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It's after the bye week, is there a game this coming weekend? You bet. The Oregon State Beavers - fresh off hanging 66 on Washington State, come looking for more Evergreen State pelts as they trek to Seattle to take on a beleaguered bunch of Huskies. The spread is already two touchdowns; is that being kind, or does Washington have it in them to reverse this curse?

3 Q Thoughts: Well, thank Nate Williams for that shoe-string tackle of Quizz Rodgers, or it would have been 31-6 OSU. As it stands, Mike Riley is more than content to string the game along, not jeopardizing any future game plans, not putting any of his guys at risk, able to switch Rodgers and Ryan McCants without loss of production. In short, UW looks better on defense, but the simple fact is, Oregon State could move the ball at will if they felt any need to put the thing into overdrive. And that's about as damning as it gets.
Quick Halftime Stats:
Score: OSU 17, UW 6
First Downs: OSU 8, UW 7
Rushes-Yards: OSU 12-12-76, UW 17-20
Passing Yards: OSU 118, UW 158
Passes-ATT-Comp-INT: OSU 13-12-0, UW 18-10-1
Total Offense-Plays-Yards: OSU 25-194, UW 35-178
Possession Time: OSU 12:22, UW 17:38
3rd-down Conversions: OSU 1-5, UW 2-9
Rushing: Dailey 10-21, Polk 1-5, Goodwin 1-4, Fouch 3-(-4)
Passing: Fouch 10-18-1 158 yards, long of 48
Receiving: Goodwin 4-122, long of 48, Aguilar 3-29, long of 15, Kearse 1-5, long of 5, Chidiac 1-4, long of 4
Tackles: Williams 5, Foster 5, Richardson 4, Butler 3

2 Q Thoughts: Gotta love the field goal attempt to finish the game down 0-5 for the season and two touchdowns on the scoreboard. Especially given the fact that they just missed basically the same kick the series earlier.

Mike Riley is playing this really close to the vest. I expected him to go for it on 4th and 2 their last meaningful drive, but instead decided to play field position. Overall, it appears to be more of the same. Granted, the defense is playing much better than I expected, but the big plays are crushing them. And they got the wrong Rodgers. Jacquizz isn't the one killing them; it's older brother James. It was good to see Terrance Dailey and Juan Garcia come back into the fray after getting hurt earlier.

No sign of Cody Bruns, not even in the five-WR sets.
1 Q Thoughts: Well, things started out promising enough defensively, but then after a three-and-out it was more of the same, predicated by not putting any pressure on Lyle Moevao. He's been able to pass anywhere he wants, and it doesn't look like that's going to change soon without some bigtime pressure. Offensively? Every time the offense comes up with a big play, the OL nullifies it with a penalty. Brutal. What started out as a big strength for the Huskies at the beginning of the year has become a real sore spot.
4:50 pm

Thursday Practice Notes (per Jon Martone)

David Freeman was back in pads
Allen Carroll was not in pads again
Johri Fogerson was not there (has the flu)
Darin Harris and Jason Wells were watching

Luke Kravitz led husky jacks.

The defensive linemen did a drill I haven't seen them do before. Instead of practicing only the burst off the line they worked on shedding the first block then making contact with the player with the ball. Looked a like a good drill and they were hitting pretty hard.

The defensive backs did their normal catching drill, running about 25 yards and catching a pass, usually over their shoulder. Victor Aiyewa looked really good, running very well. They also did a back pedaling drill and breaking off for the catch.
4:45 pm

Thursday Tyrone Willingham Notes (per Jon Martone)

On the quarterbacks- He said Ronnie Fouch is doing fine. He said he has continued to work hard and understand the game plan. On Jake Locker he said the hand specialist confirmed that it was a complex break and the timetable they set of 6-8 weeks is right. "Later decisions will be based on the healing process that takes place, I think it will be another two weeks before he is back, than they'll look at it again." If the injury takes closer to 8 weeks than it gets close to point where the player isn't available again. He said they will make the smart decision and his health is first and the team second.

On the safeties- He said they have Victor Aiyewa and Tripper Johnson will rotate in next to Nate Williams.

On Johri Fogerson- Has been ill and missed yesterday and will miss today.

On Matt Sedillo- Missed a couple days with the same type of flu that Fogerson has.

On Nate Williams- He said playing next to so many different players has had an affect on him. "Every time you change that then the familiarity changes just a little bit. Even though you try and give him as much comfort as possible by working with all those guys it's still different every time one is and one is out."

On this being the homecoming game- He said homecoming does have value and is important. "This is a chance for a lot of out alums to come back, and in this case it's something that is important."

On the energy this week- "I thought it was pretty good. I thought our guys moved around well on Tuesday, which is usually the sluggish day of the week."

On how fast Jacquizz Rodgers- "I would call him fast enough. I don't know what the numbers are, whether he is 4.3, or 4.4, or 4.5. He plays the game the way it should be played." He said by stature he is not a big man but it's amazing what he gets done and he is quite impressive.

On Cody Bruns- He said he has done well this week in practice. On his role this week he said, "To rotate in with our receivers." He said he doesn't know what number of reps he get, the game will dictate that.

On which running back will play the most- "I don't know right now which one will do that. I don't know if we are truly sold on which one will start."

On Casey Bulyca- Said the surgery went well, and he thinks it is season ending.
4:50 pm

Afternoon Practice Notes (per Jon Martone)

Allen Carroll was not in pads
Freeman was not in pads today
Brandon Yakaboski was not in pads
Darin Harris and Jason Wells were not in pads
Kavario Middleton was back practicing

In position warm ups today I watched the linebackers practice 2 different drills that involved forming up for tackles. Also the cornerbacks practiced on running up and preparing for a tackle. After the position drills the team worked on kicking field goals and protection. They started around the five yard line and moved back about five yards after each field goal. All three of the ones I saw went in.
2:30 pm

Ed Donatell Notes

Asked about what he sees with their offense, and he said they have great speed and quickness at all their skill spots. They have a nice run game and nice group of receivers.

"They are a big-chunk offense" - meaning they get a lot of yards with their reverses and fly sweeps. You won't see a lot of short passes, but at the same time they are also a very good screen team, which allows them to handle pressure and the ball in the hands of their playmakers.

Said whether this is a team you can blitz more or less, he said they fall in that 'medium' category. "With all their weapons, you have to make sure that everyone's taken care of."

Said that Daniel Te'o-Nesheim's work at Arizona (three sacks) has inspired the young DL, and he 'inspires them daily'. But they have a lot of work to do and he's helped a lot. "We haven't seen the fruits of their labor yet, but someday it will be there."

Asked about how injuries have affected things, and he said you think about things like that when you're gameplanning, but it's so much a part of the game and it's what he takes pride in - trying to find those pieces to fit it, trying to find ways to mask weaknesses. "But you measure it in wins and losses and having success on defense."

Talked about Nate Williams being more mature than your average sophomore and how he's worked well through injuries. Mentioned how he went out there with a true frosh (Johri Fogerson) against Oklahoma, and managed his job while at the same time trying to help Johri too. "That's real, that's hard duty. And he's been a champion about it."

Also talked about Victor Aiyewa and how he had roughly three days before getting thrown in the mix at UA, but now he's 'shaken off the rust' and getting there. "He's mature in all areas of his life, and that carries over. That's going to help him."

Talked about how they are going more 4-3, and he said that they are trying to keep things manageable for the younger players, no matter what. Talked about how Everrette Thompson has been impressive. "There's an arrow up on him." He's a squared-away kid who does little things, like watch extra film, and that's pretty impressive - especially to come from high school and play right away. "He's going to be a good end for years to come." Added that at 265, he's done a nice job of maintaining his weight.

Asked about Craig Noble, and he said the probability right now is 'low' that he'd play. Mentioned how it's probably rare to have three true frosh along the DL at any one time, and they don't need to add a fourth into that mix, especially now that rotations have started to really firm up.
1:30 pm

Nate Williams Notes

Said he hurt his back a little against Arizona, but got home during the bye week and got a massage and went to the chiropractor and he's feeling good now. Said that's the first trip he's had to make this year to the chiropractor, and he hopes it's the last one.

Asked about Jacquizz Rodgers and and how hard it is to stop a smaller back like him and NW said when he's running between the tackles it's hard to pick him up, see what angles he's using and how quick he's running. Hardest part is locating him and what his path is. But because he plays deeper than the linebackers, he's got a little more time to locate him and get an angle.

It's been hard having to play alongside a carousel at the other safety spot - Darin Harris, Tripper Johnson, Johri Fogerson and Victor Aiyewa. Since he's worked with them, he feels comfortable with each and understands their strengths, but also acknowledged that if he had more than just a week each to work with them as starters the chemistry would be even better.

The coaches would ideally like to play each safety according to their strengths, but right now they can only play the guys that are healthy, and Tripper is the only other one that's 100 percent healthy.

Asked about struggling so much at home, and NW said it's definitely strange and not something anyone anticipated, especially being 0-5. Right now they are trying to put all that behind them and only trying to look ahead so they can win 'a couple of games'. "It's been kind of tough to face the fact that we're 0-5. It doesn't make practices any fun and it doesn't make the workouts at 6:30 in the morning very fun either." Said the team has tried to rally around each other and feed off each other's energy. "But we still seem to be just a little bit away (from winning). We just have a little more work to do, a little more polishing of our skills and we'll be there."
1:05 pm

Afternoon Willingham Notes

Asked about Jake Locker's status - he is meeting with a hand specialist today to get a progress report on his broken thumb - but it's too early to know anything yet. TW still believes JL is on the 6-8 week timetable. He won't entertain any notions of Jake playing other positions until they know what's going on with the hand to make sure it heals first. They need to make sure to make the decision that's in his best interests, as well as the best interests of the team. "We will make all those decisions once we know (about the hand)."

Asked about Bulyca, and TW said that he was released from the hospital yesterday around dinner time and while he didn't know the full prognosis he did say that his knee injury 'may be season-ending'.

On Brandon Yakaboski, he left practice yesterday because of a family call, not because of surgery. That will be happening in the future.

Kavario Middleton did not practice yesterday because of a wisdom tooth. He was asked about his early development, and TW said that some of that was because Mike Gottlieb wasn't in the lineup. Now that Mike is back, he's picked up most of the slack, but Kavario continues to improve and continues to grow and learn. "He's doing well."

He was asked about using Tripper Johnson as a return man, and Willingham said that there were two reasons he likes having Tripper back there. First, he's got good ball skills, and secondly you can usually have a good idea as to where the ball is going to go, so it's nice having him back there as another blocker for Jordan Polk.

Asked about lack of big returns, and where that starts, and TW said it starts along that front line. If it breaks down, it starts to leak into the back line. They have to have better execution along the front line. They also need to make sure that their returner - when he sees a crease - has to hit it to have a successful return.

Asked about the improvement along the defensive line, and he said they haven't played well enough, and ideally you'd like to have more seniors in there making a contribution because the game is played the fastest along the lines. They've had to 'blend in' the youth with the older players. Their progress has been 'steady but slow'. "It's an area we've struggled at."

Added that while their front can be determined by game plan, they've been leaning more and more on their 4-man front to try and get their younger guys on solid footing and keep things as simple as possible. "It's nice to have something they can rely on to know where their responsibilities are going to be."

Talked about trying to contain Jacquizz Rodgers, and TW said the defense talks continuously about gap integrity and how they work hard and preach to them about it. This will be a big test for them because he's so elusive that you think you've got him covered on one gap and he'll be in another that quickly. Seen him bounce a run from one side all the way over to the other side. "It will be a test of our strength and discipline to stay in the right places."

Asked about the corners, and TW said they are still asking a lot from them. "We're demanding more and more of them every day." He said he'd like to see them play more aggressively. If they can play aggressively and force pressure, that can shape the defense in a way where now they can include the safeties in other ways than just having to play pass, like umbrella over the top. "We want them to step up and give us more. But we need that everywhere on defense."

He added that he's very excited about where the future will be for Quinton Richardson.
12:05 am

OSU Really Good or Cougars Simply Awful

Dick Baird attacks the thought on every Husky fan's mind right now - how is Washington going to beat Oregon State on Saturday? Well, he watched the Beavers blow up the Cougars last weekend and is still trying to make heads or tails of it. Click on the link below for more.

OSU Really Good or Cougars Simply Awful
4:45 pm

Quick Practice Notes (per Jonathan Martone)

Kavario Middleton was not in pads
Vincente Cordova was not in pads
Darin Harris was not in pads
Jake Locker was not in pads
Chris Polk was walking stairs
Brandon Yakaboski was watching

Johnie Kirton led Husky Jacks

Didn't get to see a scrimmage today, only stretching and basic drills. The offense worked on calling plays in the huddle and running the plays with no defense (Coach Denbrock provided a little defensive pressure for the line). After that drill all the groups broke off and did position drills.
2:50 pm

Tim Lappano Notes

Said that OSU's defense is totally different from Penn State to when they played USC. "Night and day." They are doing a great job every week and are definitely getting the most out of the players they have. They have been really physical up front and just fly around to the ball. They don't try and trick you up with a lot of schemes, they just stick to a few things and do those things very well.

In his opinion, DT Stephen Paea is the best player on the defense. "He's dynamite." Said Paea helps stuff up the middle, and they have two DE's - Slade Norris and Victor Butler - that play very wide, but are incredibly fast. Said that the corners almost always bump you at some point and use outside press technique. It's hard to complete long passes against them. Said their defensive balance is about 160 air/130 run, and are 0-3 on the road for some reason. Added they played very well on the road against a very good Utah team.

Asked about Mark Banker's success as DC, and Lappano said that OSU has traditionally done a great job evaluating talent. They always seem to have a guy pushing from the inside and quality rush ends. They always have a linebacker they love to play a little deeper than you'd normally see - around 8 to 9 yards deep - and that allows sideline-to-sideline play. And the most important thing - they get guys that love to play the game of football. They play with emotion, energy and they love to fly around to the ball.

Asked about Willie Griffin and his fumble issues, and Lappano said that started in the spring. He was the one that evaluated and recruited Willie out of HS, and he wasn't a fumbler then. Said all he has to do is really focus on the five pressure points on the ball. Said that UW has done a pretty good job on not turning the ball over, noting the Arizona game was the first game where they threw a pick, but have put the ball on the ground six times, and that's unacceptable. Said that it hasn't just been one guy - even Jake was doing it before he got hurt.

Asked about losing Casey Bulyca to injury, and Lappano said that it became pretty evident during the Arizona game that he wasn't playing full speed and couldn't push off on his blocks like he would normally be able to do. He tried to stick it out because he wanted to help the team and provide leadership, but by the middle of the UA game they knew he couldn't make a go of it. With the surgery, it's not known whether they need to do a little bit of work in there or if it's going to be extensive. Lappano said he could be out just a couple of weeks or it could be the whole season. That's different than what Willingham said Monday.

Lappano said Matt Sedillo would be the third OG in after Jordan White-Frisbee and Ryan Tolar.

Asked about Locker's status, and Lappano believed Jake would be going in Wednesday to see a specialist. They've moved his hand into a hard cast now, and he told Lappano that at night last week it would still throb from time to time, but didn't know if that meant anything.

For the RB rotation, it's definitely going to be Griffin, Terrance Dailey and Brandon Johnson. Johnson ran on Sunday, so Lappano's hopeful he'll be back up to full speed. He isn't sure what's going on with David Freeman. He is still having ankle difficulties and didn't run on Sunday.

Asked about getting Luke Kravitz more involved in the RB position out of necessity, and he said it really hurt them when Luke went out with a foot/ankle injury against Arizona because they got stuffed twice on 3-1, the first time that's happened this year, according to Lappano. They are working him back in this week to help with short yardage.

Taylor Bean is still the backup QB behind Ronnie Fouch.

Asked if having a guy like Bulyca beat up and injured could help account for the fact that the OL hasn't been able to move defenses the way they were last year, and Lappano said no. He said they have to finish everything; their blocks, their runs, get their pads down and that will help them accomplish what they need to do.

Kavario Middleton appears to be back at full health and ready to go. The UW tight ends will have their hands full this weekend because of the speed and physicality the OSU DE's bring to the table.

Asked about Husky Stadium and what it was like coming in, and he said it used to be a nightmare. He was on WSU's staff during the late 80's and early 90's. Said you knew you would have to play a really good game with no mistakes to have a chance to win. And he also said that if you were lucky enough to come away with a win, you were going to 'get your ass knocked off'. "It was going to be a beat down, whether you wanted it or not."

Asked about the disconnect between those days and what's happened this decade, and he said very matter-of-factly 'lack of success'. "Wins."

Asked about recruiting and how hard it is to recruit right now in this climate of uncertainty, and he said that recruiting is all about sales, and in sales it's very competitive. And when competitors are wounded, the jabs come out. Said that competitors make recruits aware of the situation UW is going through and it's very tough right now. But if a player wants to play for UW, they are doing it because of the school, the program, the history, the tradition, the environment, the education - and those are all the right reasons for picking a school.

Finally, someone mentioned that it was Lappano's birthday today, so he was asked if he wanted a win for his birthday. He said 'yes' but was quick to add that he's been asking for a win for quite some time.
11:40 am

Tyrone Willingham Pac-10 Teleconference Notes

On feedback from recruits - Reception has been positive to the message they are sending to recruits. Dilemma is the situation we're in and what's going to happen with us. But the message is still about the history, tradition and the opportunities to play, and they seem to be receiving that message well.

On rushing game as an indicator of success - It helps. Whenever you have a limited run game, teams become one-dimensional. If you are consistent running the football, should be able to get first downs just by executing properly. And also if you're running the ball, that means you're dominating the line of scrimmage and you're controlling the ball. So many things feed from running the ball that are positives.
10:40 am

Mike Riley Pac-10 Teleconference Notes

On WSU and running up the score - Disappointed to hear about that, sorry they feel that way. No disrespect intended. TD pass with seven minutes left. He was supposed to throw a short pass, but WSU's defensive scheme dictated the throw they made for a TD. Only threw the ball twice in the fourth quarter, and it was because they wanted Sean Canfield to get back in action and have him throw a couple of times. Pleased the second and third-team lines played well and looked like they were playing football. At that point it's all about evaluating and putting guys in to see what they can do. Both teams have to continue to play hard no matter what.

On Jeremy Perry - Taken a step backward. Two straight weeks of practicing well, then knee got sore and he didn't dress for WSU. Doesn't look good. Very disappointing.

On Simi Kuli - Won't be in Corvallis this terms, hopeful he'll be there in January.

On Quizz having this big a season - Thought he'd be right in the mix with a changing of the guard from Yvenson Bernard. For our team to be what we want to be, we have to have runners that are effective. Was hopeful, but not surprised in what he's done. The best predictor of production is past production, and he was really productive in high school. Had to go through a normal recruiting process with him. Was good that his brother was already here and liked it. Brother will tell him the truth, but Quizz said he would make his own decision. Texas A&M came in late. Pretty much every school in the state except for Texas recruited him hard.

On assessing first half of the season - Pretty average at 3-3, but very excited about the team. Like their work ethic and the energy this team has. Important to stay in the moment, because every game is winnable or loseable, depending on how you play. But he's excited about the improvement they've shown and he's ready to see more. "We're in the middle of a big batch of soup." - meaning the Pac-10 is pretty wide open, so that's exciting for everybody.
7:25 pm

Ronnie Fouch Notes

On what he expects from Oregon State- "I expect some of the same things (as UA). Arizona tried to disguise a lot of blitz and bring in a lot more pressure than we expected. I'm expecting the same thing from Oregon State because Arizona had some success doing that against us."

On if he watched the OSU and WSU game live- He said he watched some of it live but watching it in the film room shows it a lot more clearly. "They're a great defense and their tough and they play hard and fast. It will be a good test for our offense." He said this week they got a chance to play against the first defense and that helped get them into game speed.

On the bye week- "It helped get me a chance to get more comfortable with the game speed against our first defense. And getting an extra week to prepare against Oregon State for my first home start."

On preparing for Oregon State- He said last year Carl Bonnell's shoulder was hurting before the Oregon State game so preparing this week is very similar to how he prepared last year.

On hard feelings against OSU for the Locker hit- "Yeah, that was a tough game. Our whole team seeing Jake (Locker) go down like that was really tough for us last year. It's a new year and team and we have to approach them like we're going to go out there win and match their toughness and speed."

On what needs to change- He said they have lot a young guys and everyone needs to play older and the team needs to be confident and make plays. "I've seen this offense do this (make plays) in practice, and fall camps, and spring ball. This offense has made plays, and we have to go out there and be confident and match their (OSU) speed and toughness."

On what practices were like- "It was a good week I thought. We had a chance to go against our first defense. It was more ones versus ones last week and I think that helped us out a lot." He also said all the hurt guys didn't practice as much so they could get healthier and he thinks that will help them out a lot.
4:50 pm

Tyrone Willingham Notes

Said it's good to be back from the bye week, and he hopes they took advantage of the time off to get healthy and improve. But there's nothing like the motivation of playing a game to get ready and he expects they will have another good week of work.

Asked about Washington's offense versus Oregon State's D, and he said that typically OSU has started out slow, but has come on like gangbusters, and usually right around the time they play Washington.

Asked about last year and the chippy nature of how the game ended up, and he said there's some chance of that, but a lot of it is about what happened and more importantly, who it happened to (Locker).

Asked about what he saw in the WSU-OSU game this past weekend, and he said that he saw OSU start out very quickly, get in a bit of a lull, and then go right back and do the things they needed to get done.

Asked about Ronnie Fouch, and what he got done during the bye week, and Willingham said they didn't do as much physically as they did the last bye week, but still got in a lot of work that helped to showcase Fouch's ability as a leader from a starting position. "He was not overexposed, but he wasn't underexposed either, from the standpoint of getting his work in."

Asked about recruiting and the message he's sending to recruits on the road, and he tried to use an analogy. Basically like a big fire or natural disaster, if you are there you feel all the things around you intensely; but if you are far away, you know about it, you understand the facts, but you don't have anywhere near the same feeling. "So if they aren't aware of it in that way and we can turn around our present position and have the outcome we want we can show them how they can help us be better."

When talking about Oregon State he talked about how productive a group they are with the Rodgers brothers and Sammie Stroughter, not to mention their receiver Shane Morales. In trying to emulate what they do with their service teams, a guy like Jordan Polk can be used with the fly sweeps and they might have a guy or two that can help emulate what Jacquizz Rodgers does.

On the injury front, Willingham dropped a couple of bombshells. Casey Bulyca apparently has been struggling with a knee issue, and TW said Monday that Bulyca will have surgery, effectively ending his UW career. Ryan Tolar will move from left guard to right guard, and Willingham hinted that Matt Sedillo might be the next guard plugged into their top three-guard rotation.

Brandon Yakaboski, plagued by injury since he came to Montlake from Mount Si. two years ago, will have knee surgery and his season is also finished.

Other players he talked about were David Freeman (ankles), who they are hopeful will get back into action this week; Johri Fogerson also worked last week and is listed in the depth; D'Andre Goodwin (ribs) worked last week and Willingham said he's as close to full strength as possible and he expects Goodwin to play against the Beavers.

Jake Locker is doing fine and the timetable has not changed on his return after surgery to repair a broken thumb.

He was asked about the importance of Husky Stadium, and he said that it's the one place they have an advantage, and that's where you should be doing your best. It's great to go on the road, but at home is where you are supposed to win. They have to create the plays and energy it takes to get the fans excited and make Husky Stadium the difficult place it has always been.

On trying to rebuild OSU's front, Willingham said that they've always played very physical and in the USC game they came up with some critical plays that made a difference, and that helped them to gain momentum to keep making more big plays. That's been their strength.
3:35 pm

Mike Riley Notes

Opened by saying they are half-way through their season and are at .500. Their immediate goal is to continue to get better and do what they can to get a win at Husky Stadium.

Talked about their injury situation. Sammy Stroughter and Al Afalava did not play in their 66-13 win over Washington State, and it's still up in the air whether or not they'll play on Saturday. Brandon Hughes has a hamstring injury.

Asked about the two-touchdown opening spread, and he said that he's always taught his teams not to worry about stuff like that. Added that every game is going to be hard in the conference and the game for them is all about their preparation. All the rest of it is for folks that aren't playing in the game.

Talked a little bit about being 0-3 on the road so far this year and he's talked to his team about it and how they have to win on the road to be considered a good team. "We've got to break through that barrier."

Talked about the game in 2004 where OSU came in and beat UW 29-14, the first OSU at Husky Stadium since 1985. Said that the game could have been considered a 'turnaround' game for the Beavers at the time because there was a lot of anxiety swirling around the program and they had just been beaten soundly by California 49-7.

Asked about the chippiness from last year's game spilling over into this year's game, and he said that he expects it to be a hard-hitting game, but no fallout from last year. There's a lot of guys that played in that game, but also a lot of players playing that don't know anything about that game.

Talked about Jacquizz Rodgers and the impact he's making as a true frosh running back. Riley said he's fit in very well with what they are doing and the OL is doing a nice job of run-blocking. They needed an impact back since the graduation of Yvenson Bernard. "It's a changing of the guard." Said that both Rodgers and Ryan McCants are very talented, as is Jeremy Francis, their third back. Added that they normally don't count on true frosh being in the mix, but they had 'earmarked' Rodgers for consideration very early on.

Was asked a follow-up question about their recent history of quality backs (Simonton, Jackson, Bernard and now Rodgers), and he said half-jokingly that they used guys that are shorter, but Jackson was the exception. But there are similarities with all of them when talking about quickness, vision, toughness and smarts. Said with Rodgers, he's also a big part of their pass game. Added that it's been fun to have both Jacquizz and his older brother James in the program.

Asked about replacing his whole DL for this season, and he perked up and talked excitedly about how they've improved over the course of the season. Said with the experience they've gained, they play with more confidence and speed, and that's the biggest improvement. Because they've been playing well, the coaches have been able to build up a consistent rotation to have more production.

Asked about the history of slow starts, and Riley said that they had a tough schedule early, but since the Penn State game they've competed very hard. That means a lot to him, because that means that what they've been doing in practice has 'spilled over' into the games. But playing well now means nothing more to him than the fact that they've dug themselves a deep hole and now they are just trying to dig their way out. The rallying cry for OSU this year was to play well in September, and they didn't do that. Added that there's no guarantees just because you put on the uniform. Said that in part, there's almost been a fear of failure, and that - among other things - has motivated the team to play well.

Asked about UW and their troubles, and he stuck to what he's seen on film. Said he's watched the BYU and Stanford games closely and he's also told his team that any team in the conference is capable of winning or losing at any time. Said that he told everyone at the beginning of the year that there were going to be some surprises every week. Also said that he doesn't pay attention to anything outside of what they are doing to prepare for this game.
3:20 pm

Oregon State's Two-Deeps, as announced by OSU's SID:

X - 19 Sammie Stroughter 6-0 186 Sr.
15 Darrell Catchings 5-11 179 So.
 2 Chris Johnson 6-1 195 Sr.
SB - 13 Shane Morales 6-1 209 Sr.
25 Casey Kjos 6-2 215 So.
LT - 66 Andy Levitre 6-3 317 Sr.
68 Wilder McAndrews 6-4 290 So.
LG - 51 Adam Speer 6-3 286 Sr.
63 Ryan Pohl 6-3 285 So.
C - 60 Alex Linnenkohl 6-2 288 So.
65 Marcus Henderson 6-5 285 Sr.
RG - 73 Gregg Peat 6-3 296 Jr.
62 Jeremy Perry 6-2 338 Sr.  OR
74 Burke Ellis 6-4 249 rFr.
RT - 50 Mike Remmers 6-4 286 rFr.
72 Timi Oshinowo 6-6 283 So.
TE - 88 Howard Croom 6-3 254 Jr.
83 Brady Camp 6-4 258 So.
HB - 85 John Reese 6-3 240 Jr.
81 Gabe Miller 6-3 231 So.
QB - 3 Lyle Moevao 5-11, 220 Jr.
 5 Sean Canfield 6-4 220 Jr.
16 Justin Engstrom 6-5 208 rFr.
TB - 1 Jacquizz Rodgers 5-7 193 Fr.
24 Ryan McCants 6-1 240 rFr.
22 Jeremy Francis 5-11 218 Jr.
Z - 8 James Rodgers 5-7 185 So.
15 Darrell Catchings 5-11 179 So.
 2 Chris Johnson 6-1 195 Sr.


LE - 90 Victor Butler 6-2 238 Sr.
74 Kevin Frahm 6-2 255 rFr.
LT - 54 Stephen Paea 6-1 293 So.
78 Brennan Olander 6-1 274 So.
92 Mitchel Hunt 6-2 271 So.
RT - 99 Pernnell Booth 6-1 302 Sr.
97 Sioeli Nau 6-2 307 Jr.
95 Latu Moala 6-1 294 Jr.
RE - 58 Slade Norris 6-3 245 Sr.
55 Ben Terry 6-2 243 Jr.
77 Evan Hull 6-4 256 So.
SAM - 32 Keaton Kristick 6-3 226 Jr.
12 Isaiah Cook 6-2 219 Sr.
 1 Dennis Christopher 6-1 217 Sr.
MIK - 41 Bryant Cornell 6-1 233 Sr.
45 David Pa'aluhi III 5-11 229 rFr.
50 Casey Noack 6-0 231 Sr.
WIL - 35 Keith Pankey 6-0 211 So.
59 Dwight Roberson 6-0 238 So.
LC - 6 Keenan Lewis 6-1 195 Sr.
21 Tim Clark 6-0 170 Jr.
17 Brandon Hardin 6-2 206 rFr.
Safety - 9 Al Afalava 5-11 212 Sr.
28 Suaesi Tuimaunei 6-1 208 So.
 5 Cameron Collins 6-2 216 rFr.
Safety - 44 Greg Laybourn 5-10 208 Sr.
30 Austin Hall 5-10 195 Sr.
10 Lance Mitchell 6-2 205 rFr.
RC - 36 Brandon Hughes 5-11 178 Sr.  OR
21 Tim Clark 6-0 170 Jr.
 3 Patrick Henderson 5-10 175 Jr.


PAT-FG/Kickoff - 27 Justin Kahut 5-8 158 So.
18 Sean Sehnem 5-11, 190 Jr.
40 Matt Barker 6-1 170 Fr.
Punter - 7 Johnny Hekker 6-5 211 Fr.
18 Sean Sehnem 5-11, 190 Jr.
HLD - 84 Taylor Kavanaugh 5-10 175 Jr.
 7 Johnny Hekker 6-5 211 Fr.
SNP - 57 Marcus Perry 5-11 236 Fr.
60 Alex Linnenkohl 6-2 288 So.
PR - 19 Sammie Stroughter 6-0 186 Sr.
84 Taylor Kavanaugh 5-10 175 Jr.
KR - 8 James Rodgers 5-7 185 So.
 3 Patrick Henderson 5-10 175 Jr.

10:30 am

UW's depth chart versus Oregon State

WR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.
9 Devin Aguilar 6-0 195 Fr./Fr.
LT 79 Ben Ossai 6-6 332 Jr./Sr.
69 Nick Scott 6-4 337 Jr./Sr.
LG 76 Jordan White-Frisbee 6-5 368 Sr./Sr.
65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr. OR
70 Morgan Rosborough 6-6 382 Jr./Sr.
C 58 Juan Garcia 6-3 305 Sr./Sr.
64 Matt Sedillo 6-3 320 So./Jr. OR
65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr.
RG 72 Casey Bulyca 6-6 339 Sr./Sr.
65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr.
RT 71 Cody Habben 6-6 316 So./Jr.
67 Skyler Fancher 6-5 294 RFr./So.
TE 86 Michael Gottlieb 6-5 249 Sr./Sr.
80 Kavario Middleton 6-5 255 Fr./Fr.
83 Walt Winter 6-4 254 Sr./Sr. 
QB 8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
7 Taylor Bean 6-1 199 RFr./So.
12 Luther Leonard 6-2 193 Fr./Fr.
TB 21 Willie Griffin OR
6 Brandon Johnson 5-9 207 So./So.
27 Terrance Dailey 5-11 194 Fr./Fr.
20 David Freeman 5-7 190 Fr./Fr.
5-8 198 RFr./So.
FB 30 Paul Homer 6-1 239 Jr./Jr.
32 Luke Kravitz 6-0 228 Sr./Sr.
WR 3 Alvin Logan 6-2 218 RFr./So. OR
15 Jermaine Kearse 6-1 180 Fr./Fr.


DE 66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim 6-4 263 Jr./Sr.
50 Kalani Aldrich 6-7 240 RFr./So. 
96 De'Shon Matthews 6-4 260 So./Jr.
DT 99 Cameron Elisara 6-3 289 So./Jr.
74 Alameda Ta'amu 6-2 348 Fr./Fr.
DT 93 Senio Kelemete 6-4 260 Fr./Fr.
37 Johnie Kirton 6-3 296 Sr./Sr. OR
91 Tyrone Duncan 6-2 278 RFr./So.
DE 59 Darrion Jones 6-2 245 Jr./Sr.
92 Everrette Thompson 6-6 255 Fr./Fr.
96 De'Shon Matthews 6-4 260 So./Jr.
OLB 24 Joshua Gage 6-2 226 Jr./Sr. OR
5 Matt Houston 6-0 232 So./Jr.
ILB 9 Donald Butler 6-1 242 Jr./Jr.
57 Trenton Tuiasosopo 6-2 243 Sr./Sr.
OLB 40 Mason Foster 6-1 229 So./So.
29 Chris Stevens 6-1 218 Sr./Sr.
FS 34 Tripper Johnson 6-1 210 So./Jr. OR
36 Johri Fogerson 6-2 190 Fr./Fr. OR
41 Victor Aiyewa 6-1 209 So./So.
SS 8 Nate Williams 6-0 207 So./So.
34 Tripper Johnson 6-1 210 So./Jr.
41 Victor Aiyewa 6-1 209 So./So.
CB 28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
6 Vonzell McDowell, Jr. 5-9 178 So./So.
CB 23 Mesphin Forrester 6-2 202 Sr./Sr.
19 Matt Mosley 5-10 180 So./Jr.

Special Teams

P 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
FG/PAT 13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
KO 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
HLD 8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
SNP 49 Danny Morovick 6-4 213 Jr./Sr.
KOR 82 Jordan Polk 5-8 161 Fr./Fr.
28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
PR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.

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