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Washington travels to Tucson, where Tyrone Willingham has had some success in his four year tenure as the Huskies head coach. Will that translate into a win on Saturday afternoon? Here is what the staff thinks will happen.

Results after Game 4
Dawgman, 1-3:
Grinolds, 3-1:
Fetters, 3-1:
Eklund, 2-2:
Baird, 0-4:
Thrapp, 2-2:
Johnson, 3-1:
Scott, 1-3:
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings

Dawgman RECORD: 1-3 (.250)

I have to admit - I am shocked that Tyrone Willingham is still the coach of the Washington Huskies this week. I said in my prediction last week that if he lost and went to 0-4 that he should resign. However he would probably feel he would be quitting on the kids if he did that, something a sports educator would not be cool with. However if he gets his doors blown off by an Arizona team whose fans want their coach blown out as well, moving his record in year IV to 0-5....well, that to me would signal that it's time to cut bait for all concerned. And I do think there will be ample reason to cut it Sunday morning after Arizona gets done shredding a porous Husky defense.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 17 - ARIZONA 41
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations, RECORD: 3-1 (.750)

I'm sure the coaching staff is doing there best to keep a lid on this thing, but...............I just can't see Washington's defense stopping Arizona. They're putting up 44.5 points a game, what will they do to UW at home? I thought Oklahoma was ugly, but with the loss to Stanford and turmoil this week, it won't take much for the wheels to complete come off the bus. If Arizona goes up early, it will get ugly real fast.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 10 - ARIZONA 48
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 3-1 (.750)

The wheels are starting to fall off the wagon. Injuries aren't an excuse, but there's no question they aren't helping. Going on the road and getting away from all the noise should embolden this team to try and shock the world, but that will only last for about a quarter. All the mystery and intrigue on offense will be unveiled and it will take Arizona's staff about three series to adjust and that will be that. And we aren't even talking about the defense: right now they couldn't shut down a bar at closing time, let alone a high-octane 'Cats attack averaging over 40 points a game. Unless they can find some success early on defense and the offensive line can control the line of scrimmage through the run game (and they are most likely only traveling two healthy tailbacks), the 22-point spread might be kind.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - ARIZONA 52
Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 2-2 (.500)

OK, so let me get this straight -- Washington is ranked 118th in total defense, 114th in scoring defense, 95th in total offense and they are the last winless BCS team. To say the wheels have fallen off the Husky bus is an understatement. Arizona on the other hand is 3-1, is averaging 432 yards per game on offense while scoring 42.5 points per game. The odds-makers have this one pegged as an easy Arizona win in the desert and I would tend to agree with them. QB Ronnie Fouch gets his first start and while I think eventually he will be a solid signal-caller for the Huskies, with the lack of a running game and the fact the Dawgs are likely to be playing from behind most of the game, he will be blitzed into oblivion. Washington stays close for a half and then the Wildcats run around, through and away from them.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - ARIZONA 52
Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 0-4 (.0)

Washington wins a close one for the first time in years. I mean, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. Perhaps Mike Stoops is the nut and Washington will be the blind squirrel in the desert. Ronnie Fouch is going to have to really play smart, and he's capable of doing that. No turnovers will be a must. OK, shout at me Husky fans. Take out all of your anger on me, if I can be of help I'm glad to do it. It's my fault, you know.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 23 - ARIZONA 20
Patrick Thrapp, Columnist, RECORD: 2-2 (.500)

I believe this game will probably be closer than anyone expected. I think Washington will be playing more conservatively. We will most likeky use more 2 TE sets for protection, and intermediate passes. More of a true West Coast offense. I think we will be able to move the ball. Although Arizona will win. Our defense just can't stop anyone. The Huskies will make it closer than the experts are predicting but we will still fall short.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - ARIZONA 33
Derek Johnson, Columnist, RECORD: 3-1 (.750)

A friend of mine asked me tonight how bad things are with Husky football. I told her, "Think Berlin at the last stages of World War II." Washington can't stop anybody and I'm beyond feeling pain over watching the defense. Its more of a general numbness that has settled in. I'll give my Dad kudos, however, for he will be in Tucson cheering the Huskies as they take the field Saturday night. I hope he brings some reading material.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - ARIZONA 54
Chris Scott, Columnist, RECORD: 1-3 (.250)

With the season now past the point where a bowl game is reachable, the question now is how many wins this team gets. With the pathetic defensive performances we have all witnessed weekly and yearly under Coach Willingham, there is no reason to believe this week will be any different. The Arizona air attack should shred the Husky secondary that is short on depth and talent. With no pressure up front being created, Willy Tuitama should be able to repeat his performance of last years game in Seattle. Without a consistent offensive player at any skilled position the Huskies will get torched in the Desert.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 13 - ARIZONA 55
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