Sutter Palmetto-bound?

Chad Sutter is a 6-2, 280-pound defensive tackle from Lacey (Wash.) River Ridge, and now that Chad's season is finished he's concentrating on recruiting. And there's a couple of schools that have stepped up to show considerable interest in Sutter's abilities. One is just down the road on I-5; the other is clear across the country. But distance isn't an issue for Chad, and if he gets the offer he's expecting, expect him to pounce on it like he pounced on ballcarriers all season.

"Well, Oregon State and South Carolina have talked to me about visits," Chad told last night. "And the offer from Portland State has always been there. If I go somewhere like there I can be in the twos as a freshman and maybe get a chance to start. And Eastern (Washington). I'm really impressed with them. I've known Coach (Keith) Murphy for a long time. I love the coaching staff there.

"I think Oregon State and South Carolina will offer me on my visits. I'm definitely taking a trip to South Carolina in December, and I'm trying to also set up one for Oregon State then too. I talked to Coach (Lou) Holtz and he said that there are enough scholarships, just that they want to make sure that I can handle being so far away from home. But it's football in the SEC. How can you not like that?"

When Sutter takes his trip to the Palmetto State, would he jump on the chance to play for Holtz and the Gamecocks? "I could," he said. "I think my family is prepared for it. It's just me and my Mom (Genia), so she's content with any decision I make. But one thing that every single coach I've talked to since the beginning has said...they think I am going to be getting a lot of phone calls from coaches late. The reason is that there aren't a lot of true defensive tackles this year, the 6-1, 6-2, 280-290-pound types, so they think schools will be calling."

So what if a school like Washington comes back with an offer when he gets back from the East Coast? "Coach Hart calls every week, but at this point it's almost like, 'Just call when you're ready to offer.'," Chad said. "If that happened, it would be really tough, but I think I would still go to SC."

Sutter is still doing his workout regimen with former Husky standout Steve Emtman. "I'm doing two days a week now and after January I'll be going back to 4-days a week," Chad said.

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