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With the Washington Huskies coming off a heartbreaking home loss against No. 15 BYU, they have to rebound, and do so quickly against the Oklahoma Sooners, the No. 3 team in the country. The last time the Huskies hosted a top-five team from outside the conference? No. 4 Miami in 2000, and we all know what happened in that game. To quote Al Michaels - do you believe in miracles?

Quick Halftime Stats: First Downs - OU 19, UW 9
Rushing OU 29-188, UW 15-39
Passing OU 13-16 for 142, UW 11-21 for 125 yards
Total Offense OU 45-330, 36-164
UW Stats:
Rushing: Freeman 7-28, Locker 7-14
Passing: Locker 10-17 for 107, Fouch 1-3 for 18
Receiving: Aguilar: 5-71, 2-38, 2-7, 1-5
Punting: Ballman 3-117, average of 39.0, 1 inside the 20
Kick Returns: Polk 4-89, T. Johnson 2-32
Tackles - Fogerson 8, Foster 6, Te'o-Nesheim 5, Forrester 3
Haltime Thoughts: There's no question who the better team is - there never was. What's appalling is just how UW has decided to just give the visitors a free pass. Fumbles, swiss cheese defense, really bad special teams - it all adds up to nothing more than pure embarrassment. At 34-0, why not give Ronnie Fouch the second half to show something? The fact that Willingham went for three on the last play at the half shows just how much he's going to stick to the gameplan - for better or worse. And right now it couldn't get any worse.
1 Q Thoughts: Well, it's about what you'd expect for a top-3 team - a lot of ball control, mostly running, a powerful offensive line and a QB that just plays smart. It doesn't help that UW hurt themselves early with poor special teams and a fumble. But it looks like UW finally has their composure together and might settle down into playing a pretty decent game. But down 14-0? I'm sure Tyrone Willingham would love to only be down one score going into halftime.
10 minutes to game time - getting ready for the game, the band is getting ready to play the National Anthem. Sorry for the delay but there were some issues getting connected to Washington's wireless system.

Based on warmups, it appears that Nate Williams and Johri Fogerson will start at safety. Mark Armelin, Jason Wells and at least one other player are not suited up for today's game. I'll be back later with first Q thoughts.
5:30 pm

Afternoon Practice Notes (Jon Martone reporting)

Nate Williams was practicing and not in red
Tj Poe was practicing in red
Victort Aiyewa was not practicing
Jason Wells was back to practicing in sweat pants
Make Gottlieb looked to be running well
Chris Polk was not practicing (will be undergoing surgery sometime soon)

Paul Homer, Jake Locker, and Daniel Te'o-Nesheim led Husky Jacks.

Nate Williams looked good, had a nice over the shoulder basket catch in a drill

Saw a two minute drill again, this time it was the two offense versus the one defense. The defense did feature Nate Williams and Johri Fogerson at the safeties.
5:25 pm

Afternoon Willingham Notes (Jon Martone reporting)

On the Emotion for Oklahoma- "Always hope that whatever it is and whatever you can find will help." Said they need to play emotional, and it's going to be a test of wheels and he hopes they will be strong enough in the fourth quarter.

On locker and carries- Says the key is balance. "Not only with the running backs but also the wide receivers and their role in the things they do. We would like to have a balanced front that doesn't use a whole lot of Jake. That's a sad statement to make when you have a young man that is that talented." To have him disappear in an offense is a mistake. "You have one of the best athletes around and that's a difference maker."

On us against world mentality- "Absolutely, we knew that, our kids don't need Coach Willingham to tell them that there are very few people that think they can beat the number 3 team." He thinks OU is talented at almost every position and that is why they are in the position their in. He thinks UW needs to play with emotion and physical to win.

On Mike Gottlieb- He had a good week, we haven't practiced yet, but he feels good about his progress so far. "He will be an active ingredient in out game plan on Saturday."

On Brandon Johnson- "Should be okay on Saturday"

On Chris Polk- "Polk will not play this weekend. We plan on doing that (surgery) next week or so. That means most likely (he will be out for season)." "I never rule out changes as you know, we have Juan Garcia, we never see him again, but he's here.

On if the injury is a blessing- "I'm very excited about Chris, what we have seen so far is only the tip, what this young man is capable of doing, I don't think we have seen the best tip yet. He is a talented young man."

On medical red shirt- "I wish I could (describe the process), that has to go through some committees in the Pac-10 and has to have their approval, has to take place in the first three to five games." He wasn't exactly sure on the exact wording of the rule. But he says he will petition for a medical red shirt for Chris Polk.

On secondary and who would start- "We will find out today, I say that obviously because Nate Williams has been a key to our secondary so far, and I won't rule him out." He said if he's not there Tripper Johnson will play and Johri Fogerson.

On his confidence in Johri- "I will be very comfortable. If we put him on the field, he has a chance to do well, it might not happen, but he has a chance." He said if someone isn't doing well they will put someone else there that can do well.

On if any surprise freshmen could play- He thinks the running backs are set, but thinks Terrence Dailey continues to do well with the service team. With the secondary doesn't expect any freshmen to get elevated up. No linebackers, and he has used all the defensive lineman. On Bruns he said maybe he will see the field

On Bruns' health- "I think he's fine now, I think he is doing well."

On if there is a certain week he won't burn a red shirt on a freshmen- "Yes, exactly when I hit it I don't know. If you remember two years ago we were right down to the wire with Jake Locker. If one of the wide receivers like Cody Bruns or someone else is the difference between going to a bowl game in game week nine or somewhere like that, than he lets go to the bowl game." He thinks the players would be excited for that opportunity.

Victor Aiyewa- Will be out for this game

On seconday depth concern- Not concerned overall, he thinks the players will come back. "For this week, yea, a little bit of a concern, little bit of a concern back there." He said they will move other guys in and mentioned Marquis Persley. He said the key is to have interchangeable parts. When asked if Mesphin Forrester could switch he said, "if necessary, absolutely, he could do that."

On national TV exposure- He talked about how before teams only got on TV two or 3 times and year. He thinks even in today's age Saturday's game is a special opportunity. He thinks exposure for team, players, recruiting, the university, academics, and national rankings will be brought forward.

On Brandon Yakaboski- "He could see some time. Right now were anticipating it to be Freeman, Griffin, Johnson, those three first but he could some time."

On home field advantage- "You can't play the game on paper. They have to line up and play and we have to line up and play, no one knows what will happen. That sun coming off that west south, southwest corner, they wont be familiar with that as it comes off our stadium." Also mentioned comfort, and the team might have lumpy beds here.

On the schedule- Thinks it will prepare the team for Pac-10 teams. "Even with Oregon's speed they were very methodical. BYU wasn't as explosive or fast but their execution is equally as good. Oklahoma seems all the above and they're going to be excellent. Were going to better football team, what we have to do is keep pumping water, there is water in our well and we have to keep pumping."

On predicting or sensing an upset- "Not going there, somebody else can give them bulletin board material."

On the bye week- "We have a standard routine, it's a little early to talk about it." He said they will work the same, as if they were preparing for a game.
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Thursday morning Oklahoma news links...

The Oklahoman blog shows the futility of the Washington program this decade...The list: Underachieving college football programs

John Helsley of the Oklahoman talks about LB Keenan Clayton whose last start was back in 2006 against the Huskies at Owen Field...Clayton meets Washington as a linebacker this time

The Oklahoman also has quite a few notes about this week's game against the Huskies...Gresham wins John Mackey Tight End of the Week award

Finally, the Tulsa World's Guerin Emig has a nice article on the passing of a former Sooner great...OU great Crowder dies at 77

4:35 pm

Afternoon Practice Notes

Nate Williams was practicing in red
TJ Poe was practicing in red
Chris Polk was not at practice
Victor Aiyewa was not at practice

Watched a 2-minute drill again. This time it was one offense versus the two defense. Kavario Middleton, Jermaine Kearse, D'Andre Goodwin, and Devin Aguilar all made a catch. David Freeman was the running back for the offense.

Donald Butler, Mike Gottlieb, and Mark Armelin were riding the stationary bike during the scrimmage.
4:05 pm

Willingham Afternoon Notes

On OU's offensive line - "This is a pretty talented offensive group. They are big, they play hard, they are well-coached and you notice a lot of the little things they do. Right off the bat they have the ability to focus their eye discipline and really key the right things, which puts them in the right position to do their jobs. They will be difficult to put pressure on the quarterback, but that's one of the things we need to find a way to do. You have to find a way to get the ball out of his hands as quick as possible to force the action. Other cases you do it with coverages, but we have to get the ball out of his hands a little quicker."

On their no huddle and five WR sets - "The flexibility of their tight ends allow them to get to that personnel grouping and that lineup where they can have that kind of flexibility. At some point they find a matchup they are comfortable with and we're uncomfortable with. So we'll educate our guys to that and how to adjust quickly so we don't get in those positions. With their no huddle they have a couple of automatic calls built in, so if you are lazy or slow they snap the ball with you standing around. They do an excellent job of keeping you on your toes and off-balance. Hopefully our middle linebacker (Donald) Butler will have the wisdom and have seen it enough to respond correctly."

On Chris Polk - "He does have a (labrum) tear in his shoulder. We haven't made a decision about what it would be, but it'll probably be surgery. If we do the surgery, it would be season-ending."

On Polk and redshirt - "There's a strong potential he can do that. It has to be within the first three ballgames."

On David Freeman - "He's been strong all camp from Day One. He did good in the physical conditioning test. He sees things a little different than anyone else and he makes cuts and penetrates and shows himself to be stronger than most people think a little man of that nature is."

On Nate Williams - "He was a little sick yesterday, so he didn't work. But we anticipate he'll be back a little stronger today, and hopefully some of the bumps and bruises that he has will mend so we have him for the weekend."

On Johri Fogerson - "We're trying to ramp up his learning curve as much as possible with the injuries we have to the other guys in the secondary. Victor Aiyewa is still sidelined. Nate is a little sidelined, so we have to ramp him up. He brings a strong presence as a centerfielder, he has excellent ball skills and he's shown himself to be physical. I would anticipate that he would play some."

On confusion on defense - "I wouldn't say confused. That first ball game there were starry eyes and everything was catching up to the speed, and when we caught up to it we had to get accustomed to the defense under game conditions. I don't think confused, I think they are learning. And I think the learning process is still ongoing."

On no huddle and confusion - "It's going to up the tempo and pace, and we're going to find ourselves having to adjust to another pace once again. Whether it's faster than Oregon's, I don't know yet - or whether it's a combination inbetween. And making those adjustments sometimes makes it seem like there's confusion, but I don't think that's the case. That's just the adjustment of getting up to speed with everything. They are going to know the call. But getting to all those places with people running around..."

On Jason Wells - "Jason looked OK, but we're still holding Jason out. We're anticipating Jason won't be involved." Added they are still looking long-term at a redshirt for him. Also said that even though the injury is different to Aiyewa but he'll let the medical staff lead them to the best decision."

On benefits of playing against tough running backs - "Obviously there are benefits. Once you come out of this stretch and go into the bye week you can look back and say that you played three of the best teams in America. Hopefully we're more mature and 'put more teeth' into what the coaches have been teaching and play older. It's harder to play older on nothing. Now they will have an opportunity to play older on experience. And that should help us."

On E.J. Savannah - "To me it's very disappointing any time any player leaves your program for any reason, any circumstance. We spent, as a staff and as a community, a lot of time and energy trying to assist and trying to help. It's disappointing when you invest that kind of investment and you don't get any return. But it's our hope that all the young men to be successful, and if this is the best route for him to be successful then we want to help him to it."

On the timing of the decision - "This was his more desire at this point. Because I've held an open door and continue to hold open doors for all our young men."

Asked about his standing in regards to the APR, and he wouldn't give a specific answer about it. But if E.J. left academically ineligible, he would qualify as an '0-2' under the APR rules, meaning he left early and left ineligible. That could have ramifications down the road if true.
2:30 pm

Ed Donatell Notes

On no huddle and adjustment from NFL - "It seems to be a trend. To play it two straight game, I can't say that I've done that for entire games, but you have to adjust to those kinds of things. We'll learn as we go along."

On Oklahoma's offense - "They are strong in all phases. Start with their offensive line. I'd say there's at least three guys that will play at the next level. Their receivers have speed and experience. The quarterback is a prospect too. He's very good. He has a quick release. He reads his progressions well. That's what you would call a solid team. They have an excellent running game to go along with it."

"We have a vision of what the Husky standard is and we're working toward it. We're not there, no doubt about it. But all of our energy is toward that, and sometimes there's a little bit of a process and it doesn't feel good til you start to see some of the fruits of your work. This team here is up for the challenge, no question about it. You always have a chance at Husky Stadium - with the tradition, the crowd, the city and how it's all set up, what it means to play in there. The way the crowd supports us. History tells us you can always win a game in there, and that's the way we're looking at this thing."

On no huddle adding to communications issues - "It adds to the mental pressure, no question about it. This team does that too, and they roll. The go. They have about as nice a tempo as you'll see. And it works for them."

On the secondary - "We've had some guys. They've had practice reps and we've bumped them up and we'll see how it goes. Tripper's getting some reps and Johri is getting some reps. Trying to get some other guys bumped up there a little bit.

On Fogerson starting - "We haven't told him that. He's a positive thinker, so we'll give him credit for that. He could see some time. Ty will make that final determination, but you're on the right track saying that he'll play."

On no sacks - "We want to have more. The Oregon game they spun out of a couple, and in a game like that a couple would have been about normal. The last game, you've got to find a way to get that guy down with that many snaps. He needs to go down. We're looking to spike that up, no question about it. It is an emphasis."

On third down - "There's a couple things that go into third down - how many short ones and how many long ones you have. If you have a lot of short ones, you didn't do something well before that. And the long ones, what's your execution like? And didn't win 1-1's in that ball game. We were playing an efficient ball club. The guy made some good throws. We'd like to play better situations. That comes with growing your team up. One of our goals is to be a smart situational team, so when you play a seasoned team like BYU, they'll beat you if you don't play smart."

On 3-4 and 4-3 - "They were about equal. We're trying to get guys involved, and some of them are really young guys. In the 4-3 we're using 93 (Kelemete) more and the big guy (Ta'amu) in the odd stuff. We're looking for roles, and we're just a little young right now. Our intentions are to grow up in the next couple weeks so we can be a force in the Pac-10."

On using both - "It's utilization and creating mental pressure for the offense. Think players, then plays. We're trying to get guys on the football field. It's hard sometimes holding hands with Trenton Tuiasosopo when you know how hard he competes. There's times when you want to do things with your big nose tackle. There's times when you want to get Johnie Kirton in the even defense. You want to spread the workload a little bit. There's signs with these two opponents that we still have some polishing up to do, but it's not 100 miles away."

On not having E.J. Savannah - "We always have hope and we always count guys in until they are not in. You're never out totally until he signs with someone else. But we had contingency plans in place and ran them. It's by no means a reason of excuse."

On Tripper Johnson and him playing so soon - "My mind is pretty open. That's what the successful guys do. That's what I saw in pro football, they were so open-minded. Talking about guys like Belichick and Mangini and those guys. If they think something can help them win, they are going to do it. It's more enjoyable and stimulating to think that way. Use them all. Find a role. That's my intention."

On why maybe Mesphin wouldn't be moved to safety - "I don't like double, triple moves. That was part of it. On a lot of downs, they were stabilizing, challenging guys. I'm talking about Q (Richardson) and Mesphin. I'd like to look like that at corner. I like 'em because they dress us up, they look nice and big out there. If people want to run the ball and they crack you have another big guy out there - that kind of thing."

On Matt Houston - "Yup, we have roles for him. He brings energy. He's stout. He can set an edge to your defense, those kinds of things. And that's how you have to look at things, see at what they can bring and then do your best to put them in positive spots."

On Jason Wells - "We're still trying to get him back to full speed. And if he was at full speed he would be in the mix. He'd be starting, but he's not quite back. But he is practicing."

On OU receivers - "We are going to work up and press. If we can stay up with these guys that means we can stay up with the top guys in the Pac-10. And most teams have one really good player and some two - so that's another step there."
1:40 pm

Johri Fogerson Notes

On if he is ready – "Yea I am ready. It's fun, there's noting better than having the number three team come in here."

On how much playing time he will get this week- "As of right now I'm starting, so hopefully the whole game." Free Safety

On what he will be able to do- "My job, help out the defense and try and help out the secondary."

On if he has surprised himself- "Nah, that's basically what it was, I just had to get back into the flow of things, that was last week. I pick up plays and everything real fast, that was easy. The part that was hard was coming back and getting into the motion of being a DB."

On if he is comfortable at safety- "Yea, I mean I know concepts of the game, everything falls back into my mind real easy.'

On if he is excited to play with Quinton Richardson again- "I mean it was funny, we talked about it. Quinton Richardson all day back there, its funny, yea I'm excited."

Strength "Good question, Id say be able to hit people, a lot people don't expect people to hit, just to be back there as a pass defender, but I come up and hit."

On what he needs to do to get ready "Go over the game plan and get it locked in my head so I don't have any mental lapses in the game."

On if he gets nervous- "That's funny, I don't really get nervous at all, ever since I've been little you know how people get butterflies, I just get focused. They're regular people just like we are."

On the challenge of Sam Bradford- "Yeah, that's a great challenge for anybody, even for a person who has been back there longer than me. Now I get a chance to play against the best to prove that I'm here for a reason."

On the switch from running back to safety- "The coaches just sat down and got to together and I got called in to the office. Basically they switched me I didn't switch myself. They basically wanted their best athletes on the field and that's when I got switched."

On if he wanted a shot at running back- "No they recruited me as a running back, I came here a running back, they saw their secondary needed help so they put me in there."

On if he embraces the switch- "I really never had a preference, I'm just a football player whatever spot they put me in I'm going to do my best and play hard."
1:35 pm

Matt Houston Notes

On if he feels he can make an impact right now- "Yes I do, I feel that I bring a physicality. I'm going to play hard and that's what I'm going to do, play my butt off."

On if he is taking advantage of his opportunity-"Yes sir, I'm getting my chance, I got to play."

On if he will get playing time this week- "Yes I do, I think me and Josh will be splitting some time. I think it will be a good combination of both of us."

On what he needs to work on this week- "Learning the book the whole week, watch film, and just prepare."

On his greatest strength as a linebacker- "Physicality."

On if he is nervous this week- "Its football, all you have to do is go out there and play.'

On what we should expect from him- "I'm going to play hard, I will play hard for you guys."

On if he thinks he is ready to go this week- "Yeah, I'm ready to go."
12:45 pm

Tripper Johnson Notes

The game is slowing down, getting more comfortable. One of those things where the more playing time he gets, the slower the game will get.

On Oklahoma - very athletic, very fast. Very solid running back and QB is very smart, very solid. Very accurate passer and OL very physical and very experienced. We have to be disciplined and execute.

On starting - try to prepare like I'm going to start every week in case I have to get in there. And because of a couple of injuries I'll be starting this Saturday. Always try to prepare, because you're just one snap from getting in there. Number-one goal this spring was just to see the field, but now it's right here - couple injuries and the next thing you know I'm in the game. Got to get ready to go.

The team is hungry after the BYU game. Went into the locker room frustrated. "Everyone wanted to go right back out there and keep playing." Things are coming together and we're going to give it everything we've got. We think we have a chance to win. Just have to execute against a well-disciplined, balanced attack. Have to get our film study in and try and recognize plays before they happen.

On physical adjustment - Had to get used to it in the spring, but the physical part feels pretty natural. "Everyone is pretty big and strong out there, but it's coming back. I feel fine. After BYU my body bounced back pretty quick, so I'm feeling better out there."

On playing in Husky Stadium - "It was pretty exciting. It was a dream come true. I never thought I'd be here at the age of 26 playing in front of all those fans, but it's come true and it's a great experience. It's one of those things that's always been in the back of my mind even when I was playing baseball all those years. I wanted to come back and play football in Husky Stadium. It's been building up over the past 6, 7, 8 years it's been in the back of my mind. If I got a chance it would be that much more special."
7:16 am

Wednesday morning Oklahoma news links...

The Sooners have struggled at times away from Owen Field and Dave Sittler of the Tulsa World says they have to avoid the mistakes they've made in the past this weekend at Husky Stadium...OU must avoid potholes on trek to Washington

John Helsley of the Oklahoman continues the same theme of OU's road woes...Stoops, Sooners ready to move past last year's road losses

Sooner DT Adrian Taylor feared his career may have been over two years ago after suffering an injury while lifting weights, but he's come back and he's better than ever...Amazing turnaround: Taylor starting on OU's defense after fearing career was over

Finally, there are lots of news and notes and small tidbits from today's OU Notebook...OU football notebook

4:35 pm

Afternoon Practice Report

Mark Armelin was back (no boot)
Brandon Johnson was back
Jason Wells was in full pads today
Darin Harris was watching practice
Mike Gottlieb was practicing
No Chris Polk
No Victor Aiyewa
No Bryon Davenport

Jake Locker, Paul Homer, and one other looked liked Mason Foster lead Husky Jack
4:25 pm

Tm Lappano Notes

On RB's - Said they are going to have to be more physical with OU than with any other team they've played so far. Added that OU runs 30 percent blitz, and they are expecting more on Saturday. "They are pretty aggressive, their 'backers are physical as always. Great speed, they are going to come downhill on you. We're going to have to be more physical.

On David Freeman - After watching the film, he did a heck of a job blocking. "He made some great blocks in that game." Mentioned how he picked a guy coming free to help keep final drive alive. "He was pretty physical for a smaller guy. But we're going to have to do better all the way around."

Added that it's going to be 'tailback by committee' with Freeman, Brandon Johnson, Willie Griffin and also Brandon Yakaboski in a limited role.

On too much reliance on Jake having to get things done - "Until we can run the football like we're capable of doing, I think there still is." Added that he only called one QB run during the BYU game up until the QB draw that scored UW's final touchdown. "We have to run the football better out of our two-back sets. We aren't able to bang like we should be able to do out of our two-back sets. We were pretty good at the end of the year in those sets. It's a good opportunity to take the ball out of Jake's hands, give him some rest. That's something we want to do, it's an identity we want to have."

On Jake's running - 34 carries in the game. "I called two draws for him last week. Otherwise, they are scrambles or a keep on an option. I think it's probably too many, but he's got to do what he's got to do. Especially in that 2-minute situation and they are spread out all over the field and he can take a crease - he's got to do that. He doesn't get hurt in that kind of stuff. He gets hurt when he gets sacked and can't see it coming."

On what is breaking down when Locker scrambles - "A lot of times, he's been forced out of there. There's not too many mistakes as far as busts by the route-runners. It's a matter of whether he feels he has time to step into his throw without somebody hindering his delivery. If he feels that much pressure where he doesn't think he can get through his throw or somebody is impeding his view, then he's probably going to get out of there."

On things breaking down when he rolls - "When we run sprint, there's no necessary means of taking a sack. That's the last thing. That's why we run sprintout, so that we can move him away from stuff and not have to worry about him getting sacked. If they are stringing it out, he needs to set up inside. If we have it sealed and reached - which we'd always like to do - he wants to get outside, square up his shoulders and make a throw. He took a sack, which we don't want. He's got to set up. He's got to read that, and he did not read that very well."

On continuing to open up the playbook - "Probably about 25 percent more (for BYU). We were a lot more spread than we were against Oregon. We opened it up quite a bit. There were a few assignment mistakes by the youngsters, but it was really pretty good for the amount of changes that we made from week one to week two. And there's still a little bit more that will be different this week."

On Kavario Middleton and Jermaine Kearse and coincidence that they came from Lakes - "I don't recruit that area, I just know they are both good players. Jermaine's getting better. He's going to get more physical. He's going to get better when people bump him up and he catches the ball well. He's a good route-runner and he's a competitive kid. He's going to do nothing but get better all the time. He's pretty good assignment-wise. And Kavario, the sky's the limit for him, I think. He could be as good as any I've been around, and I've been around a couple pretty good ones. He's got to get stronger and has to be more efficient in the run-blocking footwork and technique. And as you can imagine for a young kid like that, there's a lot going on there with your footwork when you are playing against very good football players. That's an area where he can improve. But he brings so much to the table offensively with his wingspan, his size and his soft hands. He's so talented athletically we put him out on a corner and throw a jump ball to him. He runs those routes like a wideout. He's really a fine athlete, smart kid, doesn't make very many mistakes. He just needs to be more physical in our run game. But he's brought a lot to our passing game. He's a guy we clearly want to try and get the ball to."

On the OL and Juan Garcia - "I thought Juan played a little bit better. I thought their overall effort was better. I still don't think they are playing up to their full potential. But I thought their effort and their technique and everything was a lot better going into week two than it was obviously going against Oregon. They played with a lot better pad level and got after it a lot more.

The biggest thing is, when we take our 'shot' plays, there was probably 14 to 21 points that we left out there in the game. That's something we have to work on and we're going to work on that this week. We've got to hit those plays. You aren't going to hit every deep throw. They are called low-percentage throws for a reason. But I think Jake's throwing the intermediate and short stuff a lot better than he did a year ago. Still struggling a bit with the deep stuff, and we have to keep working it and repping it and get him better so that we hit that stuff. It's hard to get past the free safety and strong safety in this business at this level. When you do, you have to cash in."

On dealing with young players and how to coach them - "Every guy is different. A good coach knows what buttons to press on each individual. If I get after all you guys, each one of you would be a little bit different. I think the same thing with a player, an athlete. There's a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. And I think that's just the individual coach knowing his players and what buttons to push. They are good kids. All the freshmen that are playing for us want to be coached, are coachable and want to get better all the time and are into this thing pretty good."

On Oklahoma being 41-0 in the first quarters this year and matching that effort - "They are very explosive on offense and we've got to match that. Just like BYU, they went down in 19 plays, 18 plays - they took the ball all the way down the field and scored. And we had to do it. We didn't do it the first time, the second one we marched all the way down the field and scored. We have to answer. That's what you have to do."

On OU's defense being different from 2006 - "Not really. They've added a little more odd package - a three-man front - but other than that it's still the same; great players and good schemes and play fast and physical. You have to believe you can win every game you play. I really think deep down every kid believes. That's why you play them. You've got to believe you can win. That's where it all starts."
1:55 pm

Oklahoma Two-Deeps announced

Here's Oklahoma's starting two-deeps, as announced by their media relations.
LT 79 Phil Loadholt 6-8, 337 Sr.
70 Cory Brandon 6-7, 308 So.
LG 72 Duke Robinson 6-5, 335 Sr.
74 Brian Simmons 6-5, 304 Jr.
C 50 Jon Cooper 6-3, 290 Sr.
54 Jason Hannan 6-3, 283 rFr.
RG 73 Brandon Walker 6-3 284 Sr.
78 Alex Williams 6-6, 300 rFr.
RT 71 Trent Williams 6-5, 308 Jr.
76 Branndon Braxton 6-6 304 Sr. 
TE 18 Jermaine Gresham 6-6, 261 Jr.
83 Brody Eldridge 6-5, 265 Jr.
WR 84 Quentin Chaney 6-5, 203 Sr.
80 Adron Tennell 6-4, 191 Jr.
WR 9 Juaquin Iglesias 6-0, 204 Sr.
8 Brandon Caleb 6-2, 196 So.
SL 1 Manuel Johnson 6-0, 183 Sr.
85 Ryan Broyles 5-11, 175 rFr.
QB Sam Bradford 6-4, 218 So.
15 Joey Halzle 6-3, 201 Sr.
FB Matt Clapp 6-3, 234 Jr.
83 Brody Eldridge 6-5, 265 Jr.
RB 7 DeMarco Murray 6-1, 205 So.
29 Chris Brown 5-11, 210 Jr.
17 Mossis Madu 6-0, 196 So.

DE 33 Auston English 6-3, 253 Jr.
94 Pryce Macon 6-1, 249 So.
NG 86 Adrian Taylor 6-4, 295 So.
96 DeMarcus Granger 6-2, 302 Jr.
DT 93 Gerald McCoy 6-4, 295 So.
97 Cory Bennett 6-3, 276 Sr.
DE 44 Jeremy Beal 6-3, 253 So.
95 Alan Davis 6-3, 255 Sr.
SLB 22 Keenan Clayton 6-2, 220 Jr.
30 Lamont Robinson 6-1, 226 Jr.
MLB 8 Ryan Reynolds 6-2, 234 Jr.
48 Brandon Crow 6-0, 228 So.
WLB 28 Travis Lewis 6-2, 232 rFr.
10 Mike Balogun 6-2 250 Jr. OR
12 Austin Box 6-2, 221 rFr.
FCB 15 Dominique Franks 6-0, 189 So.
3 Jonathan Nelson 5-11, 177 So.
SS 5 Nic Harris 6-3, 230 Sr.
27 Sam Proctor 6-0, 208 rFr.
FS 11 Lendy Holmes 6-1, 201 Sr.
6 Desmond Jackson 5-11, 198 rFr.
BCB 2 Brian Jackson 6-1, 202 Jr.
32 Jamell Fleming 5-11, 185 rFr.

K 17 Jimmy Stevens 5-6, 156 rFr.
36 Tress Way 6-1, 190 Fr.
P 13 Mike Knall 5-10, 190 Jr.
36 Tress Way 6-1, 190 Fr.
KR 9 Juaquin Iglesias 6-0, 204 Sr.
1 Manuel Johnson 6-0, 183 Sr.
KR 7 DeMarco Murray 6-1, 205 So.
17 Mossis Madu 6-0, 196 So.
PR 15 Dominique Franks 6-0, 189 So.
85 Ryan Broyles 5-11, 175 rFr.
H 81 Carter Whitson 5-11, 182 So.
1 Manuel Johnson 6-0, 183 Sr.
LS 46 James Winchester 6-1, 205 Fr.
63 Ben Hampton 6-3, 250 Jr.
1:05 pm

Paul Homer Notes

Thanks to Jon Martone for the transcription!

On OU defensive line "They're not just going to sit there and play at the line of scrimmage, they like to change the line of scrimmage. (Also) They're going to bring some linebackers."

On if OU defensive style matches up well with UW- "I think so, that's a good point. Ohio State was like that last year (like OU), and I thought we did pretty good running the ball."

Biggest difference from Oregon to BYU "They play a little bit different defense. There were more holes in the BYU defense that we were able to exploit. Getting more of a feel with new guys in the backfield, getting more of feel of how the game moves and the speed of the game."

On difference from Polk to Freeman and Griffin- "Once Chris went out, David Freeman and Willie Griffin stepped up. I always knew they could do what they did, they're very talented. David Freeman did really good out there along with his running he did really good pass blocking. They're very talented guys and they can see the hole well, and they were hitting the holes we had for them."

On improving the run on first and ten- "Yea we want to get a huge chunk out of the way on first down."

On what to work this week- "I thought we played really physical and really hard and we always have things to work on like team chemistry and getting our routes down, and our signs. Definitely running the ball and getting a push, and work on our game plan."

On scheduling of highly ranked teams- "You can really grow as a team playing Oklahoma, Ohio State, BYU. We showed we can play with these guys in the top 25. We don't have to play these under ranked teams. It's always good to (play an easier team) to get the few mistakes out of the way. It's something that you know you'll go on to win. Its also good to play against the best teams in the country to show we can match up with these guys, we can match up with anyone in our conference too."

On losses and if they help growth- "I think they can, its just how your team reacts to it. I think losing to Oregon helped us prepare for BYU. Losing to BYU like the way we did will help us grow even more mentally and give us more to play for."
12:40 pm

David Freeman Notes

On earning playing time - "I think I earned some playing time. It matters what happens in practice. I'll just try to perform my best and the coaches will make their decision to better the team. If that means me playing or going second-string it doesn't matter to me. As long as the team wins."

On playing well - "Just not being scared, not letting the pressure get to me. Just went out there and just played football. I ran hard, saw the holes, hit it and that's basically what football is about for a running back - not to play scared."

On what can improve - "Doing a better job of making the first guy miss in open field. People close way faster than I'm used to, so just adjusting to that. The second game at Oklahoma I should be better at that."

On being nervous for a possible start on national TV against a top team - "I think I'll be more excited than nervous. Go out there and show the crowd what I can do. I already know, but I need to show everybody else. I was underrated coming in, so I'm just trying to show everybody what I can do."

On getting his number called first play out - "I was surprised he threw it to me, honestly. I didn't know the ball was coming my way. The quarterback has the choice of where he wants to throw it, and he picked me. I was open and it got us yards, got us closer to first downs. It helped me because I wasn't expecting it, so I wasn't that nervous. So when I knew I was getting the ball it was easier because I had already done it before."

On being an every-down back - "I think so. With more work in practice I could become the number-one guy that gets 20-25 carries."

On big games influencing his college decision - "Yeah. That, and the supporting cast. I knew I would get a lot of help, a lot of hands on teaching me instead of sitting in the back. They did a good job of teaching me, the coaches and the players - guys like Brandon Johnson, Chris Polk. Guys with more experience - Brandon Yakaboski and Willie Griffin. All of them are wonderful running backs and have taught me a lot. I've learned a lot from Brandon Johnson."

On Brandon Johnson's help - "We kind of came from the same background, the same area - Southern California. Just stay focused, work hard and don't be scared and you'll prevail."

On former UW players Charles Mincy and Donald Jones influencing his decision - "I thought about that after I committed, and they weren't much of a deciding factor. When I came up here, I fit in so I knew where I was coming. I knew I wanted to come here. It's a great program."

On his recruiting process - "I took a trip to Wazzu (Washington State) and here. It was clear. I needed to see, just for comparison. And it was clear that this is the better program and where I wanted to go. That just confirmed it."

On coming with high expectations - "I came in with high hopes, and whatever happened, happened. I wasn't too concerned with playing, just learning the game more, just doing what I'm capable of doing and working hard. And whatever happens after that, that wasn't up to me. That would be up to the coaches and God."

On being underrated and how he uses that as motivation - "Even back home I felt like I was underrated. I didn't get any publicity really. You probably never heard of me. I felt like I was better than the guys that were getting the publicity. I actually played on teams with them before and I felt like I was better. I just needed a chance to prove it."

On Chris Polk and his rating - "Chris Polk is a wonderful running back. He's a special guy. I've seen him do some amazing things that I don't know how he pulled that off. We just help each other, honestly. We give each other tips, help each other out, so that works to our favor. He deserves (his rating). I was happy he came here so I could learn from him."
12:35 pm

Ryan Perkins Notes

On the kick - "We had a pretty good angle, an above the play angle, and it looks like the block point was three yards in front of me. There's not much you can do. The only thing that was unusual was that right away I heard another thud as soon as I kicked it. And I'm seven yards from the line of scrimmage. The ball was carrying up pretty good. It was five or six feet off the ground at the three-yard mark, so it was still climbing. On film it looks like any other kick to me."

On the difference between a longer kick and a PAT - "The kick is the same. On film, it looks like any other kick I kicked that day. I don't exactly what happened on the line. It's the same thing, no matter what. A lot of people are saying when you back up it's going to be a lower trajectory, but that's not the case. The kick should be the same no matter what. "

On the reaction to the penalty - "I was fine. We did a 35-yard field goal against Oregon the week before, and it was straight down the middle, so that didn't bother me at all. Essentially it's going to be the same kick, and that's how I approached it. The dynamic changes when they bring the whole house. But I just look where we line up. (Fouch) calls what he sees, but we don't essentially know what they are going to rush."
11:50 am

Pac-10 Teleconference Notes (Willingham included)

On excessive celebration - A shame. Letter of the rule, but not the intent. Young man being excited about a play. Might look at rewording. Put in place 10 years ago to outlaw showboating. On national rules committee. Worry more at playing rules, but we need to look at it. Judgment call varies from league to league and game to game. Probably will be discussed.

On health of team - Johnson shoulder is hurting. Will play. Practice will determine how much he plays. C.E. Kaiser 50/50 for game. Seem to always be talking about managing injuries as opposed to managing team.

On being further ahead offensively - Will find out this weekend. Haven't been stopped first two games, probably stopped ourselves more than anything. Fourth year in system, second with Chip Kelly, so have a certain amount of comfort. Have some playmakers, but losing some of the starters early hasn't helped. Probably a little ahead of where we were last year, but we'll find out a lot about ourselves by going on the road this weekend.

On challenges for offense - Purdue solid, do what they do well, will have wrinkles. Always interesting to see how teams want to defend us. Curtis Painter is a good strong, physical quarterback. He can move to bide time to find receivers. He sees the field so well and deliver the ball accurately downfield. Can run with the ball as well. Took WSU spread and put it in the Big-10. Stretch horizontally and vertically. Strong up front.

On using Michigan as guide - Can use that as an example. Kids have confidence in that regard. Can't be overconfident, whole new group of kids. It will be interesting.

On DC's having to prepare for three QB's - Didn't go into it designing it that way, but that's how it's happened. All have different strengths and work at different tempos. Throw in spread and no huddle and it definitely creates problems.

Jim Harbaugh - at TCU

On Richard Sherman - Twisted knee, MRI was clear, no tear. Practiced today and he'll get treatment. Expected to play against TCU

On quarterbacks - Been a leader all along, that's Tavita Pritchard. Did bring in Forcier and Loukas in too, but Pritchard is the leader and he'll start.

On injury front - Few question marks, but probably pretty good. Will know more after Today's practice.

On TCU - Tough, competitive game last year. QB threw for 345 last year. This year even a better player, more competitive, more confident. Very impressed with him. They are a good team, competitive championship team. Win consistently, especially at home. Huge challenge and we have to match how they hustle, how they play. It's going to be a hard-fought game.

On returning the favor - No question we want to win. Our team will be ready to play, and it will be a big challenge. Goes without saying, we want to win.

On excessive celebration (Locker) - Have not seen the play, so no comment.

On Rudy Carpenter's play against Stanford - Watched film four times. Made some huge plays in the game. A few plays made a huge difference. Getting hit, about to be hit and still making an accurate throw was very impressive. Got into a groove and made even more plays, against coverages that were tight and rushes that were getting home. He was extremely accurate with the ball. Had a great handle of where his guys were and could find them despite being flushed out of the pocket and on the move. I thought we played very well, but 3-4 big plays made the difference.

Mike Stoops - at New Mexico

On getting vote of confidence last year and turning a corner - Don't know if that helped. Just started to click offensively, show some progress. Started playing little bit better and made some plays. Were competitive early, but tough schedule. Knew it would take some times. Kids have stayed positive, credit them and our coaches. They came together and that's helped us this year.

On New Mexico - Struggling, desperate to get a win and so are we. We've played good defense, good in the red zone and good in the kicking game, and if we stay good in those areas, we stand a good chance to win.

On Rob Gronkowski - Continues to progress, see where it takes us. Could play Saturday in a limited role.

On Nic Grigsby - Gives balance in the offense. Line is doing a good job. Cutback runner, finds creases. A Reggie Bush style, cutting all over the place. Competitive runner who is playing well right now. Wasn't a strength last year, but we're developing more balance this year.

On payback for New Mexico - Four turnovers and not playing good pass defense were the problem last year. We need to play better defensively and take better care of the football.

On Tuitama being on the top of his game - Never seen him play better. Decision-making has been positive. New Mexico will blitz from all over, so he'll have to be sharp and help him make plays, but very happy with what he's done. OL will help the most in their protection. NM floods gaps and come after you, so how we deal with that is going to be important. We're going to have to react well and provide solid protection.

Mike Riley - hosts Hawai'i

On being resilient - Everything seems to be OK. Everyone disappointed with performance against Penn State. Only 9/7 so let's go, so they'll bounce back.

On Hawai'i - It will be a good, hard-nosed game. Played them a couple of years ago and have a lot of players from there, so I expect a tough game.

On Johnny Hekker - He's struggling, but I have a lot of faith in him as an athlete and as a competitor. Very talented, but hasn't done it in the game yet. And that happens with young guys. Impressed with his resiliency.

On Defense - Tough start. We've had moments like this in the past, and our coaches have done a good job of taking those moments and using them as tools to improve. Everything has to come together and we'll learn from these games and get better. Have a strong belief that will happen.

On Taking all all comers - Doesn't seem smart right now, but I like it. Everyone was excited about the trip, and disappointed we didn't show up and play better. Hoping it's a great lesson for our team. Overwhelmed in ways I'm sure we questioned after the game. Wasn't that loud. All fears we had didn't materialize, but you spend a lot of time worrying about them.

On Tyler Graunke - Filled in for Colt and did a nice job last year. Watched Nevada game from last year, he did a good job. Has played in big games and has performed. Brings a lot to that position.

On tough early schedule and players understanding - Always have to deal with the losses because teams always start with high expectations. And then the losses are scars, so you have to break out the band-aids and get going. Can help the team get better if they let it. Has a good team in terms of character, but proof is in the pudding. Have to win a game and then move forward.

On excessive celebration (Locker) - Did see clip of it. When rule came about there was a push toward do's and don't. Lot of it can be subjective. He was happy. He wasn't hot-dogging it. I showed it to our team. The focus is the ball. Taunting is easy to see. But the ball - spike or throw - that's a problem. Give the ball to the official and move on. Sorry to see it happen just because Locker was happy, but that's the word we live in right now.

On running backs - Like them. McCants haven't gotten on track. Like Quizz Rodgers. 99 yards in a tough environment, didn't blink despite being in a big environment.

On Leon Jackson - Very familiar with him. From Pasco. Very talented. Recruited him initially out of high school and followed transition from Nebraska to Hawai'i. Very gifted player.

Pete Carroll - hosts Ohio State

On not having played Ohio State in 18 years - Lot of interest for all obvious reasons. Exciting matchup for everyone. Not sure when it got scheduled. Great challenge for program and looking forward to it. Not having matched up in the Rose Bowl for that long, little surprising.

On Nick Perry and LOI - Would love for him to be a Trojan, and hopefully that will work out.

On the bye week - Will be a normal preparation for us. Spend time on the young guys, create installation like fall camp, and then kick back into game week. Just trying to get better as a football team.

On special teams - Ohio State very athletic and bring all the problems anyone can give you.

On having the bye week before - Tried to make the very most of it. Helped us in a number of ways. Extra reps for young guys, and time to heal so it worked for us. Trying to get in the rhythm of playing every two weeks.

On trying to stay on an even keel with such a big game on the horizon - Doesn't serve us well. No championships or anything else on the line. Whole body of work determines all that. Lot of hype, but that's normal and we have to deal with it. Every week is a championship week for us. Take them all and sell out with everything we've got and go to the next one. Practice and prepare like it's the last chance we get to do so. The message stays solid no matter what the circumstances are. It's up to us to maintain the balance.

On celebration rule - Flip the ball to the refs. Our guys are pretty good at it. Go about our business. Spirit of the rule is to maintain the integrity of the game. Anything that draws attention to the individual is wrong. You have to allow for human nature and the moment to give kids latitude to express joy and excitement. We don't know how that's going to unfold sometimes. The intent of the officials should be clear. The kids are having the moment of their lives, and the officials should understand they may not necessarily do a celebration the way you'd like it to be. Spontaneous orchestration of energy and excitement and keep it real.

Rick Neuheisel - at BYU

On bye week - Always adding and deleting from inventory. Constantly a moving target and we had plenty to improve upon after Tennessee game.

On Walker and Chow at BYU - Have to remind them they are on the other side. They remember their times fondly in Utah.

On health - Other than the frontline players lost against Tennessee early, fine. Still hold out hope for Khalil Bell, but at best questionable. Will know more tomorrow.

On Harvey Unga - Had a good idea he was going to be a dynamic player. Walker and defensive staff played them twice last year. 10 of 11 starters back on offense. Good news familiar with them, bad news they are really good. Have to play within ourselves and take a page out of their Tennessee playbook - get the game to the fourth quarter.

On Max Hall like Cody Pickett - Little bit. He throws ball a lot like Pickett. A master of what they are trying to accomplish offensively.

On getting back to business - I think it's that way. Good thing to have a bye because there was some residual 'walking in the clouds' they had to work out of their system. Should be back on track.

On keeping Walker on staff - Important key to try to build the program back up to where everyone wants it. Has earned everyone's respect. Has built a culture on the defensive side of the ball. Dynamic guy who will get a chance to be a head coach. Going to enjoy my time with him and thrilled he decided to stay. Different than Bob Simmons at Colorado, because both were on staff. He got the Oklahoma State job soon after.

On UCLA and BYU going head to head on recruits - BYU is going to be a very aggressive recruiter for the LDS kids, and we've had some successful LDS kids here. Ben Olson is LDS and having a great experience. Kevin Prince too. Great place for kids of Mormon faith to get a great college experience and still practice their faith.

On third meeting in 370 days - BYU should have the advantage in longevity and also have won 12 in a row. Going to be two good football teams playing a great game.

Dennis Erickson - hosts UNLV

On Georgia on the horizon and not looking ahead - Asked a lot. Bottom line is focusing on one game at a time. Have talked about it ever since I got here. One day at a time. Will continue to preach that. UNLV can come in and beat us, so we have to be prepared to play. Team knows the schedule and reality of what's going on. We will prepare and we'll have our hands full.

On key ingredient to make a championship team - Talent, schedule, winning close games. Getting good breaks. To go undefeated to probably win, all those things have to happen.

On Rudy Carpenter and quick release - Gets rid of the ball, makes quick decisions. Knows how to get rid of it, where to go with the ball. Makes a difference. People will blitz us, depends on how we handle it during the game. If we do well, they usually back out of it. Will be games where they get to us and we have to handle it. Because he's been in the system a year, he now knows how to recognize what's coming at him, and that helps.

On Pac-10 playing tough teams - Playing more national teams than we ever have before. Maybe TV-driven, but seeing it a lot more than we used to.

On playing so many high-profile games - Pluses and minuses. Gives us national credibility. Also makes it tough because it's such a difficult league.

On Georgia game being set up before he got there - Yeah. Obviously.

On OL and protection - Things get tougher as you go on. We're doing OK, but we need to do better. For us to compete for a championship in our league we have to be better on the offensive line.

Paul Wulff - at Baylor

On California and silver linings - We can clean some things up in the KOR team. Had a lot of opportunities to do that. Special teams were better than week one, but that's about it. Got a lot of things to correct in every aspect. Playing some youth, so have to execute things correctly and consistently. Playing 13 games, so a lot of time to fix problems.

On relation between EWU and WSU - At EWU had time to build things up, and WSU it's going to take time as well to create a level of consistency and success.

On QB picture - Not yet. Equal reps for both Rogers and Lopina. Game time decision. Will go as long as we can before making that choice. But it's not a one-person issue. It's a multitude of things. Also evaluating other spots. WR's starting to get healthy, will still take a couple weeks to get that back, same with OL. Take some time for players to gel together, no one's fault. Trying to put best players on the field. Some play well in practice, some in games better. We have to get kids opportunities to see who can do that. We're so new to the personnel, just trying to sort that out.

On Greg Trent - Very consistent. POG against Oklahoma State. Against Cal, they are so good up front, they will crease you. And we had some instances where players weren't where they should have been, and that hurt us.

On buying into the system - They are trying hard. As coaches, we have to put it all out there and fix things together. They'll see when we do things right we'll have success. We have a plan, it's fundamentally right. The more we stay the course and drive the message home, they'll understand.

On QB battle just being a two-man race - Yes, you could say that.

On other position battles - We aren't trying to flip things upside down. If a backup player is starting to develop and we see that, we're going to put them in a game. That's true throughout the board on all sides of the ball and special teams. Just trying to put the best players on the field to get the best chance at success.

Jeff Tedford - at Maryland

On experience coaching 9 am games PST - Played Illinois a few years back. Have to change the routine a little bit to make sure they are awake and ready to play. Thought about leaving Thursday, but just too long sitting around. Go to bed early Thursday, get acclimated at home that way.

On Tree Sitter issue being resolved - Amazed how much work was done when they came back WSU. Almost all trees down. Lot of progress, lot of people's hard work starting to pay off. Now can make a full effort to our recruits and student-athletes about facilities progress and what's going to happen. It's taken so long, but it's no one's fault. Seemed like one hurdle after another, but it's over. No more trees, completely flat, except for one. Can definitely use it now in recruiting.

On celebration penalty (Locker) - Saw it and personally thought it was ticky-tacky. Unfortunate, wasn't that far out of the norm. Problem is when attention is drawn, and that wasn't the case. I showed it to players to show what can happen.

On Jahvid Best - Great back, tough and a lot of speed. Has had two 80-yard runs already, so he's made big plays. Knew he was going to be good after what he did last year.

On Maryland - It's more about our team and us getting better. That's their focus.

Tyrone Willingham - hosts Oklahoma

On BYU loss - very disappointed. Played tough team. Opportuntiies to make difference, didn't capitalize.

On tough early schedule - Did some good things at Oregon and improved at BYU. Now ultimate challenge against title contender in Oklahoma. Have to find a way to keep improving as our competition gets tougher.

On Chris Polk - doubtful this week, could be a long-term injury. Could be season-ending injury.

On Savannah - Some developments, might be able to give you more by the end of the day. If it's available, he'll let us know.

On new players and resiliency - I've been pleased with leadership with older group. They set the tone. Veterans have had their fill of disappointment, and that shows. And the young players bring added energy to the mix.

On hard to get focus back after tough injury, like what happened to Darin Harris - When they see him down, they think that could happen to them. Difficult moment for everyone. But everyone responded well.

On celebration rule and would he change it - There's always discretion officials have that they can use. Holding on every play, but not every play is stopped because of holding. They could have used discretion in the case of Jake Locker's celebration. Sheer joy and celebration. Should go after the spirit and not just the strict letter of the rule.

On Oklahoma - when play a team this good, you have to figure out what you can accomplish. Oklahoma is as complete team as they'll face all year. Play with great fundamentals. No holes anywhere. Definitely have to play the best game they have all year.

On Locker emerging as a leader - Jake has always been a leader. From Day One in his class he took complete control of them. He's made plays, he's led. He's had some growth and become more vocal. In terms of his play, he's always been a leader. Teammates will continue to step up their play because of him.
7:33 am

Tuesday Morning Oklahoma news links...

John Helsley from the Oklahoman has a OU football blog and he has a number of posts including some quotes from the players involved in the 2006 Sooner loss to Oregon...OU football: Oregon reflections

Helsley also has a full write-up on the 2006 Oregon game and Oklahoma's return to the Northwest...The return to PAC-10 country

Here's some news and notes from Helsley's OU football notebook including a player that the Husky offensive line has to account for on every play, DT Gerald McCoy...OU football notebook

Guerin Emig has a nice write-up on Jake Locker in today's Tulsa World...Huskies' QB is still fired up

4:50 pm

Mason Foster Notes

Feeling on impact so far- "Love the game, just trying to get better, I watch film with Donald and have him critique me and show me what I can do better. I try and be a critic on myself, just try and get better. Each week get better and better."

On if he is surprised but his play- "I don't want to say surprised, I felt like it was possible, but you never know. I try work hard and it's paying off. Working hard this summer, studying film with Donald, lifting, running, and making sure I know all my reads, and I think it's paying off."

His Feelings about playing Oklahoma- "I love it, that's what I dream about going against these teams in Husky stadium. It doesn't get better than that. It's going to be fun, I just love competition; it could rock paper scissors or Mortal Combat I'm going to try and beat you, I just love competition."

On if he came to UW for big games- he said- Yea, definitely, I looked at Coach Willingham growing up in Northern California watching him at Stanford. I look at their schedule and PAC-10 football and I think it's the best conference in the nation. With that kind of competition, national attention, you got to go to Washington, of course.

On ESPN telling all his friends- "People back home hit me up, saying you're playing Oklahoma, they got Demarco Murray and so and so. I'm ready for whatever, its just fun going against these top athletes, its just fun."

On if there is an intimidation factor playing OU- "I respect all my opponents, I give them a lot of respect for being that good of a team, but its like I just want to beat you. It's that competition; I'll go against anybody. Especially going against USC, BYU, Oregon. Each week it's a challenge but I love going against the top athletes."

On if he circled Oklahoma on the calendar- "Yea, I look for all the games, especially these big time games like all the PAC-10 games, but I was really looking forward to out of conference games, I love out conference games like Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Playing teams from the other side of the country is always a great experience."

On the scheduling of LSU- "I was like, let's go, LSU is one of the favorite team, you don't have to be from Louisiana and they could be your favorite team, so I was excited."
9/8/08 4:45 pm

D'Andre Goodwin Notes

On Oklahoma- "I'm feeling like we just need to come out and play hard and prepare well."

On if he came here for big games- "Yea and just the tradition of football, be apart of a good program."

On if he circled Oklahoma- "No, I treat every game the same, that's how I look at every opponent."

On if this game adds anything extra- "It does but I'm going to prepare how I have been preparing, play just like any other team."

On if he is excited for ESPN- "It is, (but) I don't think too much about being on TV."

On what he wants to work on- "Catching the ball before I run."
9/8/08 4:40 pm

Donald Butler Notes

Take on Oklahoma- "Man it's a big game, another chance, another opportunity to showcase what the huskies can do, everybody is excited and ready to get out there."

On if he came here for big games- "Oh yea, I mean not only with the tradition of the huskies, but also they always have big games on the schedule every year. Notre dame, Oklahoma, and than the rest of the teams in the Pac-10, which are all big name schools, a couple of them are in the top 25."

On if he circled this game his on calendar- "I wouldn't necessarily say circle it on my calendar, but definitely, every year Oklahoma is in the top 10 competing for a national title. This is one you look forward to, I mean you look forward to every game but any time you get a chance to go at somebody top 5 top 10 in the nation it's a chance to go out and showcase what you can do, this is the best talent in the nation.

On if this game adds extra fire- "Yea it does, its top five in the nation you think okay, I got a little chip on my shoulder. We need to show them what we can do."
9/8/08 4:07 pm

Willie Griffin Notes

On the schedule impacting his recruitment - "It didn't matter. A teammate asked me if I knew the schedule before I came here, and I didn't have a lot of intel on that. It was basically about knowing the tradition that the Huskies have and being a part of it. We were in a slump, going downhill, but knowing that my class and the classes behind us could be the classes to turn it around - that's what motivated me to come here."

On him being a go-to guy - "You don't want to make it personal. It's always team thing. Individual success helps as a team. As long as everyone is playing their role to benefit the team, we'll have success."

On having confidence - "My confidence is high. The team confidence is high. We meet and talk about the mindset for the week. We know we can line up against anyone in the country and give them a good game. We're going hard. We know it's a big game and we know that any team we play this season is not a pushover team."

On getting his feet wet these first two games - "I thought the game was going to be much faster. But we practice at game-tempo speed to the point where when Saturday comes you don't have to be thinking. It's more reaction. That's how I played this last Saturday. I just went and reacted to the play call. And that's what the coaches say. If you know your assignment and know what you need to do, you can play fast. And it's true."

On liking I-set over two-back spread - "I probably like the I-formation better, but you always want to keep the defense on their toes, so you have to come out in different looks. I can do either or. Whatever the play call is, you have to react to it."
9/8/08 4:07 pm

Kavario Middleton Notes

On his health - "I'm about 80 percent. But I'll be 100 percent by Saturday. I'm not worried about that. I never really had that experience in high school. I never was hurt. I was always the biggest person out there. There wasn't anyone out there really who could challenge me or even hurt me. This is just a little adversity. I'm going to bounce back and be 100 percent and be ready for Oklahoma."

On the second fade - "We talked about it. I wanted it really bad, but the safeties were starting to roll over because they knew it was coming. You see a 6-foot-6 guy out there, it's inevitable."

On the confidence of the team - "From what I've seen, I think the confidence is really high. Nobody really gave us a chance against BYU and nobody is going to give us a chance next week. We came out with an attitude and a chip on our shoulder in our own house and we competed."

On the Oklahoma game having an impact on his decision to attend UW - "It's a big deal, but for my recruiting it wasn't a big deal for me because I wanted to go where I could play right away."

On how quickly things have come for him - "It hasn't been too overwhelming. I've sustained everything pretty well and have been humble about everything so far, so I'm doing good."

Extra quotes:
How you feeling- "I feel good, it's (knee) a little sore, a little tight, but I feel good

On if he likes the bright lights- "Yea, I mean we like big games, that's what you live for, to be under the spot light."

On if there's anything extra this week- "I mean I need to make sure I'm more mentally prepared, they're a top five team in the country."
9/8/08 4:05 pm

Nate Williams Notes

On this year's defense being better than last year's - "It's a new defense for us, so some of the guys are still learning it and we're not really in the right positions quite yet. I think we're making progress where we're in the right positions we need to be in to make the right plays. I feel like it's a better defense because we have a more positive mindset this year. Even though we're losing, a lot of the guys are still having fun out there, learning more and more every day."

On confidence still being high - "For me it is. I don't know about the other guys. It's part of the game. The (New York) Giants went 0-2 last year and they are the Super Bowl champs. Things like that happen. It's all part of the game, so we'll keep it in stride and keep on moving forward."

On the health of the safeties - "It doesn't change anything for me. When one of your guys gets hurt it obviously hurts the team a little bit because that's who the team expects to be in there. When injury happens, you can't stop and wait for them to get healthy, you have to keep moving. The other guys that will be in their spots will be just as well-prepared as they are, so it'll be alright."

On Darin Harris - "It was really good (the good news on his injury). When he was out there on the field, his mouth was bleeding and he was shaking, so it didn't look too good. A lot of guys were worried. When we heard it wasn't anything serious, it was pretty relieving."

On his health - "I'm just pretty sore. That's just what happens when you are tackling 245-pound running backs. I'm just a little sore. I'll get treatment and stretch and I'll be alright. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I had to meet him in the hole a couple of times, and I brought him down."

On the fumble - "It felt good to cause that fumble because it kept them from scoring and it kept us in the game. I just put my helmet on the ball like coach preaches all the time and it all worked out for the best. I just him in the hole. He dropped his shoulder and I dropped my shoulder and I tried to get underneath him because he (Harvey Unga) is a big guy."
9/8/08 4:00 pm

Mesphin Forrester Notes

On possibly having to play safety on Saturday - "It's whatever the coaches want me to do to help the team. I'm a corner on the depth chart right now and I'm a corner going into the game this Saturday. If they need me at safety I'd do it in a heartbeat if it'll help the team. I played 13 games there last year. I know the defense, I know every position on the defense. It wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not saying they would. We have guys who can step up and play that spot real good."

On being better than last year despite the stats - "I feel like we've improved. It's a whole new defense. We've got some new guys on defense. Once they continue to feel out the games more...it's not practice. It's not camp. This is Saturdays. And the guys are learning and growing up so we'll be way better than what we've been showing. We just have to gel a little more, and I feel like it's coming. We'll get it."

On playing corner - "I'm a football player, so I feel like I gel to it pretty good. With Oregon, it wasn't really giving me the patterns I thought they would as far as running routes, so I didn't get that feel. Against BYU, it was the first time in a game I felt like I was at the corner position. I'm learning, and I'll continue to get better."

On the team's confidence - "It's adversity. We have to continue to fight and get better."
9/8/08 2:55 pm

Jake Locker Notes

On baseball- "The head coach was a guy I played for in high school. He called me and asked me if I was interested in playing for summer. Told me that I wouldn't get in the way of any football responsibilities. I would be able to play whenever I had the time too. I didn't have to sign a contract or anything." "They never really conflicted, I had my football schedule and I told him when I had places to be and what I had to. I told him the games I could make it to and which I couldn't."

On how he is feeling- "I feel good, my body is feeling a lot better."

On Hamstring- "Normal, I felt good on Saturday, felt like I moved a lot better than against Oregon. Back to normal, I could things I used to be able to do."

On the game plan-"We had a good plan going into that game, and I feel it worked offensively." "We only carried one running play, and if he feels that gives us the best chance to succeed I'm all for that, if its 12 or 15 all for that as well. Whatever he feels and the coaches gives us the best opportunity to win I'm all good for that."

On the celebration- "I've heard quite a bit about it from people, I appreciate the support from people. It's a difficult call and something that was tough at the time in the game, but yea know I appreciate the support from around the country." "I knew there was excessive celebration, ive never been one to celebrate excessively. I kind of pride myself on that, I do the game and I love the game and I hope that shows the way I play. I never want to disrespect an oppenot or anyone else."

On did he watch replay of celebration-"To be totally honest I didn't even realize I had I done it at the time, till I got to the sideline and I heard the official say there's an unsportsmanlike penalty. I was like who was that on? Someone must have done something stupid. It was like on number 10 and I was like oh my gosh what did I do? I jumped up I was excited my hands threw up in the air, the ball threw up in the air."

"The reason I love playing this game is because you're able to show emotion and play with emotion and passion and I love it. I believe I was given a gift to play this game and there's nothing I would rather do on a Saturday afternoon."

"I'm not going to give up any of that fire or passion that I play with because I got a penalty. I'm not going to do anything that I feel is out of line or will put our team in jeopardy. I probably won't throw the ball up next time (or) change the way I play the way I play the game or the excitement I play with."

On improvement- "I felt like overall our effort in this last week was a lot better. We left everything we had on the field this Saturday. We never gave up. We kind of have the reputation of playing a good first half and than not doing as well in the second half. I felt like we played a good first half, than we came out and played well in the second half too. We never gave up, we were down and came back and had a chance to tie the game right at the end. I think we made a lot strides just in that belief that were good enough to do that, we can four quarters, kind of proving that to our selves, so that was good and trusting each other and playing for four quarters were some of the biggest things I saw Saturday.

On receiver development- "Especially on that last drive that we had those young guys, we had a couple missed opportunities. Obviously that first play I overthrew D'Andre and he could of scored a touchdown. It would have been real easy to hang up our hats after that and be like gosh we missed it that was our shot but we kept fighting. There were a couple other plays were there was a drop and I missed a couple other throws. There were a lot of times were it could of easily been over at that time, we converted on a fourth and ten. There were a lot of things we faced as on offense on that last drive. I feel it enabled us to mature quickly and I thought the guys responded really well. Jordan Polk caught the ball, got what he could and got out of bounce, that's a true freshman, things like that show those guys understand the game and our mature enough to play at this level and they mature every week."

On who gave support- "Obviously family members, my guy Kirk Herbstreit, he was supporting me out on ESPN. A lot of people just voicing their opinion for me."

On going for two- "I don't know, I think our crowd was really into the game, we got a couple of false starts on them in that last quarter if I'm not mistaken. We were moving the ball well, we were doing good things on offense and doing good things on defense. I think it would have been in our best interest to kick the field goal or the extra point and go into overtime in our home stadium with our crowd and the atmosphere. Ride that momentum into overtime and see where it would take us."

On the improvement in running game- "I think we were taking care of assignments, doing what we need to do to gain positive yards. We found the holes got our pads down and ran north and south, and when you're able to do that you'll have success running the ball."

Asked if huge games like Oklahoma were a reason he came to UW- "Yea, I also came here because I feel like this is a university where when teams have us on their schedule and we get to play teams on that side of conference, were a team that teams do that as well, they circle that game, they say alright we got these guys coming in, it's going to be a big game for us and that's one of the reason I came here, along with opportunity to play against some of the best teams in the country."

On trip to Oklahoma- "I had a great time, it was a great atmosphere over there. They care about their football down there and you can see it. It was fun, I thought it we played a really great game for three quarters. They pulled away in the fourth quarter but it was a good football game. We played well against them and had some success against them. We need to come out and make sure were ready to go."

On how team is taking losses- "I think, you saw how we responded after the first week last weekend, I think we bounced back really well. We forgot about it and focused on what we needed to. We have to do the same thing this week, obviously that game was tough, it hurt but we have to put it behind us and focus on a really good Oklahoma team and be prepared as possible for this weekend."

On if there is any anger- "With getting ready for your next opponent there is no room for that, its only going to distract us and take us away from what we be able to do this Saturday. We have to leave it behind us and forget about it because there isn't anything we can do about it now."

On remembering the Miami game in 2000- "No, I don't."

On receivers- "I think they understand we have to be able to function as a unit to have success. Those guys up front blocking, I sit back in the pocket, they understand it's up to them to run good routes and make sure there in their right spots and find a way to get open, and I feel like they've done a good job at that. First week we had some difficulty with those corners, they were very talented. They learned from that last week and improved upon that part of it and came out and did a good job this week. They were able to find those holes and open areas in the zone and catch the ball and do things with it after the catch. That's the thing with this receiving core that's real special about them, not just catching the ball, once they have the ball in their hands they can do a lot things with it. I felt like they understand what they need to do for us to have success and we continually work on it week in and week out."

Asked if he is comfortable throwing to Kavario- "Oh yea, that's a big 6-foot-6 guy in there with hands like he does, definitely."
9/8/08 2:30 pm

Cameron Elisara Notes

On no sacks - "The plan of the defense is to put the double teams on me. That's the role of the noseman. It varies with different protections. It's just capitalizing those things and learning how to play each one and recognizing that."

On 4-3 and 3-4 and what he likes the best - "Personally, I feel the same about both. Either one, I'm running up against one guy to see what I can do, so I don't have a real preference. I just have to get after it in both of them."

On bridging role of being a leader with learning his own role - "I'm still learning, but I'm keeping that between myself and the coaches. I have to be a leader for the younger guys. I'm improving on my own, and while I'm doing that I'm also looking after the younger guys and teaching them the lessons I've learned on my own. So I'm trying to help them progress while I'm trying to progress at the same time."

On the freshmen - "I think all of them are doing a pretty spectacular job considering they came straight in from high school. Senio and Alameda have done a good job controlling their emotions and competing at a new level. They've impressed me a lot and I'm excited about playing with them for the next few years."
9/8/08 2:30 pm

Tyrone Willingham Monday notes

Opening Statement - "Probably the question that's still ringing in everyone's mind is the 'play' and reactions and those kind of things...it's a really tough play because it really does change the outcome of the game. You go from kicking a simple 3-yard PAT to now kicking a 30-something basically a field goal. That does change things. But the reaction of our quarterback is just as he labeled it to you; it was spontaneous, it was sheer joy, excitement for playing the game. As his coach I encourage that kind of approach, that kind of attitude and that kind of reaction. Just not as high next time, and we'll be in good shape."

Asked about Jake Locker and his unique talents, and TW said that when you add his physical abilities with his toughness, he's a one of a kind. Added that because of his wonderful family and community that helped raise him, his maturity is beyond his years. The more games he plays, the more he can draw from a 'library of information', and that will help him.

Asked about losses weighing hard on him, and TW said they weigh hard on everyone. When you set a high standard and demand a lot out of yourself, the losses are tough. But he can see a future where he leads the team to success.

Asked about Oklahoma's offense, and he said that they are one of the hardest ones he's had to try and defend. Mentioned a receiver that looked like a 'lightning bolt' against Cincinnati, and also the quarterback (Sam Bradford) and he's set a ton of records. At RB, you'd think after Adrian Peterson there would be a fall-off, but Demarco Murray is doing a heck of a job. And you can't forget about the offensive line. "It's a pretty potent group that doesn't have a lot of weaknesses."

Asked about growth he saw from game one to game two and he said 'the stars came out of their eyes'. Said that he probably didn't give enough credit to the 'big time' atmosphere at Oregon and how it affected his team. "We were more in tune with the game speed from the beginning of the game." Added that he still doesn't think they have shown the team that he thinks they can be.

Asked about taking a stand during the 'play' - "I think we all know that was not the right call." Added that holding happens on every play, but the officials use discretion. And they didn't use discretion in this case. "That was not an act of a young man taunting."

He added that he didn't believe that it was an incident that could have been challenged at the time. Said that the rule doesn't have to be re-written if the officials just used their proper discretion, and he doesn't believe it was a forced call, as was the contention of referee Larry Farina. "It's clear; you always have a choice."

Said that he has talked to the Pac-10 about the play, but wouldn't divulge the contents or the decisions that might have been agreed upon.

Asked about what he'll tell his players now about celebrating, and he said the message doesn't change. "Your celebration should be with your teammates. We are not interested in belittling our opponent, and I think our guys have done that. We encourage them to be enthusiastic about the game."

Asked about his reaction and how he could stay so composed - "My number one responsibility is to go to the next play. Somebody has to lead that, so when the act happened on the field, I didn't see the ball tossed up in the air. What I saw was a score and immediately I'm going to where we need to be next to get our football game won and put our team in the right place. That's my major responsibility in terms of game management; to take us to the next place. And that's where we needed to be."

Added that he hasn't gotten any calls about it from his coaching colleagues, and hasn't even seen Kirk Herbstreit's scathing comments directed at the officials.

Asked about the kick, and he said that it appeared that there might have been a weakness between the b and c gap along the line. "It could have been the perfect storm."

Asked about going for one and he said that coming back and being at home it was the right decision to make. Added that when they had the same issue on the road (Cal), since they didn't lose he would have probably reversed his decision in that case.

Asked about safeties and he said he's not 100 percent sure who is going to be available. Said that since Johri Fogerson was moved, they'll look to see what he can do. Said Tripper Johnson will get more work. Said Nate Williams is banged up a little bit so they want to see what he's doing. "I think we'll be OK, we just can't afford any more (injuries)."

Victor Aiyewa is 'day-to-day' with what was originally a groin injury, but TW said that 'it's been hard to pinpoint (exactly what the issue is)."

Darin Harris is definitely out for Oklahoma.

Chris Polk is still being examined, so no decision made on his availability.

Mike Gottlieb probably wasn't ready to go against BYU. TW added they could have probably got a couple of plays from him, but he wouldn't have been up to his normal effectiveness. They'll continue to watch him to see if he can get in this weekend.

Asked about the running backs, and he said that he wasn't surprised with what David Freeman did against Oklahoma. "For a small man, he did a credible job blocking and taking on the big guys. He added a little boost to our run game, his knack for seeing things a little different than another back sees them and hitting the seam." Added that Willie Griffin did much the same thing.

Asked about not getting a sack in the first two games, and TW said the number one thing is to get some '1-1' wins on the DL, adding that you can't get pressure by always blitzing because it puts so much stress on your secondary. So they have to win some 1-1 battles and then take advantage when they do by utilizing blitzing in key situations.

Asked about Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, and TW said that he's the player they look to when they need to get pressure, and when other teams double-team him, they have to figure out ways to free him up. And when he is doubled, that means someone else has a 1-1 and they have to win that battle.

Asked about confidence level, and TW said the team is ready to accept the challenge. They keep seeing themselves doing better things. "And in a lot of areas we left things on the table that would have made a difference. Even though we do recognize the last call changed the game, there were other plays in the ball game that we had opportunities to make things happen. We have to take advantage of those games."

Asked about recruiting and playing teams like Oklahoma and he thinks kids get excited about the prospects of seeing themselves in big-time atmospheres, big-time games and big-time challenges of going up against some of the best athletes in the game. "To be the best you've got to play the best. That's what you have to do."

Said the 'hidden joy' of playing such a demanding schedule is that - if you can maintain your balance and perspective - it allows your younger players to grow tremendously. "That's a real plus, because you won't be in any hotter situations than they are going to be in. And a week later they'll be like, 'hey! I made it through this, I made some plays and did some great things. Now I'm ready to go.'"

Asked about what they want to do during the bye week, and he said the number one thing is health. He also said that they want to approach it with a positive frame of mind so that they can get some good things done during the week. But after the bye week is done, things set up well after having played arguably the toughest early schedule in the country.

Asked about how they expect to hang tough with Oklahoma, and TW said that it's very much an 'us versus them' mentality. "There aren't going to be many places that you are going to be given a chance, so we have to get ready for that. And we also have to understand that when we do what we do well, we're a pretty good football team."
10:05 am

UW's depth chart versus Oklahoma

WR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.
9 Devin Aguilar 6-0 195 Fr./Fr.
LT 79 Ben Ossai 6-6 332 Jr./Sr.
69 Nick Scott 6-4 337 Jr./Sr.
LG 76 Jordan White-Frisbee 6-5 368 Sr./Sr.
65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr. OR
70 Morgan Rosborough 6-6 382 Jr./Sr.
C 58 Juan Garcia 6-3 305 Sr./Sr.
64 Matt Sedillo 6-3 320 So./Jr. OR
65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr.
RG 72 Casey Bulyca 6-6 339 Sr./Sr.
65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr.
RT 71 Cody Habben 6-6 316 So./Jr.
67 Skyler Fancher 6-5 294 RFr./So.
TE 86 Michael Gottlieb 6-5 249 Sr./Sr. OR
80 Kavario Middleton 6-5 255 Fr./Fr. OR
83 Walt Winter 6-4 254 Sr./Sr. OR
4 Chris Izbicki 6-3 249 RFr./So.
QB 10 Jake Locker 6-3 222 So./Jr.
8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
7 Taylor Bean 6-1 199 RFr./So.
TB 20 David Freeman 5-7 190 Fr./Fr.
21 Willie Griffin 5-8 198 RFr./So. OR
6 Brandon Johnson 5-9 207 So./So.
1 Chris Polk 5-11 200 Fr./Fr.
FB 30 Paul Homer 6-1 239 Jr./Jr.
32 Luke Kravitz 6-0 228 Sr./Sr.
WR 3 Alvin Logan 6-2 218 RFr./So.
15 Jermaine Kearse 6-1 180 Fr./Fr.


DE 66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim 6-4 263 Jr./Sr.
92 Everrette Thompson 6-6 255 Fr./Fr.
96 De'Shon Matthews 6-4 260 So./Jr.
DT 99 Cameron Elisara 6-3 289 So./Jr.
74 Alameda Ta'amu 6-2 348 Fr./Fr.
DT 93 Senio Kelemete 6-4 260 Fr./Fr.
37 Johnie Kirton 6-3 296 Sr./Sr. OR
91 Tyrone Duncan 6-2 278 RFr./So.
DE 59 Darrion Jones 6-2 245 Jr./Sr.
50 Kalani Aldrich 6-7 240 RFr./So. OR
96 De'Shon Matthews 6-4 260 So./Jr.
OLB 24 Joshua Gage 6-2 226 Jr./Sr.
5 Matt Houston 6-0 232 So./Jr.
ILB 9 Donald Butler 6-1 242 Jr./Jr.
57 Trenton Tuiasosopo 6-2 243 Sr./Sr.
OLB 40 Mason Foster 6-1 229 So./So.
29 Chris Stevens 6-1 218 Sr./Sr.
FS 8 Nate Williams 6-0 207 So./So.
36 Johri Fogerson 6-2 190 Fr./Fr.
SS 34 Tripper Johnson 6-1 210 So./Jr.
41 Victor Aiyewa 6-1 209 So./So.
CB 28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
6 Vonzell McDowell, Jr. 5-9 178 So./So.
CB 23 Mesphin Forrester 6-2 202 Sr./Sr.
19 Matt Mosley 5-10 180 So./Jr.

Special Teams

P 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
17 Erik Folk 5-11 199 RFr./So.
13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
FG/PAT 13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
KO 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
HLD 8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
SNP 49 Danny Morovick 6-4 213 Jr./Sr.
KOR 82 Jordan Polk 5-8 161 Fr./Fr.
28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
PR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.

9/8/08 9:05 am

Bob Stoops Big 12 conference call

Opening Comment - "Just overall pleased with the way our guys played Saturday against a good Cincinnati team. We did a really good job holding their defense down. Defensive

Jermaine Gresham, Ryan Broyles, Trent Williams and Sam Bradford were the players of the game on offense. Jeremy Beal was Defensive player of the game. Also mentioned Travis Lewis as a 'young guy that had an excellent game'.

Said that going to Washington is a big challenge. They have a great athletic quarterback. "Big challenge going on the road and hopefully we can play well."

On what they've accomplished so far: "About where they'd hope we'd be. It's so early, there's nothing to talk about. Guys are progressing well. I think that's the biggest issue for us as a coach. It's a long year, you have to keep improving, keep getting better and meet challenges. And we're doing that so far. But only two games.

On trepidation with Pac-10 officials - "It's the way it is. We have to go play and hopefully play as well as we can."

On his development as a head coach - "Incredibly fortunate. From (Cardinal Newman) high school, being around my father and Don Bucci - two great, long-time coaches and coming up under them, to have the experience I had at Iowa building the program under Hayden Fry. The program was really down when Hayden got there, I think they had 17 straight losing sesons. So being a part of that as a player and later as a graduate assistant was great. And then just traveling through - one year at Kent (State) with Dick Crum, to Bill Snyder (Kansas State) to Steve Spurrier- just great people and really great coaches. I've been incredibly fortunate."

On emphasizing handing the ball off to officials after a touchdown this weekend - "Absolutely. We do all the time."

On having thoughts about the celebration rule and how it's being enforced - "No."

On seeing the play that caused the penalty at Washington against BYU - "I did (see it), but for me to comment on it wouldn't be appropriate."

On Jake Locker - "He's a big guy, got great speed and throws ball well. I don't know who to compare him to, other than Jake Locker. He's a talented guy to be sure."

On the Big-12 going 12-0 last week and how hard that is to do - "Probably. I apologize. I'm just paying attention to us. I hadn't looked at it like that, but probably overall. I think everyone realizes the league is strong, and it sure doesn't hurt it, that's for sure.

On WR Ryan Broyles and expecting this kind of production this early - "We did (expect it). We were set to play Ryan a year ago. We don't need to get into the reasons why we didn't. We've watched Ryan for over a year now. He's an exciting, explosive player. We expected him to do well and to be a big play guy. Hopefully that will continue through the year. He has that kind of ability, and hopefully it'll keep happening."

On the Pac-10 refs and why going out to UW after his comments following Oregon loss - "It was already scheduled, and you know how it is trying to get games. The scheduling isn't easy to do. Washington had already come here, so it's living up to the agreement. We're good with it and anxious to go play. Great, great stadium and they have a great atmosphere. You have to go meet that challenge."

On Kansas and what Mark Mangino has done - "I'm not there to say exactly what he's doing, I just recognize an excellent football team that plays disciplined, plays really hard, plays well, a lot of good players. He's built it the right way and that doesn't surprise me. I've been around Mark and coached with him a long time and I know what he's about. He's done a great job building the program. I think Kansas is to be complimented. Their administration too, because they've given him that opportunity. The first few years maybe not having as much success, but giving him time to build it and build it the right way. And he's done that."

On having over 80 offensive plays in first two games - "I like fact that we're productive running and throwing the ball. I'm not as concerned about the pace as much as I am with scoring points, moving the ball and changing field position. And resting the defense. We've been able to do all of that at different times in the game. So I'm pleased with how it's going.

On pace leading to their success offensively - "It could be, it's hard to say it's just that. Maybe it's guys are executing well and have good experience and talent as well. It's hard to say why, but we've been pretty fortunate to be be pretty productive to this point."

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