Player Quotes - ASU

It's a sad state of affairs at Montlake and things didn't get better this weekend as the Huskies lost to the Sun Devils 39-19. Read on to see what the players were thinking after their 11th straight loss dating back to last season...

K Ryan Perkins

On his big night: "It's great to get the kicks and make them, but a couple should have been touchdowns instead. It's frustrating because I'm only kicking when we stall, but when we had our chances our field goal team did well and we made it when we had the chance to make it."

On why he's leaving the team at the end of the season: "It really wasn't my decision. It was a medical thing that I had to take care of because my knee has gotten a lot worse over the past three months and it's only getting worse. I don't really care if I am doing more damage to it, I'm going to kick until they tell me that I can't kick anymore, but just looking at the X-Rays, with the naked eye, you can see the difference in how the knee looked in August and how it looks now."

On what it means to go out with him playing well: "I will never regret doing what I did even when I have to have knee replacement. I got a free education, I got to play ball and I got to be a Husky. That was important to me and I have no regrets in what I did. It meant everything to me to go out and kick for the Huskies."

WR Jermaine Kearse

On the team having more fun: "We knew we had to get off to a fast start so we just tried to get pumped up for it and make plays in the first half and get a fast start and help it carry over to the second half."

On the trick plays: "It makes the game a little bit more fun and just to get your team get excited and get pumped after those plays are made, it's a good feeling. Then you get that adrenaline and you just move on."

LT Ben Ossai

On battling with Dexter Davis: "I had a little bit of trouble in the first half, but in the second half I got my feet moving a little bit better and I think I did a better job."

On the first half: "We came out ready to play. We came out hyped out of the locker room and tried to come out and have a big day. The first half went well, the third quarter went well and then it went a little bit down hill. They got a couple of lucky breaks and we got a couple of bad breaks, it's just football."

On the attitude of the offensive line: "We always have an attitude, but tonight we just got fed up with a couple of the things they were doing and we reacted to it."

On how Washington compares to ASU: "We are just as good as they are."

LB Chris Stevens

On the punt block: "Coach White dialed up a nice block there. Everyone executed really well. All I had to do is run straight and block it." He added, "I think they had a miscommunication because I became pretty free."

On playing more today: "I'm always excited to be on the field. I love trying to help wherever I can."

On knowing he would play more: "Yeah, they had me in at practice a lot more."

On the fumble recovery: "The guy came up and got inside of me. Mosley came up and made a nice play on the guy. The ball popped out and I fell on it."

On the mindset of the defense: "The mindset of the defense is we're trying to be more aggressive. We're trying to get after them more. Coach Donatell gives guys a lot of help, (we) work hard. He tries to work things in to help guys get a role in the game."

RB Terrance Dailey

On why the running game struggled: "We need to go back and watch film. We made a lot of mistakes today. Not one person individually, but the entire offensive unit. We just made a lot of mistakes and that is why we could not get the run game going."

On the trick plays: "We planned on running some trick plays for this game. We were looking to mix things up and catch the defense off guard. It seemed to work well the majority of the time. Overall I thought we were successful in that aspect of the offense."

On what the team can take away from this game: "In the locker room we were really intense and I thought we started out the game with a lot of intensity. We also made a lot of mistakes tonight, and I think if we can clean those up then we will be fine." Top Stories