Koegel getting a kick out of process

Christian Koegel is a 6-0, 185-pound kicker prospect from Deerfield Beach, Florida and when it comes to kickers from the Sunshine State, the Washington Huskies have been fortunate. Pope John Paul's John Anderson is finishing his career as a four-year starter and punter Derek McLaughlin is leaving for his two-year mission, so now it's time to find another kicker that can accompany Michael Braunstein, who already decided to be a Dawg. So why not go back to the well?

Koegel had a 47-yard average as a senior with a long of 68. As a sophomore his long was 79 yards and last year it was 72. He scored 45 points for Deerfield Beach this season with a long field goal of 38 yards. As a kickoff man, 85 percent of his kicks intended for the endzone were touchbacks."I also made it into the North-South game and had 5 punts for a 43-yard average," he told Dawgman.com. "My long was 55."

He runs a 4.7 40, benches 305 pounds and squats 385. A 305-pound bench has to be some sort of record for kickers, and it's something Christian takes a lot of pride in. "My Dad was into lifting, so I got into it," he said. "And I got a lot of respect from my teammates when I work out with the linemen."

Koegel is also open to placekicker. In fact, he's pretty much open to anything, as long as football pays his way through school. "I'm open to everybody," he said. "I want to find a school that has a good coaching staff and has what I want academically." He is planning on majoring in communications, with a minor in business.

Scholarship offers have already been tendered by Michigan State, Ball State, Central Florida, Florida Atlantic and Eastern Illinois. "Eastern Michigan came by the school last week and they want to set up a visit for me in the next two weeks," Koegel said. And his sights might be set just a little higher than the schools that have offered right now. He plans on making official visits to Boston College, Florida, Eastern Michigan and Washington, with the fifth trip open. His top-3 are BC, Florida and Washington, but still contends that he's still listening to everybody closely.

Here are his thoughts on his three leaders.

Boston College - "Well, they told me that they also offered Brian Monroe, who just committed to Miami. They said they are going to give him a couple of more weeks and then I'm second on the list for an offer. Plus, I've heard really good things about the school from people that I work with."

Florida - "Obviously it's close to home. My sister goes to school there and she dates one of the players, so I've gotten to know a lot of them pretty well. I feel comfortable there. They took Eric Wilbur, but they told me they want him to kick and are still looking at a punter."

Washington - "I like them a lot. There's also some people I know that have said nothing but good things about Washington. There are a couple of girls from Pope John Paul that come to my work. They know John Anderson. They fill me in on how he's doing. To be honest, the weather there isn't all that much different than here. I want to take a visit there."

On top of maintaining a 3.7 GPA, Christian is also an Honor Society member, a Rotary Club Student of the Month, and, for good measure, he's made it into the second round of the High School Heisman, presented by McDonalds. "I work as a bag boy at the Fresh Market in Boca (Raton). It's like a convenience store," he said.

With all that's on his plate, it's amazing Christian has any time to kick a football around. But if he has it his way, he'll leave the Fresh Market behind and kick to earn his way. And that should happen.

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