Player Quotes – Oklahoma

It's hard to put a "Happy Face" on 0-3, but that's the predicament the Husky players found themselves in following a 55-14 drubbing at the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday. Read their thoughts on where things stand now that the Dawgs have a bye week to look forward to…

WR D'Andre Goodwin

On Oklahoma's defense: "They were pretty physical. They came out there and they were hitting us early and they were a good defense. They were very physical."

On where the team goes from here: "You can't dwell on it. You've got forward to the next game. We have a bye week and then we have Stanford, so we just have to focus and get ready for the Pac 10."

On if the losing is getting to him: "You can't really let it get to you. Obviously, you think about it a little bit, but you have to move on and get to the next game."

LB Mason Foster

On the schedule not getting any easier: "No, not really because playing in the Pac 10, each team is just as good as any team we've played so far, so in a way I feel it's more like ‘crunch time' now because the first few games you get to get the kinks out and work on a few things, but it really counts now that you're heading into Pac 10 play. It feels like it's even more important now."

On where the defense goes from here: "There's a lot of things we need to work on, but just certain things here and there and the little things that we know what is going on but we have mental mistakes and miss a tackle here and there and it just turns into huge plays. What I think we need to do now it just have everybody pull together and use this bye week in a positive way to get better and then come out in Pac 10 really playing well and hitting on all cylinders to try and turn this thing around."

On the mentality of the team right now: "It's always disheartening to lose big at home like that, but it's just turns out be like how we bounce back. We've got this bye week to work on thing and try and bounce back. We've got a lot of things to work on, in every aspect of our game."

On what he'd tell the fans: "I don't think that's the real Husky team you saw today, but like I always say, Oklahoma is a really great team – all around, physical, made plays, executed their offense – and this week we are just going to work really hard."

S Nate Williams

On how they can get better: "We need to play more as a team and not just as individuals. We have to play better as a group."

On how the young players can rebound: "We're all young. When you're young, you're new to the speed of college and how tough it is. When you're comfortable you play a lot smoother and you relax out there. I think when we get a couple more games under our belt, we'll be all right."

On Oklahoma running the no-huddle: "It did confuse us a little, because they ran up to the ball quick and they hiked it quick and on a couple of occasions we were late to adjust and we didn't get our checks and we were late to our spots and we aligned wrong a couple of times, but we just have to work on things and now we know what to expect."

S Johri Fogerson

On his first start: "It was just great playing out there with the guys. I wouldn't rather play with anybody else. I was excited about it."

On Oklahoma's offensive pace: "It was fast. They deserved to be the number three team in the nation, so hats off to them, but we weren't ready for that pace so it took us a while to get adjusted, but once we did we settled down and we controlled them a little bit, but it was fast."

On what hurt the defense more: "It wasn't one person hurting us, it was spread around. It was just hard to key on one guy because it wasn't just one guy hurting us, it was all of them, so it was tough to adjust to that."

QB Jake Locker

On the turnovers: "We hurt ourselves in the first half. I thought we moved the ball all right, but we stalled early on in the game. When we started to move the ball we fumbled the ball twice on the other side of the 50 and against a team like that you can't do that and expect to win."

On how good Oklahoma is: "That's a really good football team. It's probably the best team I've played against since I've been here."

On needing the bye week: "That was a tough three-game stretch for us and we have to figure out where we want this season to go. There's only two ways it can go and the leaders on this team need to step up and show these young guys which way they're going to go. For me there's only one choice and for a lot of other guys there's only one choice."

DT Senio Kelemete

On growing up fast: "Things are a lot different (from high school). They're a lot faster and more physical. College level is tough. You've either got to pick it up or get left behind."

On the running game for Oklahoma: "We were doing fine in the first quarter, but then after that guys lost focus and looked at the scoreboard instead of staying focused on their guy."

On the pace of the Oklahoma offense wearing out the big guys: "I think we just need more repetition against a team like that that is as good as they are and as physical and fast as they are. That's what was so tough about them, we just weren't used to that. They're a lot more physical than Oregon, but I'd say that's one of the best lines (in the country)." Top Stories