Hughes gives the lowdown

Daymeion Hughes is a 5-10, 170-pound athlete from Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw and Daymeion has had his share of big-time assignments this past season. BJ Vickers, Mark Bradford, Noah Smith and Steve Smith are just a handful of the receivers Hughes has taken on during the various passing leagues this summer and football games this fall. And only one score a touchdown off of him. Can you guess which one it was?

"The only player that scored a touchdown on me was Mark Bradford," Hughes told "It was a fade. He let me know about it. But my funnest game was against Steve Smith. That was my first game ever playing corner. I played against him and Noah Smith. He only had one catch for 12 yards against me, just like everyone else I went up against this year, but it was a lot of fun."

Daymeion was more than happy to give his quick capsule reviews on the receivers he's gone up against, namely the big three of Smith, Bradford and Vickers. "Steve Smith is real fast and real athletic," Hughes said. "He can jump. His maueverability and ability to go get the ball is exceptional. Mark Bradford is strong, a physical guy. His routes aren't the best but he's strong and will get the ball. He can jump. Vickers is pretty much like a possession receiver. He won't beat you with speed, but he runs good routes and he's tall."

Crenshaw lost in the first round of the playoffs to Fairfax, but that didn't stop Hughes from putting together some nice stats. He had 50 tackles, 10 picks and 2 fumble recoveries on defense and 13 touchdowns on offense. "I don't know how many all-purpose yards I had," Daymeion said. "But I was used in a lot of different positions."

Hughes hosted Mike Bellotti from Oregon Tuesday evening. "I just finished up an in-home visit with Coach Bellotti and Coach Campbell from Oregon," Daymeion said. "And tomorrow it's Coach Ron Gould from California. And Thursday it's the University of Kansas. I think that's it."

What was the jist of his conversation with Bellotti? "He offered me a full scholarship," Hughes said. "He told me about the city of Eugene and a lot of other things." The Ducks are recruiting Daymeion as a cornerback.

Hughes has already been to California (11/22) on an official visit. He has official visits with Oregon (12/6), Arizona (12/13) and Wisconsin (12/20) set up. Who will get Daymeion's fifth visit? The Washington Huskies are a good bet right now. "I haven't set up a visit with them yet, but I probably will in January," he said. "Coach (Bobby) Kennedy is recruiting me as a DB. They like my versatility."

His current list of offers includes Oregon, Washington, Fresno State, California, Arizona and Wisconsin.

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