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The Oklahoma Sooners pay a visit to Seattle on Saturday. Washington rebounded well after a terrible loss to Oregon, but still lost to BYU at home. How will they respond after two straight losses? Here is what the staff feels.

Results after Week 1
Dawgman, 0-2:
Grinolds, 2-0:
Fetters, 2-0:
Eklund, 1-1:
Baird, 0-2:
Thrapp, 1-1:
Johnson, 2-0:
Scott, 0-2:
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings

Dawgman RECORD: 0-2 (.0)

So Washington rebounded nicely from a brutal loss to Oregon, only to lose on one of the more strange finishes to a Husky game I've seen. Jake Locker would not let his team lose, despite a defense that once again had nearly 500 yards hung on them. Somehow the Dawgs hung in until the final whistle, finally dropping the decision on a special teams gaffe. So into Seattle come the Oklahoma Sooners, talented and fast. They will be the best team the Huskies have faced to date. I love the way the Huskies got off the mat and competed against BYU considering they could've easily packed it in. This week will tell me a lot about how much this team wants to win for their coach. I don't think they'll win but I do expect them to be competitive. They always have a chance in Seattle, but Oklahoma will be too deep and too fast.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 21 - Oklahoma 31
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations, RECORD: 2-0 (1.000)

I have a really bad feeling about this game. Could the match up be any worse for UW? The Huskies are young, inexperienced, lacking confidence and beat up. Not a good position to be in going against a team on a mission to play for a National Championship. Oklahoma's offense is just too much for UW's battered D.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 13 - Oklahoma 48
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 2-0 (1.000)

I know everyone is predicting a blowout, but I'm just not seeing it. Perhaps BYU doesn't deserve to be ranked where they are, but the Huskies held tight despite being outplayed on the offensive and defensive ends of the football. Up until the 35-yard extra point to tie, the Huskies had not played well; but they had played well enough to steal a win, and I think they'll compete with Oklahoma. I do think UW will ultimately lose this game, but they won't surrender it without a big fight and will stay well within the oddsmakers' number. Again the key is for the Huskies to execute their offense and keep the Sooners' high-powered attack on the sidelines.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - Oklahoma 35
Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 1-1 (.500)

Getting off to an 0-3 start was what I saw before the season started, but I honestly believed UW was going to beat BYU last week (hence my 31-30 Washington win prediction last week). Anyway, I think getting through this week's game healthy and not too beaten up should be considered a win. RB DeMarco Murray, QB Sam Bradford and that offensive line of theirs should have their way with Washington's still porous defense and I doubt their punter will take the field very much, if at all. Washington will probably keep it close early on, but then fade in the second half.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 21 - Oklahoma 49
Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 0-2 (.0)

I hate predictions. Do you know why? Because of course, I always want the Huskies to win so I pick Washington to win. This game is no different. I further can't understand why anyone, who is indeed a Husky fan would pick them to lose. It's just who I am. You have to go into every game thinking you can win it otherwise you have no chance. That is how every player and every coach who has ever been in the game has to think. I see no reason to change my thinking even if I get crucified on the boards. If they don't beat Oklahoma then I will promise you they will not lose the next weekend.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 23 - Oklahoma 21
Patrick Thrapp, Columnist, RECORD: 1-1 (.500)

All week I have been thinking about that Miami loss, 65 to 7, and how that could happen Saturday at home. I heard Paul Homer on the radio Wednesday evening. He thinks this team is one of the best in the nation. Good for him. Glad he has that attitude. Now me, WHOLE different feeling. BYU was able to move the ball pretty well on us. Oregon ran a track meet on us. I am thinking Oklahoma ought to be able to run on us like a herd of bulls. I believe our only hope in this game. Yes hope. There is a sliver of it. Is our offense clicks and we control the clock. The less our defense is on the field. The better chance we have. I only hope we come out as healthy as we go in.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - Oklahoma 50
Derek Johnson, Columnist, RECORD: 2-0 (1.000)

Question: What do you get when you cross Custer's Last Stand, The Battle of the Bulge and The Alamo? Answer: You get Tyrone Willingham's Washington Huskies marching into battle against the corn-fed Behemoths of Oklahoma this Saturday at Husky Stadium. Look no further than the Sooners' mighty offensive line and UW's green defensive front. As Scott Eklund said, if Oklahoma throws the ball more than 15 times against the Huskies, their offensive coordinator isn't thinking properly.... But then you look at the fact that Washington will reportedly start Tripper Johnson and Johri Fogerson at the safety positions... Well... Might be a good day to play golf or mow the lawn instead.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 17 - Oklahoma 55
Chris Scott, Columnist, RECORD: 0-2 (.0)

With the prospect of a 0-3 start looming, the Huskies look to rebound after a devastating loss against BYU. The ball and undoubtedly Willingham's job security went up in the air. Unfortunately, bouncing back against poweful Oklahoma is not going to be happening and Tyrone Willingham's signature win at Washington will have to wait until another day. The Huskies defense was a trainwreck against the Oregon spread attack, so there is no reason to think the Huskies will not have the same problem against the Sooner Spread Offense. A young and fragile defensive line will be no match for a veteran Oklahoma offensive line. A stout Sooner secondary should give the Freshman Husky wideouts problems all game long. I believe the Huskies will score points behind Jake Locker's legs, rather than his arm, but it will not be even close to enough for the Huskies to be competitive for 4 Quarters.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - Oklahoma 51
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