Players' Quotes - USC

LOS ANGELES - Here's are quotes from Tripper Johnson, Ronnie Fouch and Brandon Johnson after the USC Trojans beat up Washington 56-0 in front of a crowd of 80,216 at the LA Memorial Coliseum Saturday afternoon.

S Tripper Johnson: On TW's firing: It's tough. coach made everything out in the open. I don't think (the firing) had anything to do with the game. He fought all week getting us ready.

On UW's offense: Offensively, we have a lot of talent, but we're young. In a couple of years, we'll get things going. There's no one giving up on this team.

On giving max effort: From my standpoint, we're giving everything we've got. We made some mistakes. The offense didn't get anything going and the defense couldn't get the stops. I look around the huddle on defense and I know everyone is giving their best. But that's the mystery. We're such a talented team and for some reason we're getting beat pretty bad. We can't figure out what it is and hopefully we'll figure it out this week. There is talent on this team. I know we're young and inexperienced and have had some unfortunate injuries, but we have to figure it out. We're not this bad of a team.

On having a different coach and getting a different result: I don't think so. Willingham is our leader right now. Unfortunately things haven't worked out for him, but he gave me a second chance and I'll always be thankful for that. I don't think a change would help. He's going to be our guy until the end and we're going to fight for him.

On maybe trying to hard to make plays and coming up with penalties: It's a tough play. We're running full speed. It's unfortunate and I was frustrated it happened because it puts our guys in a hole.
QB Ronnie Fouch: On going for a field goal to get points late: We wanted to score. We felt we drove all the way down the field and we wanted to score a touchdown.

On coach Willingham and what happened this week: It inspired us to play for him. He still fights for us and we care about him.

On what it says to be inspired for him and still lose by 56: We just made some mistakes, shot ourselves in the foot on drives. It may have been a different game if we hadn't made mistakes. We are still playing for him. He still cares for us and we still care about him.

On USC's defense: I've never faced a defense that fast. Their blitzes were really fast and their safeties and corners made some great plays.
RB Brandon Johnson: On what happened with coach Willingham and the effect it had on the game: It gave us a lot more motivation to come out and play for him. Coach Willingham is a good man and we all have a lot of respect for him for sticking through with us and not quitting on us, not leaving us. He still gave us the game plan he could have given us, but we didn't follow through with it. It's tough to know that he's not coming back next year, but a lot of guys still have love for him and still have respect for him so they want to go out and play their hearts out for him.

He's still our coach. We're just going to keep on trying and get a win.

On USC just being that much better: As you can see we made a lot of mistakes out there. USC is a great team of course. We're a talented team too. You''ve seen us at times move the ball down the field. We just couldn't execute and get the ball in the end zone.

On the game plan still ending up 56-0: I honestly don't know. We had the plays. It was honestly on us today. It wasn't on the coaches. The coaches had good plays for us today, we didn't get the job done. So today, the game was on us.

On going through the struggles: We're all freshmen and sophomores. You aren't just going to come to the next level and make things happen like that. It takes time to develop, time for people to get going. It's D1, we're playing in the Pac-10. Everybody is fast. We're playing against older guys. Our line are the only upperclassmen on our team.

On playing in front of his home crowd: It's always good when you can play in front of your home town. I just wanted to show them that I'm just a player they've heard about. Top Stories