Player Quotes - BYU

It's almost a broken record. Another game, another close loss at home. Washington had a chance to draw even with the 15th ranked BYU Cougars at home, but a controversial officials call turned an extra point into a 35-yard field goal attempt that was blocked. The players were disappointed following the loss, but they also seemed encouraged by the way they improved from week one to week two.

S Nate Williams

On the confidence of the team after the final touchdown: "Of course we had confidence. We wanted to go into overtime, but it happened the way it happened and I don't know what to say about it."

On defensing BYU's offense: "It was pretty tough. Their backs were pretty big, probably some of the largest backs that I've ever had to play here. They ran hard and they run right at you. I took a couple of shots from number 45 (Harvey Unga) and it's just one of those games where we knew what to expect going into that game because we'd watched a lot of film and a couple of guys have to learn how to tackle better I guess."

On recovering from this loss: "We can't keep on looking at this game saying ‘oh we should have done this and we should have done that' we have to keep on looking forward and get ready to play Oklahoma this week."

On him causing the fumble at the goal line: "I didn't even know that he dropped the ball. He hit me pretty hard and I was laying on the ground, kinda tired and I heard everybody yelling and I thought he had scored and then I figured out what happened. I was just trying to hit him and make a play."

LB Mason Foster

On the team response after Darin Harris got hurt: "I think the team came out and played with a lot of heart after Darin because Darin always played ‘balls out' and really hard. I think we played together and with a lot of heart after that."

On the ‘excessive celebration' penalty: "I play with a lot of emotion so you gotta let the kids play. Everyone's going to be emotional after a big play like that, a touchdown in the last few seconds of the game, everybody's really emotional. (BYU) had big plays and they celebrated. I didn't even know what it was for, I was celebrating the touchdown, I didn't know what happened. It's a tough call, but he refs have a tough job to do."

On feeling the game was taken away from them: "I don't like to make excuses or anything, so it's just something you have to change. In a way you have to let us play. It's our first game at home, against a big team, I think anybody would do the same thing in that same situation so it's just tough."

On what they can take away from the game: "A loss is a loss, but I definitely feel we can make changes to at least prove that we're better. We didn't get the ‘W' so it's still a loss."

On playing against those big BYU running backs: "(They) are real strong and they have a big offensive line and he's a great running back so it was tough."

CB Quinton Richardson

On the first BYU touchdown: "I bit hard on the fake. We've been practicing against that play all week and I feel like I let my team down."

On bouncing back: "Our coaches always tell us that this is the territory you have to get used to when you're a corner. I realize after I talked to coach (Ed) Donatell that I just have to keep staying in my head and keep fighting."

On the difference between Oregon and BYU: "That's the difference this week – the physicality. I felt that last week we could have done a lot better and that we should have won with game."

On his first game on the field at Husky Stadium: "I felt the love of the crowd and they were behind us the whole way. They were pulling for us and it was everything I thought it was going to be."

QB Jake Locker

On the penalty: "I don't know. I didn't even really realize I had done it. I had scored the touchdown and jumped up and the ball just flew in the air. I was excited and I was celebrating with my team. Honestly it was jut a reaction, I didn't think about it and it wasn't something I premeditated like ‘oh, I'm gonna throw it up in the air if I score' but in hindsight it's something I shouldn't have done."

On if it was what decided the game: "Officials never decide a game. It's obviously a difficult call at that point, but if we had capitalized on some things earlier we might not have been in that situation."

On the final drive: "It was really good for us as a young team. We overcame a lot of adversity on that drive. We had D'Andre (Goodwin) wide open on the first play and I overthrew him, but we didn't hang it up there. We were able to get some first downs and move the ball. We converted on a fourth down and a couple third downs and we did what we had to to keep the ball moving. For how young we are, I thought it showed a lot of growth and maturity."

On this week's performance compared to last week: "I thought it was a great improvement. We stepped up and played like we can, but we still missed a lot of opportunities that will have to get cleaned up against a team in the top 20. It was a good start for us, but obviously we have to get better."

On getting more comfortable in the offense: "I don't know if I'm getting more comfortable. Sometimes guys come open because I have more time back there and it's hard to cover them for that long. They were dropping eight and rushing three or four most of the time so I was able to get outside the pocket and buy some more time so our receivers could get open more."

On Harris' injury: "I think that's difficult anytime that happens. I was familiar with that and it kind of hit home for me. When it happened to me it's something that we understand it's part of the game. We said a little prayer for him and we wished him the best and hoped that was nothing too serious. It's on your mind when something like that happens. Your teammate, a guy you've spent a large majority of your time since you been at school with, it's difficult because it's like a family member out there being in that ambulance."

LB Donald Butler

On his assessment of the play of the defense: "Not too well actually. Too many times the offense gets a chance to make a play and we didn't capitalize and we let them get away. We have to get back to the drawing board and get into the film room and get ready for Oklahoma."

On the mood of the locker room: "Guys are keeping their heads up always because it came down to us having a chance to win that game on the last play so I feel as if this is a game that we can build on. I thought guys went out there and gave it everything they had, but we got the short end of the stick.'

On BYU TE Dennis Pitta: "That tight end is good and we knew going in that that was their go-to man and basically we tried to gameplan to where we felt we had matchups that we could win and sometimes you got the better of them and sometimes we didn't."

WR Jermaine Kearse

On his first touchdown reception: "The catch felt good. I was very excited to have my first catch here at Husky Stadium and it was just sheer excitement and jubilation over scoring."

On the final touchdown: "It was great. Everybody was hyped and we were just pumped to go get the field goal, but then things just happened and we just have to learn from our mistakes."

On the young guys getting better: "Last week at Oregon it was just about getting experience. We took all the things from that game and we just improved on them which made us put up a bigger fight in this game."

On his comfort level: "I'm feeling more comfortable. The game is slowing down for me a lot. The Oregon game was high speed because it was my first college game, but this game it was a lot slower for me out there."

TE Kavario Middleton

On the confidence level from this team going up against Oklahoma next week: "We take a lot of confidence. We don't care who it is – number one, number four, whatever they are – we feel we can compete with anybody and you saw that out there today."

On his first experience at Husky Stadium: "It was great, a great feeling out there. The home crowd behind you and it feels really good."

On the game slowing down for him: "It's been slowed down for me for a while. I wouldn't say I was really wide-eyed in the Oregon game. I just feel it comes natural and it helps that I have the experience, but it hasn't been that fast for me." Top Stories