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Well, at 0-8 and no end in sight, the University of Willingham Huskies trudge on. Saturday they host Arizona State (2-6, 1-4), another team in a freefall, yet the Sun Devils are favored by at least two touchdowns. And playing against a team that's been outscored by over 100 points their last three games, why not?

4:40 pm

Afternoon Practice Notes

Here's a MASH report.

Didn't see at practice - Kalani Aldrich, Alameda Ta'amu

In red - Donald Butler, Senio Kelemete and Cameron Elisara

Not in pads - Victor Aiyewa, Byron Davenport, David Freeman, Chris Polk, Jake Locker, Kurt Mangum, Vicente Cordova, Brandon Yakaboski (using a crutch), Marek Domanski, Erik Folk Darin Harris and Jason Wells.

Before we left, we got to see most of a 2-minute drill. With the score hypothetically set up at 7-7, Ronnie Fouch connected with Mike Gottlieb for what looked to be at least a 50-yard pass to set up a chip shot field goal.
3:20 pm

Willingham Afternoon Notes

Said Tuesday was a good day for the most part, but because of the thunder and lightning it affected certain parts of practice, but overall it still worked out well for everyone.

Asked about injuries - and Donald Butler wore red Tuesday for some neck soreness he suffered against USC. He'll still probably be in red again today, but should be fine by Saturday. Mesphin Forrester is still suffering from a knee injury, and won't play Saturday. Same for Senio Kelemete after getting scoped. Willingham is hopeful he'll be able to start going next week.

Asked about Barack Obama winning the Presidential Election, and Willingham said that it's hard not to have a reaction about something like that, and that he feels it's a great day for America because 'what's written in the Constitution now comes to life.'
2:40 pm

Ed Donatell Notes

Asked about reviewing the USC film, and he said that they knew they were playing a pretty good football team who puts pressure on all phases of the game. A couple of times the defense had USC off the field, but penalties kept them on. "It's hard to measure a week like that when you're going up against that strong of an opponent."

He said that the team is excited about the ASU game and getting back to work with a positive approach to try and get a win. Asked about how the team is doing psychologically from taking a pounding like they did against USC, and he said that all he's seen so far this week is a team that came ready to work yesterday and they 'want to win'.

Asked about ASU's run game and the success they had against Oregon State, and Donatell said they have a stable of good running backs, but have been scheming some news guys in this year and they finally hit it against a good team in OSU. He added that Dennis Erickson has never been a 'huge formation guy' in terms of trying to trick things up, but they are seeing more variation this year than before. He also said that he's talked to Tim Lappano, who knows Erickson very well. "I always use my resources and see what they can tell us."

He added that ASU has played some good football this year. He mentioned the Georgia game, which they played well in for a time and also the USC game. "When they settled down, they were right there with USC."

Asked about Quinton Richardson and the lessons learned against USC, and he said that Q is the kind of kid that doesn't dwell on things anyway. He was mad and disappointed giving up the double move that cost UW a score, but this is his freshman year playing and he's be better for his experiences this next year. "He can handle it." Donatell also said that going up against those bigger USC receivers is a great measuring stick for what he has to stop in his career.

Talked about Rudy Carpenter, Arizona State's QB, and he said that Carpenter is 'very crafty' and 'plays with a lot of heart'. "I can see why Dennis (Erickson) says a lot of positive things about him. He's got a knowledge of the game so when the field is spread he can find those spots that are single-covered. "And when he escapes, he's still looking downfield. He's looking for the big one."

Talked about playing the younger DL, and he said that it's the second week in a row where they lost a starter in warmups. Cameron Elisara left the USC game with stingers, but he originally got hurt in warmups, like Senio Kelemete did against Notre Dame. "We do the same drill for a hundred years and don't see that."

Elisara has already practiced this week, and Kelemete will be a game-time decision, according to Donatell. "It unsettles you a little bit," he said of the injuries happening pre-game. "It's not just him (Elisara). It's what get put on (Alameda) Ta'amu's plate. You can feel the stress already. So we've been shuffling a little bit." Said with guys that played like Nick Wood and De'Shon Matthews, they played pretty much how he would have expected for a first game.

Asked if it's felt like offenses have gotten well right before playing UW - like ASU finding their run game at OSU, for instance - and Donatell didn't think that was the case. His point was that UW has played against teams that have all had winning records, and if you look at offenses like Oregon, Oklahoma and BYU, they are all statistically really, really good.
4:40 pm

Afternoon Practice Notes

Donald Butler was in red
Senio kelemete was in red (still riding bike though)
Victor Aiyewa was not in pads and watching
Bryon Davenport was at practice today (no pads, usually isn't there though)
David Freeman was not in pads
Chris Polk was not in pads
Kurt Mangum was not in pads
Jake Locker was not in pads
Chancellor Young was back in full pads
Bradly Roussel was not in red (back to full pads)

Cody Bruns was in full pads and looked fine. Alvin Logan was practicing with the receivers.

No scrimmage today. Each group worked on position drills. The receivers did the drill where one played corner and one was the receiver. Charles Hawkins had a nice catch.

Jake Locker was with the quarterbacks watching. He worked on his pass rush a little bit, putting some pressure on the quarterback as they threw the ball.
2:15 pm

Tim Lappano Notes

Talked about Dennis Erickson. Both Erickson and Lappano are very good friends, and Tim talked about how Erickson has gone through in college like what he's experiencing right now at ASU. It's weighing on him.

On Ronnie Fouch and his frustrations at USC - It wasn't because there were guys in his face, it was because of all the assignment mistakes. They go through the game plan thoroughly during the week and on Friday to make sure everyone is on the same page. And there's too many mistakes happening this late in the season. There was a missed block on the pass Fouch threw near the end zone that got intercepted. "We've got to quit doing that." Especially since all the option stuff is out, so really they are only using half of the playbook. There's no excuse for assignment mistakes this late in the season. He also said that Ronnie knows he can't show his frustration because guys are counting on him to lead. QB is the one position where you have to have an even temper throughout.

Talked about the disconnect some older players are sensing with the younger guys that are starting, and Lappano said he hasn't seen that but not surprised if it is happening, because fifth-year guys should be the ones that are starting. When that's not happening, something's wrong. That being said, you still have to play your best players regardless.

Asked about ASU's defense, and Lappano said that they are better than advertised and played USC and OSU very well. Seventh in the Pac-10 against the pass, seventh against the run and they have nine interceptions. Said that ASU's DE's gave them problems last year. Not big guys but lots of speed. Said Goethel and Nixon are good LB's and they lost Justin Tryon, their good corner. They are a sound defense, don't try and blitz too much, but they blitzed more against UW than anyone else last year.

He said that he tries to emulate what Erickson tries to do offensively in terms of doing what you do well so you can play as fast as possible. Said that they've only tinkered with basic sets to make sure it's not totally obvious what they are doing, but they aren't coming up with totally new game plans every week. That's why the assignment mistakes are even more frustrating; they couldn't pare down their book any more than it already is.

Asked about D'Andre Goodwin, and he said that it's been frustrating because Goodwin only has one touchdown, but is their 'go-to' guy. He's the 'old man of the group', yet just a sophomore. They are trying to put him in a lot of different places so he can get his hands on the ball. And he made a lot of big plays against Oregon State, so they are going to try and keep getting him the ball as much as possible.
2:10 pm

Mike Denbrock Notes

Talked about how there's so many young guys playing and how there's a disconnect between them and the older guys that have been there, but aren't that many of them and he said that he'd love to be the guy to have the answer for why things have gone the way things have gone. It's not one thing, but playing a lot of guys is a part of it, as well as losing their best player, etc...

When you are 0-8, all those things sound like excuses, but they all add to what's already been a problem when you're trying to get a program back on it's feet.

Said that he talks to Juan Garcia on a daily basis. Denbrock needs him to get things done because Juan carries a lot of credibility in the locker room. He uses Garcia as a conduit to get through to the other guys what the points are he's trying to get across. Always try to talk to Juan about having some patience with the younger guys because he can't expect the young guys 'to be on third base from the first day'. They need his leadership and voice of experience so they can learn and grow.

As far as the seniors and what they can do with just two home games left in their careers, Denbrock hopes they can provide leadership and their experiences get translated to the younger guys, and that if they win some games down the stretch, the feeling is that what will happen in the future becomes brighter.
11:40 am

Tyrone Willingham Pac-10 Teleconference Notes

On WSU players speaking out and concerns with his own guys - Always have that concern when you don't win. For the most part we're staying strong, seniors trying to show examples and great effort. They still believe good things will happen. I provide quotes in our itinerary each week, and hopefully it forces our guys to think about those things, like adversity or sudden change. And it's not just about the game, but also how it affects them in life. I touch on emotion, enthusiasm, adversity - all those things.

On a particular quote he's used - one of his favorite he uses from MLK called street sweeper and how a street sweeper should sweep his streets like all the great artists have gone about their work. He uses it to show the players how they can achieve and be the very best they can be regardless of what their role is.

On common thread between UW and WSU - It's probably just a coincidence. We've had our tough times, but we're building back. Hopefully the next coach can build on that and tap into the state. We're just struggling with execution. Almost have to be perfect, and that puts everyone in a very difficult position.

On run game - It's an area we've struggled with since losing Jake Locker. Trying to find help there. Improved just a little bit against USC in the second half, but nowhere near where they need to be. If can continue to put them in a position to succeed and they can stay healthy, that will help to spark our offense.

On receivers - Been pleased with Devin Aguilar and Jermaine Kearse. They have had some high moments for us. As we move forward, expect more good things from them in the future.
11:15 am

Dennis Erickson Pac-10 Teleconference Notes

On the run game against OSU - Tried to be physical. Had a long run, which was a little unusual for us. Tried to run it a little more in the right situations and hopefully can be more consistent.

On OL struggling and using power back or speed to adjust - Depends on who the guy is. Rodgers at OSU was able to find seams. Shaun was able to break tackles. Kind of depends.

On how to get team up against UW - Sept. 6th the last time we won a game. Our attention is on winning a game and breaking that streak. We're not focused on anyone else. When you haven't won six straight games, you can't focus on anything else.

On Saban coaching against LSU and going back to a previous coaching stint - Don't know Nick well, but he'll focus on what he's got to do. It is different with each place you go. You have friends and enemies at each place you go, and you have to take it out of the equation. You get cat calls anywhere you go. Just have to block it out.

On not winning games at Husky Stadium - Always nice to come back to try and win at Husky Stadium. Have had some close ones, but have never beaten the Huskies there. Have great memories growing up in the area, McElhenny, Schloredt, etc... Family and friends still there, so it would mean a lot to win there.

On disappointing season - Didn't expect this. It's happened. Got to bounce back. Schedule was difficult, but we expected to be a lot better. Got to focus on winnning games.

On Washington's teams being so down in-state - Football is very important in the state. They both have faith in the direction each program is heading. Not concerned for myself.

On Cal and USC and their game, having played both - On playing USC, you better mix up what you're doing offensively, and knowing Tedford, he'll try to keep them off guard. And Cal is playing well defensively too. It's a good matchup.

On how important an OL is to managing the game - Two things - become good in the offensive line and have a lot of lineman, so when a senior graduates you've got a junior right behind him. You do that you stand a chance of being successful. That's where you start building a program. Struggles on the OL means a lot because you don't know what you can do offensively. A lot of your game plan is dictated on who you can block and who you can't. You'd like to have older guys that you can build on. The best programs are that way.

On recruiting OL in recruiting - We've got a lot of young OL, so do you want to play them next year? You can get stuck going the JC route. Once you get it going...a good example is OSU. They have guys leave and the guys coming in are pretty good. That's an example of what you want to do. But if you miss on a couple or three classes, you're forced into making a decision.

On schedule and playing lower teams now - We happen to be in the bottom third, so they might be looking at us saying the same thing.
4:00 pm

RB Brandon Johnson Notes

On if playing in front his family was extra motivation- "No. I was playing against the best team in college football. Anytime you get on the field with somebody like that you want to make plays. I didn't want to get embarrassed by nobody. That was my motivation right there, to go out and leave it all on the field. I made a promise to the seniors that I would do that if my number was called and that's what I did."

On what is left to accomplish this year- To let coach Willingham go out with four games. That's my main focus, winning four games.

On what he can do to help win the 4 games- "I can step up and try and make things happen. Try and get in the end zone and put points on the board."

On if he takes it personally to win for Willingham- Yeah, I mean personally I have a lot of respect for coach Willingham. He got me out of a neighborhood I was in. He gave me a new chance at life. There's no telling if I didn't get this scholarship what I would be doing.

If the team wants to win out for him- My class and the class under us came here to play for coach Willingham because of his history and what he has done. He cares about us more than just football players. Just being a football player is the last thing on his mind. He's teaching us to be men. It will be real hard to replace him (Willingham).
3:40 pm

DE Johnie Kirton Notes

On what's left for him to accomplish- "I got to get me a couple sacks and make a couple more big plays and hopefully someone has an eye out for me."

On if he sees himself at the next level- "As far as I said if someone is keeping an eye for me, I'm going to train for my pro day and give them my times and testing and see if anyone is looking for me."

On if he takes it upon himself to change the mindset of the team- Definitely. Us seniors got together this last week and talked about how we need to put our need of not wanting to leave 0 and whatever and kind of leave a stepping-stone for the young guys. We don't want them to get use to losing. We need to feed them a little bit so they know what it feels like to win, and pick it up from their.

On what it will take to change the teams mindset- "It's just everybody putting it together. You cant really put into words or sentences, everybody needs to put it together."

On the attitude of the team- A lot of guys look up to us older guys and that's where we need to step our game up as far as leaders. We have done a good job of doing it, but it just comes down to Saturday's and putting it all together.

On coach Willingham- I enjoyed him being here. He brought in the staff that made a better player at all my positions. He's helped us become better young men. I think he has been put in a bad situation as far as every year key player getting hurt that affect the season. There's a lot things that factor in to his situation but definitely don't put anything on him.
3:20 pm

QB Ronnie Fouch Notes

On how he is feeling physically- "Physically I'm sore, but it's part of the game. Every Monday I'm still usually sore after the game."

On the USC defense- Their defense broke on a lot of routes way faster than I've ever seen. They were a physical defense and their linebackers could run. They were just a really good defense and deserve to be the number defense in the country.

On his confidence- "Yeah my confidence is the same. I still have confidence in this offense and I'm still trying to go out there and fight and compete because I know what this offense can do. We're young but these guys have shown they can make plays. We're going to go out there and practice just like we have all year and go in this Saturday confident on offense and see what kind of plays we can make against their defense."

On if the loss to USC was embarrassing- No it wasn't embarrassing it was just frustrating, it was a tough loss. I was pretty upset but I have to forget about it and go in this week confident against this ASU defense and keep moving forward.

On playing such a fast team- It's going to help us. It was a tough test playing against their defense this weekend. I felt that we learned a lot about their speed and learned how to play against a great defense.

On if it is hard to stay focused- No not at all. Our head coach keeps us grounded and keeps us focused. It's easy for anybody in this kind of situation to lose focus, but our team is pulling together and staying close. In the locker room when the coaches aren't around we're still close and we're not letting people get frustrated or give up on the season. It's my job on offense as the quarterback and a leader to keep these guys together and keep their spirits up and not let anyone get down."

On where the leadership comes from- "Leadership comes from the senior class and the leaders of the team. Yeah I am a red shirt freshman but it's my job as a quarterback to lead these guys and keep everybody focused on offense. We can't let anybody be too frustrated or be a cancer to the team."

On how the team responds to the leadership- I think they responded well because of our head coach. He keeps us together. It's easy for a coach in this situation to give up but he keeps fighting and he hasn't given up at all. He keeps us in line and keeps us focused.

On if he sees special things in practice- Our offense is young but I have seen the kind of plays they can make in practice. It's tough losing the way we have. We need to be confident because I've seen the plays these guys can make and we have to go in Saturday knowing we can make those plays. We need to have a good week of practice and get everybody's confidence up and go out and make plays.

On two improvements he has seen- This weekend our offensive line blocked really well. I only took one sack and didn't take as many hit as I have this season. I was very impressed with their job this weekend. Our running backs ran hard. Brandon Johnson ran really hard. Terrance Dailey is a good switch up, speed kind of guy, quick guy. He ran really hard this weekend. We need to put it all together. Everybody needs to play well on offense on Saturday to get to the next level.

On how come the big plays in practice don't show up in games- It's hard to say. That's why I am so confident, because I have seen what these guys can do. I am amazed with the receivers, running backs, O-line. I've seen what these guys can do. We just need to put it all together on Saturday to get to the next level and win a game.
1:00 pm

Tyrone Willingham Monday Notes

Said that this is a week where both teams are 'slightly similar' in the aspect of needing desperately to get a victory. The main issue is to once again try and keep focus and make the plays they need to make to get the win. Also said they need to produce turnovers to have additional success.

Asked about injuries, and he said that Cameron Elisara had stingers against USC, but shouldn't be out an extended period. Cody Bruns suffered a mild concussion, and should be OK for the next game. Also, Mesphin Forrester had a knee injury that looks like it might sideline him a 'couple of weeks' or he could play this week, depending on how he reacts. But according to Willingham there's been no long-term damage.

Asked about positives coming out of the USC game, and he said he saw some great individual efforts, like Johnie Kirton and Alvin Logan making 'game-saving' tackles. "They are still hustling, still showing they care when they could have gone the other way."

The key to improve is to eliminate the simple mistakes, especially because right now everything is magnified.

Asked how the time has been since it was announced that he would be fired at the end of the year, and he said that it hasn't been easy because he's never been in a situation like it before. But they will continue to try and put the young men in a position to do well and prod them along like they always have. He said that he believes the players are still listening to his message and are still responding.

He has not second-guessed his decision to remain on.

Said that it's human nature to have a lot harder time focusing when there are so many distractions going on. He's tried to be a professional throughout everything he's done, and he still believes that. He also said for that everything that went on last week, the team had a 'solid week of practice'.

Asked about Arizona State, and he said that their key is Rudy Carpenter. He's been there a long time and he's a tough guy. Said that he's the 'real key to their offense'. He's got good compliments with Mike Jones and Kyle Williams, but one of the reasons they haven't been as effective offensively is because they haven't been as reliable in the run game. "They could count on it in the past."

Asked about why they are struggling right now, and he said that last year they started out great, and because they played eight games at home they were able to create momentum and build off of it. This year their schedule was a lot tougher and they didn't get off to as good a start.

On defense, they just 'line up and play hard and fast'. The Huskies have to create some run game in order to be successful.

Asked about Ronnie Fouch, and Willingham said that he's a little beat up, but for the most part he's hanging in there pretty well. Also asked about the run game, and he said that Terrance Dailey and Brandon Johnson had some good runs for them, and Johnson was their leading rusher against USC, but he wasn't pleased overall with the lack of run game.

Asked about having some sympathy for Paul Wulff and what's going on at WSU, and he said flat-out 'No. I've got my own issues to deal with, so I'll let Paul deal with his.'

Asked if anything has changed day-to-day in game preparations since the decision came down to fire him, and he said no. They use the same fundamentals they have in terms of what they do in the office and out on the field. He added that the only major difference comes with recruiting, and he expects they'll get a mandate on what the AD expects them to do 'soon'.

Asked if the coaches went out to recruit in Southern California this past Friday, and he said no. He said that he felt it was in their best interests to put the focus on the team. He was also asked about the fourth-year players with senior day coming up against UCLA, and he said the new coach would be the one making the decisions on any fifth-year players.

With so many players having played against USC, Willingham said that he'd rather see some of the hurt players getting healthy and getting back into the mix, as opposed to having some of the other players move up the depth. He used Senio Kelemete as an example of a player he'd like to see back in the mix because he can use the experience. Also asked about maybe rotating some other OL into the regular rotation, and he said he hasn't seen anyone better in practice than the players currently starting, so that's what he's going with.

Asked about whether or not a new infusion of emotion would give the team a shot in the arm, and he said he couldn't consider hypotheticals like that.
12:30 pm

ASU's depth chart versus UW

X 1 Michael Jones 6-4 211 Grad. 
 5 Kerry Taylor 6-0 192 So. 

LT 59 Jon Hargis 6-4 306 So. 
 77 Adam Tello 6-4 289 RS-Fr. 
LG 67 Shawn Lauvao 6-3 293 Jr. 
 79 Brent Good 6-2 354 Sr. 

C 56 Thomas Altieri 6-2 300 Jr. 
 52 Garth Gerhart 6-1 303 RS-Fr. 
RG 63 Paul Fanaika 6-6 333 Sr. 
 73 Zach Schlink 6-4 330 Fr. 

RT 74 Tom Njunge 6-5 276 Jr. 
 77 Adam Tello 6-4 289 RS-Fr. 
 70 Mike Marcisz 6-5 285 RS-Fr. 
Y (TE) 88 Andrew Pettes 6-4 235 Sr. 
 81 Wes Evans 6-3 257 Grad. 
H (WR)  5 Kerry Taylor 6-0 192 So.  
 6 Kyle Williams 5-10 185 Jr. 
 16 Nate Kimbrough 6-1 196 Grad. 


U (TE) 84 Jovon Williams 6-4 240 Jr. 
OR 83 Stanley Malamala 6-4 265 Jr. 
 81 Wes Evans 6-3 257 Grad. 
QB 12 Rudy Carpenter 6-3 225 Grad.  
 15 Danny Sullivan 6-5 238 Jr. 
 10 Samson Szakacsy 6-3 193 RS-Fr. 
 8  Chasen Stangel 6-0 193 RS-Fr. 

TB 31 Dimitri Nance 5-10 218 Jr. 
OR 24 Keegan Herring 5-10 204 Sr. 
 36 Shaun DeWitty 6-2 227 Jr. 
 21 Ryan Bass 5-10 200 Fr. 
 20 Jarrell Woods 5-10 215 Jr. 

Z 13 Chris McGaha 6-1 192 Jr. 
 4 Gerell Robinson 6-4 222 Fr. 
 86 T.J. Simpson 6-0 186 RS-Fr. 

LE 49 Luis Vasquez 6-3 264 Sr. 
  34 James Brooks 6-4 270 RS-Fr. 
DT 50 Lawrence Guy 6-5 276 Fr. 
 77 Saia Falahola 6-2 304 So. 
DT 90 David Smith 6-3 277 Grad. 
 99 Jonathan English 6-0 292 So. 
 54 Paul 'Unga 6-3 262 Sr. 
RE 58 Dexter Davis 6-2 251 Jr. 
 92 Jamaar Jarrett 6-5 248 Fr. 
 55 Jamarr Robinson 6-2 242 So. 
SAM 44 Travis Goethel 6-3 233 Jr. 
 48 Brandon Magee 6-0 230 Fr. 
MIKE 52 Morris Wooten 6-1 240 Sr. 
 41 Shelly Lyons 6-2 225 Fr. 
 43 Anthony Reyes 6-0 225 Sr. 

WILL 25 Mike Nixon 6-3 226 Jr. 
 21 Colin Parker 6-1 219 RS-Fr. 
CB 3 Omar Bolden 5-10 191 So. 
 23 Josh Jordan 5-10 174 Fr. 
 17 Travis Smith 5-11 190 Jr. 
FS 14 Troy Nolan 6-2 210 Grad. 
 2 Ryan McFoy 6-2 218 Jr. 
SS 22 Rodney Cox 6-1 212 Sr. 
 8 Jarrell Holman 6-0 198 Jr. 
CB 5 Terell Carr 5-9 181 Jr. 
 31 Pierre Singfield 5-11 197 Jr. 
 17 Travis Smith 5-11 190 Jr. 


P 28 Thomas Weber 6-1 205 So. 
OR 38 Trevor Hankins 6-4 233 So.  
PK 28 Thomas Weber 6-1 205 So. 
KR 6 Kyle Williams 5-10 185 Jr. 
 86 T.J. Simpson 6-0 186 RS-Fr. 
 3 Omar Bolden 5-10 191 So. 
 24 Keegan Herring 5-10 204 Sr. 

PR 6 Kyle Williams 5-10 185 Jr. 
 16 Nate Kimbrough 6-1 196 Grad. 

SN 57 Thomas Ohmart 6-0 252 Fr. 
 44 Travis Goethel 6-3 233 Jr. 
 25 Mike Nixon 6-3 226 Jr. 
H 15 Danny Sullivan 6-5 238 Jr. 
 13 Chris McGaha 6-1 192 Jr. 

11:30 am

UW's depth chart versus ASU:
WR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.
9 Devin Aguilar 6-0 195 Fr./Fr.
LT 79 Ben Ossai 6-6 332 Jr./Sr.
69 Nick Scott 6-4 337 Jr./Sr.
LG 76 Jordan White-Frisbee 6-5 368 Sr./Sr.
70 Morgan Rosborough 6-6 382 Jr./Sr.
C 58 Juan Garcia 6-3 305 Sr./Sr.
64 Matt Sedillo 6-3 320 So./Jr.
RG 65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr.
64 Matt Sedillo 6-3 320 So./Jr.
RT 71 Cody Habben 6-6 316 So./Jr.
67 Skyler Fancher 6-5 294 RFr./So.
TE 86 Michael Gottlieb 6-5 249 Sr./Sr.
80 Kavario Middleton 6-5 255 Fr./Fr.
83 Walt Winter 6-4 254 Sr./Sr. 
QB 8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
7 Taylor Bean 6-1 199 RFr./So.
12 Luther Leonard 6-2 193 Fr./Fr.
TB 27 Terrance Dailey 5-11 194 Fr./Fr.
6 Brandon Johnson 5-9 207 So./So.
21 Willie Griffin 5-8 198 RFr/So.
20 David Freeman 5-7 190 Fr./Fr.
FB 30 Paul Homer 6-1 239 Jr./Jr.
32 Luke Kravitz 6-0 228 Sr./Sr.
WR 3 Alvin Logan 6-2 218 RFr./So. OR
15 Jermaine Kearse 6-1 180 Fr./Fr.


DE 66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim 6-4 263 Jr./Sr.
50 Kalani Aldrich 6-7 240 RFr./So. 
DT 99 Cameron Elisara 6-3 289 So./Jr.
74 Alameda Ta'amu 6-2 348 Fr./Fr.
DT 37 Johnie Kirton 6-3 296 Sr./Sr.
96 De'Shon Matthews 6-4 260 So./Jr.
DE 59 Darrion Jones 6-2 245 Jr./Sr.
92 Everrette Thompson 6-6 255 Fr./Fr.
OLB 9 Donald Butler 6-1 242 Jr./Jr.
24 Joshua Gage 6-2 226 Jr./Sr. OR
5 Matt Houston 6-0 232 So./Jr.
ILB 57 Trenton Tuiasosopo 6-2 243 Sr./Sr.
9 Donald Butler 6-1 242 Jr./Jr.
OLB 40 Mason Foster 6-1 229 So./So.
29 Chris Stevens 6-1 218 Sr./Sr.
FS 34 Tripper Johnson 6-1 210 So./Jr. OR
36 Johri Fogerson 6-2 190 Fr./Fr.
41 Victor Aiyewa 6-1 209 So./So.
SS 8 Nate Williams 6-0 207 So./So.
34 Tripper Johnson 6-1 210 So./Jr.
CB 28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
6 Vonzell McDowell, Jr. 5-9 178 So./So.
CB 23 Mesphin Forrester 6-2 202 Sr./Sr.
19 Matt Mosley 5-10 180 So./Jr.

Special Teams

P 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
FG/PAT 13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
KO 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
HLD 8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
SNP 49 Danny Morovick 6-4 213 Jr./Sr.
KOR 82 Jordan Polk 5-8 161 Fr./Fr.
28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
PR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.
9 Devin Aguilar 6-0 195 Fr./Fr.

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