Cody Ellis trip report

Cody Ellis knew that staying close to home was the best bet for him, and when he decided to commit to the University of Washington a short time ago, he knew he was in for something special on his official visit. Now that Ellis is back home, he's convinced more than ever that UW is and will be the place for him, and it wasn't anything unusual the Huskies did on his visit to convince him. In fact, it was just the little things that made it more impressive than he thought it would be.

"I left on Friday and got back yesterday, but I just slept all day I was so tired," Ellis told today. "We went to all the places I'm sure they always go - the Met (Metropolitan Grill) and the Space Needle. The food was great. We ate so much, I didn't want to eat any more after a while. It was too much."

Dan Milsten was Cody's host, and having the former Rogers grad there was like old hat for Ellis. "Having Dan as my host was cool," he said. "He's really good friends with my cousin. And we hung out a lot with Reggie (Williams) because he was Anthony Russo's host. Dan just showed me around, let me know how things are. I had a great time, a better time than I thought I would."

Why was that? "Well, I thought that maybe the players wouldn't be interested in us, but it's just like a family up there. It was really cool. You can tell that everybody likes everybody else on the team." He mentioned Ty Eriks, Greg Carothers and Jason Benn as three guys he got a chance to talk to.

Cody also took in the Dawgs' Friday practice. "Actually, a lot of what they do we do," he said. "I watched the DB's and receivers. Obviously they are all studs out there and things are a lot faster, but for the most part it was like our practices a lot."

But that wasn't the highlight. "I think just meeting the coaches and getting to know them better was the biggest thing for me," Ellis said. "Talking to Coach (Bobby) Hauck, (Randy) Hart, and Coach (Rick) Neuheisel was great. I had my position meeting with Coach Hauck. They want me to start out at DB for now, but Coach Hart came to school today and told me to be ready at receiver too. They want me to be trying both for 2-a-days."

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