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SEATTLE - Things were eerily similar to last season when the University of Washington opened their home slate against a non-BCS opponent ranked in the top-25. That wasn't the only similarity; both Boise State and Brigham Young University possessed the longest current win streaks at the time they faced the Huskies.

One year ago the Huskies were able to use their home field advantage to beat the Broncos. This year it seemed like victory was imminent again. Unfortunately we all found out that history does not repeat itself.

In 2006 Boise State went undefeated, earning a trip to the Fiesta Bowl. In 2007 they planned on running the table again to get back to a BCS bowl game. The Huskies ended their win streak and hopes with a 24-10 victory in Seattle. With BYU not having an out-of-conference road win since 2001, history was on Washington's side. From headlines to the actual game, almost everything pointed the Cougars' way. Even the oddsmakers had BYU pegged as a double-digit favorite.

But on Saturday, it seemed like the University of Washington was going to pull a flea-flicker on fate. The Huskies pounced on every loose ball. It started with a Jake Locker fumble, where true freshman tight end Kavario Middleton was able to track down a fumble when it was 15 yards away from him. The gutsy dive resulted in a knee injury, but it helped the Huskies stay in the game early. The next play Locker connected with D'Andre Goodwin for 25 yards on a third and 23. A few plays later Locker hooked up with Jermaine Kearse on a 48-yard touchdown bomb.

Later the Husky offense was able to drive all the way down to the Cougar 9-yard line. On a play designed to influence the defense one way while a UW receiver came behind the play to reverse field. The BYU defensive end didn't bite on a play-action fake and hit Locker as he was about to pitch, forcing the ball wildly into the air. Because of the play call, true freshman wideout Jordan Polk was in the vicinity, and miraculously snagged the ball out of the air for a six-yard gain. More importantly it set up a Luke Kravitz touchdown to put the Huskies up 21-14.

But BYU was about to take complete control of the game. After a long drive they found themselves one yard away from making it a seven-point game with only 12 minutes left. Washington safety Nate Williams was not ready for the game to be over. "I didn't even know that he (BYU RB Harvey Unga) dropped the ball," Williams said. "He (Unga) hit me pretty hard and I was laying on the ground, kinda tired and I heard everybody yelling and I thought he had scored and then I figured out what happened. I was just trying to hit him and make a play."

What happened was Williams won the battle of pad level, got his helmet on the ball and forced it out of Unga's arm. And true to the form that had been set during the course of play, the Huskies recovered again. This time, Washington's Tripper Johnson was able to get his hands on the ball in the end zone, resulting in a touchback.

Three loose balls; three recoveries. Things were looking good for the Huskies, yet they still were not able to win. Footballs were literally bouncing their way and they couldn't capitalize on their good fortune. With the clock winding down in the fourth quarter, Locker was able to lead the Huskies' offense for one last dig at destiny. When he scored on a draw with two seconds left, the game was headed to overtime.

Destiny had other ideas. When Locker scored, he threw the ball high into the air, a fit of celebratory emotion gone awry of NCAA rules - and a 15-yard mandatory penalty was called. His toss was so flagrant and unsportsmanlike, it actually hit a player - him. How's that for irony? The luck having changed sides with one toss of the ball, the resulting 35-yard PAT was blocked. Destiny had pulled a double-reverse.

Ironically the BYU team thought they always had control over the situation. "It turned out well for us. He threw the flag, it was like destiny, like were suppose to win this game," said Jan Jorgensen. Jorgensen was the defensive lineman that blocked the kick. When asked if he saw the Locker penalty he added, "Not really. I just saw Jake Locker jump up and toss the ball as high up in the air as he could. We turned around and said, 'alright, we're going to block this kick.'"

Maybe it was destiny for BYU, maybe it was the Dawgs' doomsday. However you want to take it, the Huskies need take the Fates out of the equation. Losing has become their lot, and it appears no amount of serendipity will provide an instant cure.

But making plays just might turn the odds in their favor, destiny be damned.

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