Trew staying the course

Kyle Trew is a 6-2, 215-pound athlete from Edmonds (Wash.) Edmonds-Woodway, and like a lot of athletes throughout the country he's feverously getting himself in basketball shape. Even though he just got done playing football, you would think his conditioning would be fine. It's not as easy as it sounds.

"I'm not in basketball shape yet," Trew told "I plan on cutting a couple of pounds, getting more cut."

It didn't help Kyle that almost half his season was lost to an injury that ended up not being what it seemed. "The big thing was my hamstring," he said. "In the beginning we thought it was my hamstring, so we worked on getting it back in shape. But then we found out it was my hips. So it was 5 weeks before we figured that out. I went to the chiropractor the whole day and I was playing the next day, so that was frustrating. So I was never really in football shape because I was out for so long and was out of sync, so that was frustrating. I didn't get into a good rhythm until the last few games."

Trew continues to assert that he's no closer to a college decision. "I haven't chosen a school yet," he said. "U-Dub (Washington) is still number one, the top of the list. But I haven't taken any of my trips either."

It he had to choose today, Kyle knows where he would go. "I would pick U-Dub right now, just because they are the only thing I know and they are close to home," he said. "But I don't have a lot to base my decision on. Maybe things will change after my trips, maybe not. But right now they are at the top."

He's visiting Washington (12/13) with his teammate Casey Tyler, a soft commit to the Huskies. Washington State is also a team in the mix. "I've talked to them about taking a trip but I haven't talked to them lately," he said. Oregon and Arizona are also potential candidates, "just to take a look, just to see what else is around," according to Trew.

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