Dawgman Predictions: Week 2

Ouch. Getting thumped by Oregon, again, was as painful as any Husky game I've witnessed in recent memory. But the Huskies get to play at home this week, in front of their own fans. Will that make enough of a difference? Will they show the improvement necessary from week 1 to earn a victory? Here is what the staff thinks.

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Dawgman, 0-1:
Grinolds, 1-0:
Fetters, 1-0:
Eklund, 1-0:
Baird, 0-1:
Thrapp, 1-0:
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Scott, 0-1:
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings

Dawgman RECORD: 0-1 (.0)

It can't get any worse, can it? I mean, who was that team that took the field Saturday night in Eugene? The Huskies were not prepared, they were disorganized, and got out hit, out ran, out tackled, and most definitely outcoached. Now BYU comes to town for the home opener for Washington. Do I think that this group can turn it around? Yes. The biggest improvement normally comes between weeks one and two during a football season. I think the Huskies will get enough things fixed to beat a mountain west team in Seattle. If not, there is more wrong with this program than I thought. Locker throws for one, runs for one, and Chris Polk breaks a long one.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - BYU 20
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations, RECORD: 1-0 (1.000)

Washington is 2-10 in there past 12 games and giving up an average of 36 points a game during that stretch. Sure it's a new year, but after last weeks debacle, it doesn't look like much has changed. I expect Washington's offense ( Jake) to be a little better, but I just can't see them stopping BYU's offense. Max Hall is too good.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 34 - BYU 42
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 1-0 (1.000)

As much as I have a complete distaste for any notion that a non-BCS program should come into Husky Stadium and beat a Pac-10 program, there's a reason BYU is nearly a double-digit favorite. I think UW will be able to score more against the Cougars than they did against Oregon simply because the two lines present a better matchup for the bigger UW OL. But how the Huskies do against a very potent BYU attack will spell the difference here. During the Bronco Mendenhall era the Cougars have had a very hard time running the ball against out-of-conference opposition, but they only need to do enough to keep the Huskies honest. If they can do that - and they should - then Max Hall will have all day to find his receivers and tight ends.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 28 - BYU 38
Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 1-0 (1.000)

Well wasn't that special? The Huskies came out and laid an egg against arguably their biggest rival and now with Tyrone Wilingham's butt firmly planted on that hot seat everyone has been talking about, this week's game becomes the biggest of his career. If the Huskies lose this week, the likelihood of an 0-3 start will be staring them in the face with Oklahoma coming to town next weekend. Beating BYU won't be easy, but then again, this could be their most winnable game this season. QB Max Hall and RB Taufui Vakapuna (who sat out last week's game) should have success against Washington's young defense, but the Washington offense should be better than they were last week against Oregon. I see this as a grind-it-out, no-holds-barred thriller that the Huskies, because of the heat on Willingham, will figure out a way to win...

Prediction: WASHINGTON 31 - BYU 30
Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 0-1 (.0)

Last weekend's game was extremely painful. It hurt to watch, it hurts to lose to Oregon that many years in a row, and it hurts to not even be competitive with those guys. The kids have had a good week of practice though, and since this is a young Husky team, they won't dwell on the loss too long. Washington will be able to run the ball against BYU, unlike they were able to do at Oregon, and that will be the difference. The defense has had another week to adjust to the new schemes and will play much better this week.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 27 - BYU 17
Patrick Thrapp, Columnist, RECORD: 1-0 (1.000)

BYU comes in winning 11 straight games now. Phil Steele picked them 2nd in the MWC for this year. Behind Utah. Yet I can't believe BYU will have near the team speed I saw with Oregon. I got to hope also our OL will be better. Shoot most of these guys were around last year. UW was the 2nd best rushing team in the Pac-10 last year. With that said I just got to think we should be able to keep it close. So I am going to go with the homer call. 9+ underdogs at home. Yikes.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - BYU 21
Derek Johnson, Columnist, RECORD: 1-0 (1.000)

This game will be close. Washington will come out and show some actual emotion. The running game will open up, and Polk will get a chance to run in open space. His ability will be seized upon by fans and media as a bright spot. In the end, however, BYU's prolific air attack will be too much for UW's beleaguered secondary to withstand.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 31 - BYU 34
Chris Scott, Columnist, RECORD: 0-1 (.0)

After the kick to gut last week down in Oregon it is hard to rationally pick the Huskies to beat BYU. The highly ranked and touted air attack of the Cougars will be a huge test for Ed Donatell and JD Williams. I feel this secondary is ready for the test, reversing a trend of the past few years. For this to happen, the Safeties and Corners must immediately improve positioning and tackling that was a glaring issue last week. Getting the offense going early is the key to the game. Look for the Huskies to attack the edges more, running the ball outside and utilizing the speed of Locker, Chris Polk and Brandon Johnson. BYU has never won in Husky Stadium and to start a trend of continuing good streaks, it will not be happening this season. The Dawgs were not expected to beat Boise State last year, but they faught like Dawgs from start to finish. I see the same thing happening this Saturday down at Montlake.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 27 - BYU 24
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