Muir ATH has trio on top

Drew Pearson is a 6-0, 161-pound DB/WR prospect from Pasadena (Calif.) Muir, and while most high school athletes like to have the ball in their hands, he likes to knock it out of people's hands. He likes to lay the lumber instead of absorbing the wood. But Pearson has a different reason as to why he prefers to play defense.

"In high school, the offensive guys always get the publicity, while the defensive guys have to work really hard to get noticed. I like that. I like to work harder than the rest. On offense, I'm more finesse, but defensively I'll be physical. I won't take big running backs straight up. I'm smart about it. But I'll put 'em down. I lead by example. My older brother said that showing them is always better than telling them."

Muir ended up 4-7, losing to Peninsula in the first round of the playoffs. On offense he had 34 catches for 425 yards and 3 touchdowns. On defense he had 50 solo tackles and a pick. "It was a little tougher on defense this year because I moved over to free safety starting in game three because of injuries," Drew said. "But whatever I need to do to help the team out, I'll do."

Oregon and Washington are the two main schools contacting Pearson. Steve Greatwood is recruiting Drew for the Ducks, while Bobby Kennedy is the coach recruiting Drew for the Huskies. "They tell me the truth, about how their seasons are going, how their programs are run and how recruiting is going," he said. He also knows a couple of current players for both teams. "I know Aaron Gipson, I talk to him all the time. I also know Chris Singleton. I played against him."

But the University of Georgia will always hold a spot in Pearson's heart. "I want to visit Georgia," he said. "I always rooted for the team growing up and I went back there to visit my uncle for a couple of weeks in the summertime."

Pearson is still waiting for his first offer and is in the process of setting up official visits to his three favorites.

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