FNL: Sumner at Lakes

LAKEWOOD, Wash. - This game was as lopsided as a high school game gets. Lakes was up 42-0 at the end of the first quarter, 63-0 at half, and 83-0 for the final score. It could have been 90-0 if Lakes had not kneeled four times at the end of the game while on the Sumner 5-yard line. The talent disparity was just too much for Sumner, but there was a good amount of talent on the field…

Lakes WR/S Jamaal Kearse (2010) - On a roster of talented players, Kearse is the best player with the most potential. He is already bigger than his older brother Jermaine, who has emerged as the only deep threat for the Washington Huskies in 2008. Although Lakes only played Kearse through the first half, he had a chance to showcase his talent and validate why he is so highly recruited. Early in the game he scored on a 70-yard touchdown, with a 50-yard run after the catch. He also had a 45-yard catch and another 2-yard touchdown. Jamaal is a big, smooth athlete that couldn't be covered by anyone on the Sumner team. He should continue to progress, and as a graduating senior he could be close to 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds. He currently has an offer from Washington, and the Husky fans should hope that he commits.

Lakes OL/DL Sione Potoa'e (2010) – Potoa'e is a load for a high school athlete, listed at 6-foot-2 and 285 pounds. He was Lakes' best lineman, but did not finish blocks like he will need to at the college level. He currently plays offensive and defensive tackle for the Lancers but his future is most likely on the offensive line, either at guard or center. He is noticeably stronger than most high school linemen but seemed to lack that nastiness that O-line coaches love. He has plenty of size and athleticism, so he should get solid looks from multiple D-1 schools. He also played only in the first half, unofficially registering six tackles on defense and handling Sumner's below-average pass rush. He faced off against Sumner's only college prospect - OL/DL Grant Cisneros - a good amount of the time and rendered him useless on defense.

Lakes OL/DL Zach Banner (2012) – This was the first time I was able to see Banner play and came away impressed by his potential. As a 14-year old freshman he comes into Lakes at a well proportioned 6-foot-7 and 305 pounds. He does not start, but because of the score he played the entire second half at both offensive tackle and defensive end. He is athletic for someone his size, but as a freshman he is still getting used to he can do with his body. He is not overweight; he is just huge. By the time he is a senior he may be 6-foot-9 and 340 pounds, maybe even bigger. When he got his hands on defenders he did a good job of staying balanced and creating distance with his long arms. However, he did look lost reaching the second level at times (understandable), and has not yet tapped into his strength. When he is able to raise his confidence level and mature his body a bit he is going to be a beast on the field. He is going to be one to watch over the next three years.

Other Lakes players to watch: QB Dalton Gervais (2010); RB/DB Teddy Cotton (2010); LB/RB Delshawn Arnold (2010); RB/LB Jordan Rivera (2010).
Sumner OL/DL Grant Cisneros (2009) – Coming from a team lacking talent, Cisneros has a tough time getting any help along the lines, especially against a team like Lakes. He was on the sideline with shoulder pads off for the entire second half. He did not look like he was injured in any way, but he was wearing a rain jacket and standing quietly behind his team. He definitely has the size to play D-1 football as well as a good amount of athleticism, but lacks strength in a big way. He has a fairly thin lower body which probably hurts his ability to stand his ground on defense. He is much more of an offensive lineman, possessing good feet and flexibility. During the first half, he did not really stand out at all on defense and I watched him get handled with ease by the Lakes line. He currently has an offer from Washington, but he will need to put on a lot more muscle if he hopes to make an impact in the Pac-10.

Other Sumner players to watch: LB/RB Alex Griffith (2010); OL/DL Mana Victorino (2010).

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