Player Quotes - Stanford

The Huskies dropped yet another home game, this one to Stanford, on Saturday and understandably the players and coaches were a bit despondent. Read on to get the thoughts of three of the Huskies who played vital roles in the game against the Cardinal.

QB Ronnie Fouch

On how he handled guiding the team the last three quarters: "I'd gotten some reps in the game before, but I've never gotten in in the second quarter. I was just doing what I could to score and help the team win."

On what the coaches told them after the game: "He just told us we have to stay positive and move forward next week and put this loss behind us."

On if this loss was tougher than other losses: "It's a tough loss, but like I said, I'm just trying to help these guys and we just have to keep looking forward and all we have to worry about now is Arizona and getting our first win. It's early in the season and we have a lot of games left so we can't give up now."

On the gameplan when he got in: "Against Oklahoma they didn't (scale things back), but tonight they did because we planned on running Jake tonight a lot in the first half and when he got hurt coach told me we were going to run our two-back game and throw the ball around a little bit, but it was comfortable for me."

On his goal when he got in: "I just tried to get in there and complete some passes and get things moving. I wasn't really worried about things like that, I just did my best to get in there and move things."

On being the number one quarterback now: "I don't get a lot of reps during the week, they always give Jake the reps to make sure he's ready as he can for each game, so I'm going to get more reps, but I think it will help a lot more in getting me ready."

S Nate Williams

On the mood of the locker room: "Everyone's a little down, but we just have to look forward to next week. There's a lot of season left and we just have to focus and do better."

On how they can turn things around: "It's something that's within us. The media can't do it, the coaches can't do it, our parents can't do it, our friends can't do it, it has to be the leaders on the team and everybody has to make up their mind that we're going to win and we just have to play harder."

On the status of coach Willingham: "Obviously we hear it because we hear it from our parents, the media, but it can't affect the way that we play out there. We have to play our game, week in and week out, it shouldn't effect us like that. Obviously it affects is, nobody wants to be 0-4, but we can't change that right now, we just have to win next week and go from there."

CB Quinton Richardson

On Stanford's gamplan: "It surprised us a little, but they caught the ball and we welcomed them to throw it. I slacked majorly on that key touchdown. We invited them to throw and they did, so now we just have to work hard and fix things with our adjustments."

On rallying the team: "We have to, we have to keep going forward. Guys have their heads down. This is not what we expected, to have a bad loss like this, we gave up too many touchdowns, so all we can do is just keep working harder."

On how they can turn things around: "Like coach Donatell says, once you're a starter, you're a veteran, and that's what I feel like. I feel like as a veteran, I let the seniors down, and I apologized to all of them because I gave up a key touchdown, but we have to rally back and beat Arizona." Top Stories