Coaches' Quotes - USC

LOS ANGELES - Here are quotes from Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham and Defensive Coordinator Ed Donatell after the Huskies were buried 56-0 by USC Saturday afternoon.

HC Tyrone Willingham: Opening Statement: I think it's obvious we played a really good football team this afternoon, especially in the first half they did a lot of things right. Offensively they played well and put pressure on us. And offensively we could not get started. We started with four three-and-outs and that's very difficult for your football team. We came into the football game knowing we'd have to play perfect. We couldn't make the simple mistakes, but with penalties and different things we didn't give ourselves a chance. Obviously they are very good but there are things surrounding the team that have an impact on how the team played.

On his firing affecting the outcome: I don't think you can discount that. That weighs on people. But it's not an excuse. We did not play well enough to win.

On trying a field goal late to not get shut out: Our kids wanted to score. I wanted to score.
DC Ed Donatell: On the game: It was a tough night. It was a disappointing outcome. We couldn't match what was out there tonight, and that's not a very good feeling. It's pretty clear we couldn't match up and get control of it at any time. That's where the truth lies. On if he thinks the team is still giving effort: "We'll have to look on the film, but if you go through this a couple of times it wears on you a little bit. We're trying to fight through it. It's been a difficult and interesting week they've just been through, but they are all fighting and trying. Our guys are fighting. We're just not getting the result we want."

On the score being indicative of the game: "We had some mistakes that helped them. They fooled us on some double moves that we can correct. The fourth down play where we get a stop, some of those things went in their favor."

On Johnie Kirton running down C.J. Gable: "I'm not surprised. Johnie can run. That's why we've got him over there. His thing is to see how good a defensive lineman he can be by the end of this year."

On Cameron Elisara's injury: "He had a shoulder, neck-type strain. Nothing serious."

On Monday's announcement having an effect on the outcome: "I don't know. I just know this year is a tough year for these kids. It's been a tough year for everybody. It's nice when you have some rewards, like a victory, mixed in there. That's the way it is, and we have to keep working until we've got our way out of it."

On USC pulling players and the effect that has on a defense: "They are just a very deep team. They have guys in there fighting for spots. But they had the thing in control and didn't need to play them any further. They still have a nice group of guys in there. It doesn't feel good if we don't win and we're not in a close game."

On Mesphin Forrester's injury: "He hurt his knee. It's something - I'm not a doctor - but it's not going to be a long range thing. He was recommended not to play."

On longtime UW coaches Randy Hart and Chris Tormey and how they are feeling right now: "I know how much Randy and Chris care about the program and how much they've put into it, how much they've worked their butt off in recruiting. They really bleed for this program. So don't think they don't care. We have to keep the vision. We're not sure of our futures, but we want to help Husky football. That's our criteria. We're going to keep doing it. And if we can get them a little better for next year, we want to do that. That's our intent, that's our focus and we're putting everything into it."

On USC's offense being the best he's seen this year: "They are pretty good. When you accompany that with a great defense too, that puts a lot of pressure combined."

On USC and Oklahoma: "I think they are very close. I think it would be a great game if you could put them both together. It would be a nice matchup. USC's defense is really playing stingy. They are tough to deal with right now." Top Stories