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Notre Dame comes to Seattle this Saturday evening to take on a winless Washington squad. Is this the one that the Huskies turn it around and get their first win this season? Does Ty upset Charlie in this tumultuous season? Here is what the staff thinks.

Results after Game 6
Dawgman, 3-3:
Grinolds, 5-1:
Fetters, 5-1:
Eklund, 4-2:
Baird, 0-6:
Thrapp, 4-2:
Johnson, 5-1:
Scott, 3-3:
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings
Dawgman.com Predictions Standings

Dawgman RECORD: 3-3 (.500)

I don't know what to say. This is the type of game that I would lose sleep over because I was so excited. This is the type of game that my brother and I would circle on our calendars years in advance. And today? Today I can barely muster the energy to care about it. And I know that I'm not alone. There is a malaise over this program that needs a serious enema. As for the game, Notre Dame is very mediocre. This is maybe an average team coming into Seattle on Saturday, the type of team that would've gotten pasted by a James, Lambright, or Neuheisel coached team. Hell, I think Gilby could've beaten the team that Washington will face on Saturday. Do I think Tyrone will beat Charlie in this game? Not in the coaching department, nope. Do I think Washington will win this game? Sadly, no. Washington will stay close and should be able to run the ball well, but Notre Dame will find a way to win.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 17 - NOTRE DAME 27
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)

If Notre Dame comes in looking past Washington, they could get hit in the mouth. A little momentum is all Washington needs at home to gain some confidence. If Notre Dame gets on the board early and jumps out to a quick lead............it's over. It's the Washington's defense that just can't stop anybody. They haven't all year. Why will they now? Look for The Irish to pull away late.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - NOTRE DAME 35
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)

Improvement comes in tiny increments for this Washington team. I expect they'll improve some more against Notre Dame, but it won't be near enough. ND will control the line of scrimmage offensively, and Jimmy Clausen should be able to pick the Huskies apart. For Washington, Ronnie Fouch, Terrance Dailey and D'Andre Goodwin will produce enough to keep things interesting for a while.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 17 - NOTRE DAME 42
Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 4-2 (.667)

It can't get much worse can it? Washington is struggling to score points and are giving them up hand over fist. Things have to change and get better don't they? Not a great week to try and do that with an improved Notre Dame squad heading to town. QB Jimmy Clausen has really improved and the Irish have loaded up on talent over the past couple years. I think Washington's players will be up for this game, seeing as Tyrone Willingham is facing the school he was fired from, but in the end, Notre Dame's superior talent and coaching should win this one going away.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - NOTRE DAME 44
Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 0-6 (.0)

OK. I know you are expecting something of me, I just can't remember what. I go to practice, I watch how hard the kids work, and I see the coaching they are getting, which is solid and the guys coaching all have great resumes. So why do the losses mount? I am picking the Irish to win the game. You read that right. First time I've ever done this. Who knows? Maybe if I flip flop then we can have the upset and the win we have all been waiting for.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 10 - NOTRE DAME 12
Patrick Thrapp, Columnist, RECORD: 4-2 (.667)

At the beginning of the season I felt this would be a game we might be able to win. Now after 6 games, all losses. That feeling is, well, long gone. Which is really too bad. Just look at the matchup between the 2. The 2 statistics I put importance in is yards per 7 points, and plays per 7 points. I refer to those 2 statistics as the teams efficiency in both offense & defense. UW is horrendous in that area. My gut tells me this game will end up like the Oregon St game. There will be opportunities, but the team just won't be able to capitalize on them. I know it is a tired and continual story line with this team. It is what it is. Just plain bad.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - NOTRE DAME 31
Derek Johnson, Columnist, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)

Forget all the talk about Notre Dame's ongoing struggles to run the football. When going against a Husky defense that made Tavita Pritchard look like Dan Marino, the smart money is on Irish QB Jimmy Clausen setting some sort of single game record this Saturday. Also look for Irish receiver Golden Tate to go over 100 yards receiving. Meanwhile, the clock's about to strike midnight for Tyrone Willingham...

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - NOTRE DAME 48
Chris Scott, Columnist, RECORD: 3-3 (.500)

For the first time in my life I am doing the unthinkable. I'm actually looking forward and anticipating a Washington loss. My only justification and reason is so that this nightmare will finally end and I will wake up. There is no reason to hope for a great defensive performance, a quality coached game, an offensive gameplan that somewhat makes sense and an outcome that we have not seen in almost one year. This is easily the worst Washington team of my 29 years and maybe in the history of the Washington program. If Tyrone needs 3-4 months of planning to let the 1978 Rose Bowl team address his team, then how in the hell can he right an 0-6 ship in 6 days?

Prediction: WASHINGTON 14 - NOTRE DAME 63
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