Friday Night Lights - Double Header's Owen Donaldson was a busy man Friday night, checking out an attractive twin bill of prep football at Seattle's Memorial Stadium. In the first game O'Dea squeaked by Rainier Beach, while Eastside Catholic pulled a bit of an upset against previously undefeated West Seattle. On to the games!

Game 1
5:00 pm Memorial Stadium
Seattle, WA
Rainier Beach vs. O'Dea

The first game was a match up between O'Dea (6-2) and Rainier beach (4-4) to determine third and fourth place in the Metro League. It was a competitive and hard fought game, but O'Dea was able to seal it with a fourth quarter touchdown to win 13-6. This was an important win for the Irish, as they gained a little more momentum than the Vikings as both teams head into the playoffs.

These are the players that looked good out there.

O'Dea FB/LB Zach Fogerson (2010) – The first thing that jumps out about him is his size and strength. He isn't the tallest player but he is built well and is noticeably stronger than most of his competition. Fogerson mostly played offense, although he eventually played some linebacker at the end of the game when O'Dea needed stops. He is an effective linebacker and can be counted on to make some plays, but his best position is in the offensive backfield. The Rainier Beach defense was punished by Fogerson and his 21-yard run in the first quarter set up the game's first touchdown. He is a good blocking back that can also run the ball well and will most likely play fullback in college. Zach is the younger brother of Johri Fogerson who is lining up at safety for the Huskies as a true freshman. The younger Fogerson is currently UW's first commit for the 2010 season and his future seems bright as a power back.

O'Dea OL Grant Enger (2009) – The Irish have three very large linemen and Enger is the smallest one at 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds. He has a frame to add the weight he will need to play offensive line in college. He has a good amount of athleticism but is not the most physical player at this point. With his size, I would like to see more domination at the point of attack. He bends well and has a decent first step which will help his effectiveness once he puts on the strength and weight. He currently lines up at guard for O'Dea but he looks like he would be a good right tackle down the road. Enger has scholarship offers from Washington, Stanford, and Oregon State. He will need a couple of years in the weight room and then he will be ready to contribute on the field for a Pac-10 team.

O'Dea OL Ben Riva (2010) – Riva is listed at 6-foot-6 and 275 pounds and has the frame to develop into a nice guard or tackle at the college level. He is an athletic kid that moves well and has good straight line speed. He plays with a good amount of toughness and intensity which he will need to have in order to impress college coaches. Ben has the ability to make his initial block and then move on to the second level without much difficulty. Although Enger has more experience and Danny Kistler has the sheer size and weight, Riva may end up being the best lineman out of them all. With another year of high school football to go, he can put in a good summer of lifting and conditioning to become a beast on the line next year. He does not currently have an offer but I am sure that many schools will be after him in the future.

Other O'Dea players to watch: OL Danny Kistler (2009); LB/RB Marcus Griffin (2010); WR Alonzo Jackson (2009); WR/DB Miles Edwards (2010); RB/LB Keenan Forch (2011).

Rainier Beach WR/DB Avi Castro (2009) – Castro was the best player on the field for the Vikings during this game. He was the last line of defense all night from his safety spot and was counted on to make a lot of tackles for his team. Despite a large opposing line and physical running backs, Castro showed his toughness and held his own. His toughness was also on display at wide receiver, as he continually held onto the ball while going across the middle despite being lit up a couple of times. At 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds, he plays a lot bigger and made clutch plays for Rainier Beach. His impact was also felt on special teams, not only as the kicker but also as a kick return guy. He scored the only touchdown for his team on a 63-yard kickoff return. He charged a short kick and exploded past one guy on his way to the end zone. It was an impressive heads up play that was indicative of his performance all night long. Unfortunately, he was injured in the third quarter with a knee to the helmet but he came back and tried to give his team a lift.

Rainier Beach DB/WR Michael Berry (2011) – I was impressed with this sophomore and his ability to cover receivers downfield. He was matched up against more experienced players but showed no fear when being left on an island. He has good size, listed at 5-foot-11 and 170 pounds, and looks to have all the skills a corner needs. Alonzo Jackson of O'Dea tested him with deep routes throughout the game and Berry was right there with him. He made a few tackles and made one of the two interceptions that the Vikings had during the game. I think the future is bright for this kid, and he will only get stronger and more experienced over the next couple of years. He is one young player to keep an eye on for sure.

Other Rainier Beach players to watch: RB/DB Thomas Williams (2010); QB/DB Marcus Allen-Wells (2010); DL/OL Elisha Ulu-Maalona (2010); LB Anthony Segi (2012).
Game 2
7:30 pm Memorial Stadium
Seattle, WA
Eastside Catholic vs. West Seattle

The second game was played between Eastside Catholic (7-1) and undefeated West Seattle (8-0) to decide the Metro League championship. Intensity was high at the beginning of the game but the Crusaders used their running attack to control the game and neutralize the Wildcats' size and speed. While West Seattle struggled with numerous penalties all night, Eastside Catholic marched to a 38-14 win to take the Metro League No. 1 seed.

Here are the players that were key to their teams' success.

West Seattle DB/WR Aaron Grymes (2009) – Grymes is a very smooth athlete with a good knowledge of the game. Although he is a lightly built player at this point, he does not lack physicality or toughness. He began the game at corner, but after a couple of plays it became apparent that he was being wasted on the edge because the opposition lacked athletes at wide receiver. After lining up as the lone safety, he was effective as the Wildcats' last line of defense and was in on pretty much every tackle. Eastside Catholic only threw over the line of scrimmage a couple of times and completed none of the attempts, so Aaron's night was all about run support. As a receiver he was graceful in the open field and showed great speed. Unfortunately, he did not get many chances to catch the ball due to minimal time of possession and poor quarterback play. He did, however, have a 46-yard catch and run to set up West Seattle's first touchdown. Grymes also scored on a direct snap from 12 yards out and showed great speed to the edge. He is currently committed to the Washington Huskies for the 2009 class and has a chance to be a really good player.

West Seattle RB/DB T.J. Lee (2009) – Lee came into the game having a monster season for the undefeated Wildcats, but he was held far below his season averages during this game. He was held to 52 yards and no touchdowns by a tough and consistent Crusaders team that held the explosive athlete to short gains only. Lee's greatest asset is his quickness and acceleration which was apparent despite his lack of opportunities. He is a smaller back, listed at 5-foot-9 and 160 pounds but he has had great production this year and that production could translate to the college game. Lee also lined up at corner but was not able to make many plays because he was either downfield covering a wide receiver that wasn't going to get the ball, or coming in late for run support. I think his best position is at running back, and while he may not be a Pac-10 guy, he can make an impact somewhere.

Other West Seattle players to watch: LB/TE Marcus Hamlin (2009); OL/DL Quentin Hooks (2009); LB/RB Sania Leuelu (2009); WR/DB Isaiah Jenkins (2010); DL/OL Richard Sonsteng (2010).

Eastside Catholic RB Mike Bush (2009) – Bush has been tearing up the Metro League this year via the run, and this game was no different. He had around 130 yards on 22 carries and got into the end zone three times from distances of 6, 23 and 13 yards. He is a short player at 5-foot-8, but he is very powerfully built and has great balance. He doesn't have top-end speed but his production can't be denied. He has been a very important player for a surprising Eastside Catholic team. He gets a lot of carries, but remains durable and tough though the entire game. He got shaken up in the third quarter but returned to help his team seal the game. In my opinion he is not a top-tier prospect, but may be able to play some college football for a D-II program.

Eastside Catholic RB/DB Marion Bactol (2009) – Bactol is a great return guy and is a very elusive player. He made a sure tackler like Aaron Grymes miss more than a couple of times and had 72 yards on 13 carries. He also played corner for the Crusaders and did a good job against a speedy West Seattle team. He had an interception in the third quarter and could have had another one if his own player did not break it up. Bactol is a more versatile player than Bush and is a very important piece of this Eastside Catholic team. At 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds he has some decent size but lacks some top end speed. The best part of Bactol's game is making people miss and he continually got more yards than he should of by using his quick feet and vision. He got very few chances to get a good return going during the game, but he has probably been the best return guy in the state this year.

Other Eastside Catholic players to watch: OL/DL Sam Lindquist (2010); RB/LB Kellen Matsuno (2009); WR/DB Matt Freeman (2010); DL/OL Mick Davis (2009). Top Stories