Anthony Russo trip report

Anthony Russo took his official trip to the University of Washington this weekend, and even though he verbally committed to the Huskies before his visit he was sure it was the place for him. Now, after his visit, he's even more sure he made the right choice.

"I'm tired but I had a great trip," Russo told "We went to the Space Needle for lunch, then took a tour of the campus. We met up with the coaches, saw the locker rooms, took a tour of the field and had position meetings with our coaches. We got to eat at the Met (Metropolitan Grill). There was a lot of eating! And they made jerseys up for us with our names on them. That was really cool."

Chuck Heater was the coach he met up with for the position meetings. "Coach said he was excited about me at running back," Russo said. "He explained how things are and where I stand. I'm pretty high up there, but they are still looking at Reggie Bush too. But I'm coming to Washington no matter."

Reggie Williams was his host and he was also there with teammate Jeff Wells. It was clear the 'Lakes Love' was in full effect. "It made things a lot easier hanging around them," Russo said. "I also got to know Cody Ellis a lot better. He's a really cool guy. And I also met Charles Smith and Reggie Bush. They are cool too."

So did Russo feel any pressure to recruit the guys that hadn't committed? "Nah," he said. "This was my time to take it all in and have fun."

Anthony's parents, Vince and Theresa Russo, also visited Washington. "They showed my parents a lot of the academic stuff, the tutors and things like that," he said. "I learned a lot about the academics there on the trip, stuff I never knew before. There's no possible way you can fail with all the support you have there. They back you up all the way."

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