Super JUCO looking Huskies' way?

Doug Langenfeld is a 6-3, 247-pound defensive end from Reedley College in Reedley, California, and the third-team JC Grid-Wire All-American has a veritable truckload of offers in which to choose from. With Kai Ellis, Anthony Kelley and Houdini Jackson graduating, it's clear the Washington Huskies are searching high and low for an impact player. Langenfeld is probably the closest player out there that can match 'The Creature' for pure athleticism, including speed.

Langenfeld's 4.43 40 has been verified by coaches visiting Reedley this fall. "It's legitimate," Reedley coach Shane Beatty told about Doug's phenomenal time. "He's amazing. He's a fabulous kid.

"He's from Berkeley High School in Monk's Corner, South Carolina. He stayed out a year after high school and then tried to get into the Georgia Military Academy, but couldn't pass the eye test. Then Dave Roberts from South Carolina called us up and told us that we needed to take a chance on Doug and we said, 'Heck yes!'. It's really paid off for everybody."

There's no question of that, as Doug has 9 sacks and 28 quarterback hurries for the Tigers this fall. He needs his AA, so he'll graduate in the spring with 3 to play 2. That little fact hasn't stopped many D1 colleges from stopping by Reedley to take a look at Langenfeld. He's already been to Oregon (10/19) and Tennessee (11/29). Langenfeld has official visits set up for Nebraska (12/20) and South Carolina (1/17).

And the final trip? "He'll decide between Auburn, Clemson and Washington for his last visit," Beatty said. Washington came in late, but RB Coach Chuck Heater was at Reedley Wednesday and some defensive coaches will be back at Reedley in a week to determine whether or not the Huskies are going to jump in the Langenfeld sweepstakes headfirst

And just because Doug is from the south, don't let that fool you. "He's wide open," Coach Beatty said.

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