Player Quotes - Arizona

Another Husky game, another Husky loss. When will it end? Seemingly, not anytime soon. Read the thoughts of some of the players following Washington's 48-14 loss to Arizona on the road, taking the team to 0-5 on the season.

QB Ronnie Fouch

On why Washington struggled so much on offense: "We just didn't capitalize on drives and on some key third downs we didn't connect on a pass or a run and it just killed us early. If we capitalize on those drives it might have been a different score, but we just need to capitalize on those drives."

On if the players are still behind head coach Tyrone Willingham: "A lot of us, the reason we came here was because of coach Willingham, so we're not going to give up on our head coach. We all came here for him and we're going to keep fighting and battling and no matter what it takes we're not going to give up on this season."

On where the team goes from here: "We're just going to keep fighting. It's only our fifth game of the year, we still have more games to play and the second half of the season, so we're just going to keep fighting."

RB Terrance Dailey

On burning his redshirt: "You always want to play and you get three years after this season so you might as well get some experience. It was Thursday that they decided I was going to travel with the team and I was going to play."

On his first carry: "It was alright. I need to do better things. I need to watch more tape and learn the offense a little better and get the blocks down."

LB Mason Foster

On how hard it was to go out and play this week: "I play with a lot of passion in everything I do no matter what the score is, it doesn't take away from my game. We just have to play hard and play through it. I try to stay positive and keep everybody going. We just try and stay positive and play through it, but sometimes things just don't go your way."

On outside commentary having an effect on him: "I don't pay attention to it at all. I don't really listen to nothing. I don't read newspapers or anything. I hear chatter about it, but I just try to block it out and focus on what I can do, what we can do to make the team better and what we can do to get our coach out of that situation."

CB Quinton Richardson

On Willingham's job status having an effect on him: "All I can do is go out and play football. Coach hasn't talked about the future or anything, all we talk about is the next game. I try not to pay too much attention to the media. If we're not talking about it, I don't think it's important and I feel like we're still believing in the coaches."

On excitement of getting the first sack: "Kind of a double-standard. It felt good, but it shouldn't have come this late, but I'm just glad it finally happened."

On turning this thing around: "I feel like we can. It's only the second or third Pac 10 games. It's never too late. We still have a (chance at a bowl) so I feel like we can still get in there. I never say never."

On the mood of the team: "It's human nature to be sad, getting blown out on someone else's field. We had a not of animosity coming into the game. We really thought we were going to win this game. Right now everyone's head is down, my head is down, it's a bad feeling." Top Stories