Coordinator Quotes - ASU

SEATTLE - Here's what Washington Defensive Coordinator Ed Donatell and Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano said about Saturday night's 39-19 loss to Arizona State at Husky Stadium.

Ed Donatell:
On if the team wore down - "We didn't play as well down the stretch. I think we came out with great energy and some good plays in the game. It was a tight ball game and it kind of got away late."

On where the energy came from - "These guys are thirsty for a win. They keep mustering up every week and it's hard every week. Our intentions were to win this football game. They certainly came out with that, digging down in. They feel they want to improve as a football team."

On the defense improving - "The game is tighter so that is an indicator of that. I think there are so many young guys on this defense that are all coming back that will get better next year. What we want to do is show some improvement in the next couple games so they will be on the upswing."

On if the losing streak is unbelievable - Yes it is. No I couldn't imagine that. It is what it is. It's our job to be pros and fight each week. We're fighting. We really wanted this victory for our fans
Tim Lappano:
On the trick plays - "We've had the reverse pass in for three weeks. The kids were starting looking at me funny wondering when we would run it. I promised them I would get to it early. That's something we practice in practice well. We probably went to the well one too many times in the second half with the reverse pass. We practice that for two weeks. We had an outlet in case they didn't bite and they stayed back. We didn't outlet on it so we ended up taking a sack. Cody (Bruns) throws the ball extremely well, really good athlete. He's made those plays in practice for the last three weeks so I didn't have reservations about calling them when I did because he was so good at it the last three weeks. I promised the guys we would empty it out and have a little fun and try and make some things happen."

On the team's energy - "I thought we came out with some energy. We had some swagger in the locker room that I've never seen since I've been here. I loved it. There was some juice. I think they felt they could win. Our whole thing this week was we needed to start fast. That was part of the special plays that we designed, to help us start fast."

On the run game - "The run game is nonexistent right now. I'm going to have to watch the film and see what the hell happened. That makes it tough down in the red zone. I thought we got interfered with twice on critical calls. I think that was the second quarter where we got interfered with a couple times, that hurt. We ended up with six points instead of 12."

On what happened in the second half - "It comes down to we didn't make the plays in the second half to win the ball game."

On the fourth and five play in the red zone - "I wish I would have given Terrance Dailey another try instead of throwing the goal line fade. We knew they were collapsing inside so I wanted to try and get the ball outside. We wanted to get Kavario Middleton matched up on number 5, he was 5-foot-9. We worked on that a bunch this year and we worked on it in practice. We should of pitched the ball to Terrance Dailey."

On the running game - "I don't think we knocked them off the ball number one, it didn't look like that to me. There were a couple times I don't think we were patience enough. It's a combination. It makes it hard in the red zone when you can't run the football."

On Ronnie Fouch - "The corner route to the tight end is a play we have to make the throw on. There were a couple other throws he needed to make."

On Jermaine Kearse - "I think Jermaine has made some great plays down field. He's done that a couple times. He hadn't done a whole lot until this game but he's coming back a little bit. He's made some great plays down the field. It's not like he out runs everybody because he doesn't do that but he does have a sense of timing and going up and taking the ball at the high point. It's nice to see him do that."

On where the swagger came from - I think they really believed they could match up with Arizona State. They lost six games in a row. They thought they could get out there get after them. I still think at half time they believed they could win the football. We just didn't execute and make the plays. When we go out there and give them 10 points from an offensive perspective it's almost impossible to win.

On the seniors - "Something good has to happen to these seniors. They have had a long four or five years here. It would be a nice way to send them out of here with a victory against UCLA and then go on get Apple Cup. I would like to be able to do that."

On playing Rick Neuheisel - I just want to win a football game. I don't care who it is against. Top Stories