Darkins re-focuses recruitment

Andy Darkins is a 6-3, 223-pound linebacker from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and Darkins got some news this past week that changed his outlook on the recruiting process. Stanford appeared in the drivers' seat for Andy's services, but a wrench has been thrown into the works, causing Darkins to re-evaluate things. But first thing for Andy is a state championship appearance against the defending champs.

The Lakers beat Canby by 7 to get to the championship game against defending champs Sheldon, which will be held this coming Saturday. "It's been a good year," Andy told Dawgman.com. "I'm really happy with the way I've played."

And the news from Stanford? "I was denied admissions by them," he said. "It was disappointing, but if they don't want me, that's their decision and that's their loss. I'll make them pay for it. I'm going to take my trips and set how things unfold."

He has two visits already set, for Washington (12/13) and Oregon State (12/20). Things looked set for Andy before the Stanford news. Now things have opened back up a bit. "UCLA, Cal, Washington and Oregon State are all looking good right now," Darkins said.

Here are his thoughts on each school.

UCLA - "They are a great academic school, good program and a nice area to be in." CAL - "Same as UCLA, for the most part." Oregon State - "I'm really comfortable with their coaching staff. They were the first guys to offer me my junior year and they've shown interest throughout. I really feel wanted there." Washington - "The same deal as Oregon State. I like their coaches a lot and they made me feel comfortable. They seem like quality guys."

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