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Huskies Accept Sun Bowl Bid
Race Bannon, Juarez, Mexico

The Washington Huskies' mid season slump has them pointing to the streets of El Paso for a New Years Eve match up with the Purdue Boilermakers. We have no complaints, as when the Huskies were 4-5, most had them pegged for no bowl and a 4-8 record. The Huskies saved the season with three straight wins over the northwest lesser lights.

This is a repeat of the 2001 Rose Bowl classic, although Drew Brees is now slinging them for the Chargers, and the incomparable Tui is busy holding Gannon's clipboard for the Raiders. We will cover the match up in depth in our special bowl preview issue, one of many upcoming special issues that we may actually get around to writing. In the meantime, Juarez beckons. Pass the penicillin. I think I see the football that Ernie Conwell deep-snapped through the stadium . . .
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

Saturday was a great day to be a Trojan, marred only by the loss of Bob Toledo as Bruin head coach. The Trojans watched their cross-town rivals get rooked by the officials, then accepted a bid to play in the Orange Bowl in the traditional match up with Big Ten champ, Iowa.

A controversial backward pass that led to another pass for a long TD started the Bruins on the road to defeat, and sewed up the Trojans first league co championship since the 1995 season, when they shared the title with Washington. Bruin boss Bob Toledo was told to win or move out, and failed despite the generous and bonehead play of their clutch opponent. The Bruins recovered a controversial onside kick at the end of the first half, leading to a score that kept them in the game.

However, the bad officiating throughout the second half was too much for the gritty little Bruins to overcome. UCLA was also devastated by the loss of their senior quarterback Cory Paus, earlier in the season. If Paus could have played, the Bruins would have won, according to most observers.

The opponents celebrated on the field, but the Bruin fans refrained from tossing bottles or other objects at them. It seems they don't recycle in Westwood like they do in Pullman.

The Trojans have parlayed their good news on the field into verbal commitments from all 100 of the Top 100 recruiting prospects. Athletic Director Mike Garrett was asked to explain how USC could sign 100 recruits with the numbers restrictions in college ball today.

"We've had enough of numbers restrictions and parity," explained an agitated Garrett. "We are USC and we can do whatever the $%^% we want, you hear me?"

Garrett denied rumors of a billboard campaign in Eugene Oregon to trumpet the success of the season.
Nate Robinson – A Man for All Seasons
Race Bannon

Nate Robinson is having the same effect on the Husky basketball team that he had on the football squad. Nate shows up and wins show up with him. After sitting on the bench for the Dawgs first win against Wyoming, Nate took a more active role on the road at Santa Clara.

N Rob led the Husky scoring parade in his first action of the season after leading the revival of the Husky defense in football. Nate will work with the cagers while preparing for the Sun Bowl with the gridders.

Nate will also find time to drop by the Nordstrom Center to work on his tennis serve. Then it is off to Washington National and short game practice to get ready for the NCAA golf tournament. Moreover, don't forget his anchor role on the swimming team, and some work in the batting cage to get ready for baseball season.

Nate may find time to help the soccer team if his studies for the Rhodes Scholarship allow him the time. The Presidential run in 2004 is never far from his mind.

However, in a ruling that severely disappointed Barbara Hedges, Nate is not eligible for Women's Softball.
Mayo Clinic

Miami and Ohio State will meet in the Fiesta Bowl for all the marbles, and 15 million dollars to boot. Miami crushed Virginia Tech to finally put an official seal on what everyone knew to be inevitable. The Canes should be huge favorites to win it all in Tempe, just like they were in 1987 against Penn State.

But the BCS wasn't happy with just bringing us a battle of unbeatens, they also felt the need to move the Rose Bowl from Pasadena to Miami, where Pac 10 and Big 10 champs USC and Iowa will face off. The Rose Bowl has been reduced to a match up of non-top5 teams, in what is expected to be an easy win for the Sooners of Oklahoma.

Pasadena has announced a ban on all glass bottles throughout the city until January 2nd.

Georgia coach Mark Richt faces his old boss as the southern Dawgs meet Florida State in the Sugar Bowl.

We greatly admire the way that the BCS has ruined all four major New Years Day bowl games in such a short period. Pass the Interferon.

And Finally.... Buff fans still feeling the lingering effects of Neuheisel players as CU is routed again by OU.......Wake Forest is the Ducks' opponent in the Seattle Bowl. Wake is famous for being the school of Arnold Palmer. Oregon coach and super genius Mike Bellotti is said to be pleased, but really wanted Duke.......ASU gets KSU in San Diego.....the Beavs get Pittsburgh in Phoenix........UCLA will play New Mexico (???) in Las Vegas.......Georgia routed Arkansas, and Navy sunk Army to wrap up the regular season........and so wraps our regular coverage, as we thank each and every reader and for putting up with our psychotic cast of characters......many special issues ahead.....Year In Review Spectacular.....Bowl Preview Spectacular......Bowl Wrap Up Spectacular.......Recruiting Preview Spectacular.....Recruiting Wrap Up Spectacular......Spring Football Spectacular.......Oregon Violations Spectacular..... and basketball coverage as warranted. It all sounds as spectacular as you, our gentle reader.

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