Bantams need your help!

SEATTLE - No Husky fan can forget the date: January 1, 2001, when the sought after Rose Bowl title went to the University of Washington Huskies once again. One player from that team who Dawg fans will never forget is Anthony Kelley, a talented linebacker who was forever changed by a quarter he spent in Africa following the Rose Bowl.

Anthony's dreams changed from playing in the NFL to making a positive difference in the community. He is determined to continue his own education in hopes of teaching youth the importance of athletics, academics and cultural awareness both here and abroad. He is married to Tonya Kelley and they are raising four children and supporting a handful of children in South Africa.

The Kelley family continues to live out their love of educating children and plan to travel to Africa in 2009. Tonya will lead a group of African American high school girls, from various Seattle schools, to South Africa during black history month. The young ladies will engage in service learning projects and visit historical sites while re-affirming their identities by reconnecting to their roots. Anthony was involved in a pilot program earlier this year with the University of Washington overseeing UW athletes while studying in Africa.

Anthony's love of football continues to play out in his everyday life. He and his family are currently involved in an exciting experience happening in northeast Seattle. He is the head coach of a local group of kids playing in the Bantams division of the Lake City Braves Jr. Football organization. His son, Dominec, is a talented wide receiver, tight end and defensive end on the team. The team is currently in the Northwest Junior Football playoffs with an undefeated record so far this year at 7-0. This team, along with a talented coaching staff and unwavering parental support, has been greatly inspired by his constant energy and enthusiasm. His unique ability to bring out the best in all his players across the roster has been inspirational to everyone involved with the team. The Bantams end of game cheer, uniquely summoned by Kelley, is equally one of the best moments on any given Saturday while demonstrating the remarkable unity that courses through the veins of these young athletes, their coaches and parents.

The Lake City Bantams are taking an opportunity to journey to Las Vegas for a "Pigskin Tournament" over the Thanksgiving holiday and are in the process of trying to raise funds to make the trip available for all the athletes interested in attending. Anyone interested in helping the Kelley's with this endeavor is encouraged to make a donation by contacting Tonya Kelley @ or 757-653-4895.

Come experience the excitement brewing just outside Husky stadium; attend their next playoff game this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at Nathan Hale high school. Fundraising for the trip will be an important part of the day for the team. If you'd like to make a donation and can't make the game you can mail a check to: Tonya Kelley Po Box 85513, Seattle, WA 98145-1513 Top Stories