UW Quotes - Oregon State

Here are quotes from Washington coaches and players in the wake of the Huskies' 34-13 loss to Oregon State at Husky Stadium.

QB Ronnie Fouch:
On how he felt today - "It was tough, we had a lot of good drives we just couldn't capitalize when we got in the red zone on those third downs. It's tough coming off the field and having to kick field goals."

On the goal line stand - "Yeah I was a little surprised. It was tough, I thought I had a chance on the sneak but they made a good goal line stand."

On the delay of game penalty - "I don't know, we came on the field and we thought we had time. I guess they started the clock early right after the kickoff. We thought we had time, we had no clue the clock went out."

On Tyrone's situation - "We're just following our coach. He is a tough leader of this team and we have to stay tough and keep fighting."
S Nate Williams:
On if he is discouraged - "Not at all, obviously right now after the game we'll be upset a little bit. Once we watch film and make corrections we'll be alright on Monday."

On the defense - "We were all in the right place. The scheme that coach had us playing this week, I felt personally it was the best scheme for this team. We need to execute better and tackle better and make plays."

On if the Tyrone situation is affecting the team - "Not at all, we hear and we know what's happening and everything but we know we have a job on Saturday to do."

On his injury - "It was my leg, I think Mason (Foster) just landed on my leg wrong. It hurt a little bit, but I was right back in there a couple plays later."
LB Trenton Tuiasosopo:
On what happened on the big plays - "There was a screen where they caught us off guard. I myself was out of position to help out the defense overall. Of course they went to the outside because they weren't running in-between the tackle boxes, we were ready for that but we weren't in the right position at the right time."

On team morale - "We the senior group refuse to come out with a 1 and 10 season, so were going to keep moving and learn from this tape and the mistakes and get ready for next week."

On what is missing - "Experience, although there are some guys that are freshmen or one game starters, they just need to come out and play. I'm going to say I'm perfect, we just all need to be on the same page."
RB Terrance Dailey:
On the play where he went down - "They thought I had a concussion, all of them took me to the sideline and they tried to sit me out for the rest of the game. I told them I wanted to get back in."

On the big run - "We were on the sideline and they said I needed to hit the hole faster and harder. Some of the things I was doing was juking too much in the hole, so that one I just went straight and used my speed and got in-between there and got a touchdown."
OC Tim Lappano:
On the injuries - "Cody Bruns pulled his hamstring on Wednesday. A couple of the other backs were chipped up and weren't able to go. The back thing this week in practice was scary. There was a time we moved my son to the scout team running back, because we didn't have anybody to run against the defense."

"I'm going to have to go a wildcat offense pretty soon. Ronnie is okay, but he took too many shots tonight."

On how much of a role Bruns would have had tonight - "We had a couple things, I don't want to really (get into it), we had a couple things ready for him that he could that we could use next week. He didn't practice Thursday."
CB Quinton Richardson:
On Jacquizz Rodgers - "He's good, real good. I respect him as a person, he's a good athlete. I wouldn't say he's the greatest in the Pac-10."

On the QB having such a high completion percentage - "I mean that's never good especially being part of the secondary. Some things we need to eliminate. I think that's the most passes we've had completed on us. I think this week for practice we need to eliminate those things, find better coverage's and techniques."
DT Johnie Kirton:
On the linebackers - "You look at the fact that's the best three we have and I feel that, I'm not a coach but maybe we should have done that earlier, but I cant really say that. I think that's the decision that is best for the team at the linebacker position."

On how it felt to play more minutes - "It felt normal again. I told the coaches that I was going to do my best today. My senior leadership as far as my vocal and physical, I felt that the times I did make a mistake or got beat I bounced back."

On if losing is getting old - "I'm never one who gets down on a challenge, but Saturday nights are getting old, going home with a loss."

On the big plays - "Sometimes it's the perfect play for the perfect defense." "Sometimes the play doesn't go the way we want and that's part of us not doing what we need to do."

On if the team is mean enough - "I would say we're also respecting what the coach is asking of us." He said if you take things to a fight then it ends up hurting the team, so they try to avoid bad situations.
WR D'Andre Goodwin:
On having a good game - "I watched a lot of film this week, so I saw their weaknesses and tried to attack them. We had excellent play calls from Lappano and I used the techniques that coach Bagget teaches me."

On the difference between Fouch and Locker - "I feel they are pretty much similar. Both are right handed and have very strong arms, so there isn't a big difference."

On if Fouch gives more opportunities for big plays - "I feel that they both throw it up and give us a chance, today I just made more plays."

On how frustrated he is - "It's very frustrating, even though it was a career game for me, I'm not happy with it because I would rather have a win then my best game of the season so far."

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