdown after winning it last year, but you have to bring out the positives when you don't win. I got better on defense as the season went along and on offense I dominated my guy blocking but didn't get the ball as much as I wanted to. The way our offense is set up they didn't utilize the underneath stuff as much."

Jason has switched his Washington visit from 12/6 to 12/13. "I haven't set up any other trips, because I'm not sure how my basketball schedule is going to be, but I'm looking to take visits to Missouri, Colorado State, Oregon State and maybe Arizona," he said.

He did travel to Missoula to officially visit the University of Montana, and saw first-hand the Bobcats' big-time upset of the Griz. "It was a shocker," Jason said of Montana State's 10-7 win . It was freezing out there. But I really like what Montana has to offer. I was able to see what college practices are like and see what the pre-game preparation is like. The intensity is unbelievable."

Saturday was a busy day for Goodman. "I got to watch the Apple Cup on TV in Missoula," he said. "It was a shocker. I know Matt Kegel really well and talked to him yesterday. I think he's having a tough time with it. But I'm glad the Huskies won. Washington is showing me a lot of interest and I'm a Huskies' fan."

Jason has dropped Wyoming, after hearing about Vic Koening's firing. "Their coach told me that I still had an offer, but I'm wondering how that can be since they're all going to be fired," he said. "I don't think that would be smart on my part to commit to a situation like that."

Missouri and Washington continue to be Goodman's favorites. "They have been the most consistent," he said. "I hear from them every week."

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