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SEATTLE - Well, here's everyone's red-letter game. Like Nick Saban returning to Baton Rouge, it's Rick Neuheisel's time to head back to Husky Stadium and face the music against a Washington program that is a shell of their former selves. Will he be cheered? Will he be booed? Will he have more former players on UCLA's side than on UW's side?

3:40 pm

Afternoon Willingham Notes:

Said there's no change in injury status to anyone at this time, although he did say Senio Kelemete might have worked his way onto the 64-man roster by his play this week. It sounds like Jordan Polk and David Freeman will not make the roster. Matt Mosley will take Polk's spot as UW's primary kick returner.

Asked about sixth years and whether or not any current player was in the process of trying to get a sixth year, and TW said no, and that any future talk about players trying for an extra year would have to go through the new head coach.

TW was asked a question about the new study that came out a week ago by Richard Lapchick, who runs the The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida, and what his thoughts about it were. The focus behind the study was that with Willingham's firing, along with Ron Prince at Kansas State, college football is still far behind other college and professional sports when it comes to significant minority hires.

TW didn't know about the study, but did say that the fact that there are only two African-American Head Coaches in D1 should be a concern to all of us because that means there is a pool of talent that is not being tapped, and this should be a country that taps into all the talent and all the resources available. "We've battled this for some time, the issue of African-American coaches at this level. And at no point has it been where it should be. The representation is far short of where it should be, and that hurts all of us. When you have talented people that have the ability to help us do the things we'd like to do better, you are missing that. And that's a shame."

"You have to reinvent the system, probably something along the lines of what the NFL did with the Rooney Rule. That would be the first step, and it would be a lot harder to do at the collegiate level, but there are ways to do it. All you are asking is for the opportunity to sit down at the table, and that benefits us all."

He was asked about that, especially given his role as President of the national coaching association, and he said that there's been some push now and some things that are being considered, but it hasn't reached small or large-scale approval yet. "It involves a lot of parties, a lot of groups. And that makes it a lot more difficult. In the NFL, you are talking about one owner. There are a few more shareholders in college football."

He also said that it's not been his goal to make it a higher platform, but a 'natural' platform. "It should be something we're all conscious of, because it benefits all of us. There's no loser in all of this."

He was asked about UCLA QB Kevin Craft, and how he's given up some picks this year, and TW said that he's hoping Craft will have one of those games where he throws a couple to UW. UW only has three picks this season. Also said that if they get a pass rush, that can help out UW's safeties when the ball is in the air.

Asked about Fouch and whether his season has been up and down, steady or below expectations, and TW said that his season has been like the team's season - up and down. QB reflects the team and what's going on around him. He's also been under duress too. "Like I tell our guys, it's difficult to complete a pass when you are on your back."

Also asked about Fouch's demeanor, especially when it's been apparently Ronnie has sometimes put his emotions on his sleeve during the season, and TW said you would always like your QB to be 'cool and calm' for the most part. There's a time to get in someone's face, but you don't want his 'downs' to be showing on his face, adding that many times a team can take their posture based on what they see from the QB.

Asked about Neuheisel's return to Seattle, and if TW thought RN might be feeling some of the same emotions TW went through in similar situations, and TW said that if RN was thinking what Willingham had thought about in those instances, he'd be thinking about the game and how they have to be prepared to play and leave the rest of it alone.
4:40 pm

Afternoon Practice Notes:

It was that typical November Seattle rain; not that big a deal, just enough of it to make it uncomfortable to be out at practice.

Michael Jackson was coming out of the speakers for pre-stretch, which was nice to hear.

Jason Wells was dressed and practicing. Here's the list of players I saw that weren't dressed in full pads: Jake Locker, Erik Folk, Darin Harris, Kalani Aldrich, Vicente Cordova, Jordan Polk, Victor Aiyewa, Kurt Mangum, Byron Davenport and Brandon Yakaboski. Everyone else was practicing - no red shirts.

They were set up for a two-minute drill, and I was able to stay long enough to see its conclusion. There was :40 left on the clock in the fourth quarter and the game was tied at 21. The Huskies had the ball at their own 29. A couple of passes from Ronnie Fouch to D'Andre Goodwin moved the ball up to the UCLA 42. From there they had a fourth and 1 with 10 seconds to go. They ran the ball for a first down to the UCLA 39 and immediately used their last time out with 7 seconds. After the time out they tried an outside pass, which ended up incomplete.

So with three seconds left, they tried a 56-yard field goal for the win, but the ball sailed just wide left. It appeared it would have had the distance, which is saying something in the slick conditions.
3:45 pm

Afternoon Willingham Notes:

Will be outside today, even though it's not all that nice out. Will move inside if it gets any rougher, but he's anticipating decent weather on Saturday, so that shouldn't be a factor. Asked about practicing inside last week, and that had to do with where they were in their game week preparations and what they were trying to get done.

Asked about injuries, and Mesphin Forrester and Vonzell McDowell worked Tuesday and will continue to work today. Jordan Polk was held out of Tuesday's practice because of the concussion he sustained Saturday, and they'll continue to be cautious with him this week. Senio worked a little bit Tuesday and they'll continue to try to work him in today, but it sounds like the Apple Cup would be the more likely game he'll come back and play in.

Darin Harris is done with his UW career.

Asked about D'Andre Goodwin's season, and TW said that he's had a very solid year. He gives great effort and has been comfortable with both QB's. Is in the top-four of most receiving stat categories in the Pac-10. Asked about Goodwin only having one score, and TW said that they just haven't done a very good job of getting him the ball in the red zone to get him more touchdowns.

Asked about how the seniors are doing this week, and TW said that it's a difficult week for them and will be tough just from the impact of what's going on and what it means to them. "They will be playing through tears." He hopes they can wipe away the tears and finish this homestand with a win. He added that every player wants their college career to be special, and you want to end it the right way. "We all want to have more wins." Also said that Washington is an excellent football program and University and these seniors have a lot to be proud of, but at the same time he understands that they would have liked to have had more wins.

Asked about his week, and he said that he's sure he'll have a lot of thoughts, but isn't quite sure what they are going to be right now. He said that it will be emotional.

Asked if UCLA's offense and UW's offense share anything in common, other than personnel issues with backup QB's and the like, and he said that he's really liked what Ronnie Fouch has done coming in for them. The one major thing that has taken some 'retooling' has been the running game, which is something they were trying to get from the start - something in the run game outside of Jake. "But any time you have to go to a No. 2 (Fouch), things do change for you."
2:50 pm

Ed Donatell Notes:

Started out by saying that they are just trying to find ways to find a game. Said that with UCLA, you see they have talent when you watch them play, and if you asked them they'd say they would should have a better record than what they currently have.

Said that there's still a 'maturation process' going on with the defense, especially the front, but guys like Everrette Thompson, Senio Kelemete and Alameda Ta'amu are going to be much improved because of their experience this year.

Asked about Norm Chow's offense, and he said that he visited with Chow when the Tennessee Titans were playing the Jets last year. Said they will be seeing 'Norm's offense' on Saturday, which isn't going to be drastically different than the offense Chow created at BYU and USC.

On the ASU game, Donatell felt like they were doing the right things in the third quarter, got some three-and-outs and Matt Mosley's kick return put a charge in the team, but they got a couple of short fields and didn't react well to that. "It wasn't so much we wore down, I don't like to use that term. We just didn't go as well."

Injured UCLA QB Ben Olson might be available for the UW game, but Donatell said that they are a lot more concerned about themselves and won't change what they do too much.

Asked about Chris Stevens, and Donatell said that Stevens probably got 20 extra first and second-down plays, in addition to his situational play at LB and his special teams responsibilities. "Sometimes with all that he gets a little gassed. But he's a guy everyone trusts, and those are the guys you lean on and try and get on the field." Added that he's not a massive guy, but he 'throws himself into any situation'. He also has that speed and explosiveness you'd like to see coming off the edge, and they were hoping he'd be more productive as a speed end, but the season isn't over yet.

Asked about injured players coming back, and it sounds like both Senio Kelemete and Mesphin Forrester have a chance to get back this week - probably Forrester more than Kelemete at this point. Asked if Mosley would go back behind Forrester in the depth if Mesphin was ready to play, and Donatell said that they'll play anyone right now who can bring an energy to the game and brings excitement. He added that Mosley has been one of those guys. Also said that Kalani Aldrich is suffering some back issues, and that's the reason he hasn't been suiting up of late.

He was also asked about Quinton Richardson and how he's taken a little backwards step lately, and Donatell said that he's still just a freshman and has a lot of football left in front of him. He's a little 'bumped up' in terms of not playing at 100 percent health, and sometimes that can cause a player to have setbacks. Donatell added that Richardson has the skills and toughness, as well as confidence in himself, to be very good. "He'll make it through, but it's tough on anyone who goes through something like this. But he doesn't worry me."
8:40 pm

Ronnie Fouch Notes (per Jon Martone):

On how sore he is- "I actually got a little more this weekend. The SC game I didn't get hit as many times. Yeah I'm pretty sore today from the game."

On what happened in the second half- "We put ourselves in too many long distance situations. Seems like the second half we got into more 3rd and 10 and 3rd and 11, stuff like that. We were shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties, mental mistakes, and assignment mistakes. We can't have those things. I think that is the big reason why weren't successful in the second half because we had too many long distance situations. It's tough play calling wise to have 2nd and 10 and 3rd and 10 every time. It's tough for coach Lappano to call successful plays to get us 10 yards every time.

On the goal line pass- "We thought they were going to bring some pressure down there so we wanted to spread them out. Coach Lappano he thought we could fit the ball in there with the pass if they blitzed. It just didn't work out. We'll be better at it next time."

On kicking so many field goals- "It's very frustrating. Any time we're out there we don't want to settle for a field goal. Our motto is to keep the kicker of the field. We want points we don't want a field goal. So it was pretty frustrating."

On running trick plays- "I liked it. We had been practicing these plays for most of the season now. We felt Cody (Bruns) has had a strong arm all year. It's fun to get out there in a game and not just run it in practice. Cody has been throwing good balls all year in practice and it showed on Saturday."

On how many TD receptions he has had in his life- "That was actually my first one."

On Neuheisel coming- I'm only a red shirt freshman but the older guys who were recruited by Rick told me he's a great coach and stuff. We're not focused on that. We're focused on UCLA coming into our house and getting a win for the seniors in their last home game.

On where the energy came from- "It just came down to us talking as a team this week. We had a couple player only meetings. We just wanted to step up this weekend and bring more enthusiasm and bring more fire. We felt in the locker room before we were having fun, bouncing around, getting guys going and I think that's what made us have a fast start so to say. We kicked a lot of field goals but we still put points on the board in the first half. I think that's due to how we came out into the game and approached the game mentally."

On if the energy helped- "I mean yeah because we had such a fast start. We just didn't put it all together in the second half. We got into too many long distance situations. In the first half I think it helped us out a lot, bring more enthusiasm and bring more fun to the game."

On why it took so many weeks to get energy- "We've been working on that. It's just something that happened. We can't really explain it, we just did it. Got in the zone and that's why we had such a great first start."

On the ASU defense- We scouted their defense as an 11% blitz team. We knew they weren't going to blitz us a lot. We knew they were more of a conservative coverage defense. It was a matter of third downs. In the first half were putting ourselves in 2nd and five situations which gives our coach two plays to get a first down. When we put ourselves in 3rd and 10 situations it's tough to pick up those 10 yards to get a first down.

On coach Willingham- We've been going out there trying to get some more weekends for coach before he departs from here. We want to win for ourselves too. Let him leave on the right note and leave on some wins.

More on Willingham- We just pulled together as players and our head coach is a fighter and we're going to fight for him. He hasn't giving up on us and we haven't given up on him. He cares about us a lot.

On player only meetings- "It's some accountability stuff. It's some stuff as players we like to keep private. It's between ourselves. We feel it helps us a lot. It clears a lot of things that might be on people minds. Our whole team can be on the same mindset. We're not going to win unless all of us have the same mindset."

On when player only meetings started- "A long season of frustration. Time for something to change. We felt as players it's on us, it's not coach anymore, it's on us. We have to produce and we have to win the game."

On the seniors- "This is their last home game, against UCLA up here. We want to let them finish on the right note, finish their Husky careers."
2:10 pm

Tyrone Willingham Notes:

Opening comments - "Coming out of the last weekend's ball game, I still feel very much the same way. Our young men gave us some effort. They tried hard to put themselves in a position to win. We've been questioned many times about the third quarter, but if you look at it the third quarter was pretty much an even quarter for us. Where we didn't finish the ball game was in the fourth quarter. What we were concerned about was our execution. We're going to try and get our young men better by trying to do all the things right, trying to execute, trying to be better at everything we do every week. It's an endless pursuit, and our young men I think are committed to that."

Asked about the run game, and he said that the key word is execution. "We can't have the missed assignments, we can't have the lack of communication. You can't be successful doing that." Said early on the backs may have been a little impatient in trying to make something happen, but it all comes down to execution. "We do that, we get some yardage."

Asked about how the team was fired up at the beginning of the game, and whether or not that's a reflection of the staff loosening things up. (jokingly) "I'm not loosening the reins. I'm trying to choke them."

He said that he's trying to get the team to understand that each player has a responsibility to their teammate. The guy that isn't playing might be able to show something they saw to the player that is playing. "What we want is more activity, more energy from all those guys executing their role. So maybe what you saw is guys maturing a little bit and understand what that role is so they can start to execute."

He added that there's so much he doesn't know in terms of how individuals responded to the news of him getting fired, but it also happened in the case of Phil Fulmer and Tennessee and how they lost to Wyoming the week of the news. "To me it just points out the difficulty of that task, so I applaud our coaches in keeping our team moving and keeping our team going. Hopefully now some of that is behind us, so we can concentrate on the football game and on what the young men want to do. But at the same time, you just don't know."

On playing like there's nothing to lose - "I approach it a little differently. I think there's always something to lose. That's why you play the game. You have your pride, your dignity, your hard work and your sweat. All those things go into a contest. So I think there's always something to lose every time you go out."

On Jake Locker returning - "I think he's going in for surgery either this week or next to remove the plates. That's usually a good sign, because that means that healing has taken place. He should be moving and progressing forward. But whether that means he'll be able to play or not I'm not ready to commit to that yet. It's still a little early for that."

On the injury front, x-rays on Vonzell McDowell's arm/elbow were negative, no break - so now it's just a matter of how much he'll be able to protect himself in terms of getting ready to play.

On defense during the ASU game - "I thought we did a decent job with our defense. In the first half we stayed in a position that kept us potentially able to win a football game. We had some three-and-outs and got ourselves off the football field. We really didn't give up scores. But again, we didn't finish it. I like what I'm seeing out of Mason Foster. He's playing really strong for us and could be one of those guys up for All-Conference. He's playing good solid football for us. We became a better defensive team when we moved Donald Butler from inside to our strong linebacker. That's helped us. And Trenton (Tuiasosopo) has helped us being on the field. That's been a good thing for us. But we have to continue to find ways to stop the run and find ways to get off the field.

On the spotlight moving from his direction toward Neuheisel this week - "I don't think it's that big a thing. My situation is done, everyone knows what's going on with me That's old news, it's today's fishwrap. I don't know where the spotlight will be, but it'll be a football game."

On the seniors and finishing up their final year - "If we can finish with some wins, it'll still be a difficult journey for them. It hasn't been all their fault: There have been some things surrounding them that may not allowed them to have the success they would have liked. Going through multiple coaching changes is never a good thing for any player. Those things do take some of the steam out of your players and out of your program. You look around and say that you hope they started the movement back toward being a successful team."

On his own thoughts about going through the tunnel one last time - "I'll be drawing closer to an end here. Ends when they don't finish the way you'd like them to are always kind of difficult."
1:40 pm

Rick Neuheisel Notes:

Said that he's had a lot of time to think about coming back and coaching at Husky Stadium, and he has nothing but fond memories about being at UW, no matter how messy it eventually ended up. He truly respects the program and will always be grateful for the opportunity to coach there. "I learned a great deal from the experience."

Asked about his feelings toward UW's current plight, and he termed it 'sad'. "Because I know how hard people work." He added that he has a great deal of respect for Tyrone Willingham and how hard he works at it. Added that Willingham was Pac-10 Coach of the Year his first year as a coach at UW. "They will play their tails off and we'll play our tails off. It'll be a whale of a football game."

Asked about the response he's expecting Saturday, and he said that 'if my family comes, at least some people will be clapping'. He added that some will always be upset with him and some will be happy to see him.

Asked about extra security measures, like what Nick Saban had to do at LSU last weekend, and he said that the UCLA assistants have already asked him what he is wearing Saturday so they don't wear the same thing.

Asked about UCLA being the place he was meant to end up, and he said that he's excited to be back at his alma mater and he really enjoys living back in LA because of the time he spent in college. Said he's excited to be back in college football. "I missed it. It's a dream opportunity for me."

Asked if he was going to take his name out of the running for the soon-to-be-open UW head coaching spot, and he said that it would be the 'proper thing to do'.

Asked about his defense, and he said that their front has 'taken water', especially at DE, but when guys like Datone Jones - a true frosh - are playing hard, you have to take it as a positive. The role of UCLA's defense this year is to keep games close, and outside of the BYU game, every game the Bruins have played this year have been close going into the fourth quarter.

"I can't say enough about the job (UCLA Defensive Coordinator) DeWayne Walker and that side of the ball have done." Asked if he believed Walker might be a head coaching candidate with all the openings coming up, and he said that Walker would be a wonderful candidate. He encourages everyone to look at Walker, because he's a great tactician and leader. "Kids rally to him." Said they'd be making a mistake if they didn't take that extra step to find out about Walker.

Talked about Juan Garcia - the one UW remaining player from his tenure - and he said that he wanted to wish Juan congratulations, and how he's a great story. Came from Yakima and was living with his coach - grew up in a tough background. Knew from their conversations with him that football was important to him and that he wanted it desperately. Said he's glad he's finishing school and knows that Juan will make the most of his opportunities.

Asked about him being the focus of this Saturday's game, and he said that he just wants his team to play well and find a way to win the game. "It'll be best when it's over." Added that too much will be made of it. He's been in Husky Stadium when it's 'absolutely rockin' and he remembers the Rose Bowl year. "That's what I've chosen to reflect on."

Asked about the differences between Saturday and what happened when CU came to UW, and he said the major difference is that he had recruited all the CU players, so that game was a lot more emotional than Saturday's game. "If there's any emotion Saturday, it's going to be between the fans and myself." Said that he is 'truly sorry' about how things shook out. "Husky football is a great entity and a great program and I believe that good things are in store. And I also believe good things are in store for UCLA."

Said the last time he was in Husky Stadium was in June of 2003, when he was working a summer camp after getting fired.
11:45 am

UCLA's depth chart announced for the UW game:

SE 82 Taylor Embree  (6-3, 186, Fr.)
19 Dominique Johnson (6-3, 207, So.**)
83 Nelson Rosario (6-5, 207, Fr.)  
2 Ryan Graves (6-1, 171, Sr.**) 
LT 60 Jeff Baca (6-4, 289, Fr.) 
73 Micah Kia (6-5, 297, Jr.)  
LG 77 Darius Savage (6-4, 350, So.**)
66 Scott Glicksberg (6-4, 290, Sr.**) 
69 Brandon Bennett (6-4, 317, So.**) 
C 57 Jake Dean (6-4, 294, So.**)
58 Micah Reed (6-3, 314, Sr.**) 
RG 75 Nick Ekbatani (6-5, 294, Jr.**)  
55 Sonny Tevaga (6-5, 339, So.**) 
66 Scott Glicksberg (6-4, 290, Sr.**) 
RT 65 Mike Harris (6-5, 304, Fr.**) 
44 Nate Chandler (6-5, 271, Fr.**) 
TE 15 Ryan Moya (6-3, 234, Jr.**) OR
87 Cory Harkey (6-5, 247, Fr.) OR 
98 Jeff Miller (6-5, 251, So.**)  
QB 3 Kevin Craft (6-4, 195, Jr.**) 
8 Chris Forcier (6-3, 189, Fr.**) 
11 Osaar Rasshan (6-4, 220, Jr.**) 
FB 42 Chane Moline (6-1, 232, Jr.) 
45 Tobi Umodu (5-11, 230, So.**) 
TB 36 Kahlil Bell (6-0, 219, Sr.) 
33 Derrick Coleman (6-0, 225, Fr.)  
20 Raymond Carter (6-0, 202, Fr.**) 
30 Aundre Dean (6-0, 207, Fr.) 
21 Craig Sheppard (6-0, 190, Jr.**) 
FL 4 Terrence Austin (5-11, 161, Jr.) 
10 Gavin Ketchum (6-5, 206, Jr.**) 
9 Marcus Everett (6-1, 201, Sr.**) 
88 Antwon Moutra (6-2, 183, Fr.) 
LE 96 Datone Jones (6-4, 238, Fr.) 
91 Reginald Stokes (6-3, 243, So.**) 
99 Justin Edison (6-4, 240, Fr.**) 
DT 92 Brian Price (6-2, 300, So.) 
52 Jess Ward (6-4, 277, Jr.**) 
85 David Carter (6-5, 261, So.**) 
DT 93 Brigham Harwell (6-1, 280, Sr.**) 
90 Jerzy Siewierski (6-2, 285, Jr.) 
74 Nathaniel Skaggs (6-4, 294, Sr.**) 
RE 55 Korey Bosworth (6-1, 244, Jr.**) 
50 Chase Moline (6-1, 241, Sr.) 
47 Chinonso Anyanwu (6-4, 213, Jr.**) 
SLB 12 John Hale (6-4, 227, Sr.) 
40 Akeem Ayers (6-4, 234, Fr.**) 
MLB 43 Steve Sloan (6-4, 232, Fr.**) 
51 Reggie Carter (6-1, 220, Jr.**)
WLB 51 Reggie Carter (6-1, 220, Jr.**) 
21 Sean Westgate (5-11, 202, Fr.) 
53 Joshua Edwards (6-1, 229, Sr.**) 
41 Mike Schmitt (6-1, 223, So.**)  
LC 22 Michael Norris (5-10, 180, Sr.**)  
30 Chris Meadows (5-11, 173, Sr.**)
9 Aaron Hester (6-1, 189, Fr.)
SS 25 Bret Lockett (6-1, 210, Sr.)
20 Glenn Love (6-4, 200, Fr.**) 
6 Tony Dye (5-11, 190, Fr.) 
FS 3 Rahim Moore (6-1, 176, Fr.) 
27 Aaron Ware (6-0, 196, Jr.**) 
28 Garrett Rubio (5-10, 190, So.**) 
RC 1 Alterraun Verner (5-11, 177, Jr.)
7 Courtney Viney (5-8, 150, Fr.**) 
26 Andrew Abbott (5-10, 170, Fr.)
PK 25 Kai Forbath (6-0, 196, So.**)
49 Jeff Locke (6-1, 198, Fr.) 
KO 37 Jimmy Rotstein (5-11, 173, Jr.**)
25 Kai Forbath (6-0, 196, So.**) 
P 17 Aaron Perez (6-4, 225, Sr.**)
39 Danny Rees (6-3, 180, So.**) 
LS 52 Christian Yount (6-1, 257, So.) 
H 17 Aaron Perez (6-4, 225, Sr.**) 
PR 4 Terrence Austin (5-10, 165, Jr.) 
2 Ryan Graves (6-1, 174, Sr.**) 
KOR 4 Terrence Austin (5-10, 165, Jr.)   
22 Michael Norris (5-10, 180, Sr.**) 

**indicates utilized redshirt year 

9:45 am

UW's depth chart versus UCLA:
WR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.
9 Devin Aguilar 6-0 195 Fr./Fr.
LT 79 Ben Ossai 6-6 332 Jr./Sr.
69 Nick Scott 6-4 337 Jr./Sr.
LG 76 Jordan White-Frisbee 6-5 368 Sr./Sr.
70 Morgan Rosborough 6-6 382 Jr./Sr.
C 58 Juan Garcia 6-3 305 Sr./Sr.
64 Matt Sedillo 6-3 320 So./Jr.
RG 65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 321 So./Jr.
64 Matt Sedillo 6-3 320 So./Jr.
RT 71 Cody Habben 6-6 316 So./Jr.
67 Skyler Fancher 6-5 294 RFr./So.
TE 86 Michael Gottlieb 6-5 249 Sr./Sr.
80 Kavario Middleton 6-5 255 Fr./Fr.
83 Walt Winter 6-4 254 Sr./Sr. 
QB 8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
7 Taylor Bean 6-1 199 RFr./So.
12 Luther Leonard 6-2 193 Fr./Fr.
TB 27 Terrance Dailey 5-11 194 Fr./Fr.
6 Brandon Johnson 5-9 207 So./So.
21 Willie Griffin 5-8 198 RFr/So.
20 David Freeman 5-7 190 Fr./Fr.
FB 30 Paul Homer 6-1 239 Jr./Jr.
32 Luke Kravitz 6-0 228 Sr./Sr.
WR 3 Alvin Logan 6-2 218 RFr./So. OR
15 Jermaine Kearse 6-1 180 Fr./Fr.


DE 66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim 6-4 263 Jr./Sr.
50 Kalani Aldrich 6-7 240 RFr./So. 
DT 99 Cameron Elisara 6-3 289 So./Jr.
74 Alameda Ta'amu 6-2 348 Fr./Fr.
DT 37 Johnie Kirton 6-3 296 Sr./Sr.
96 De'Shon Matthews 6-4 260 So./Jr.
DE 59 Darrion Jones 6-2 245 Jr./Sr.
92 Everrette Thompson 6-6 255 Fr./Fr.
OLB 9 Donald Butler 6-1 242 Jr./Jr.
24 Joshua Gage 6-2 226 Jr./Sr. OR
5 Matt Houston 6-0 232 So./Jr.
ILB 57 Trenton Tuiasosopo 6-2 243 Sr./Sr.
9 Donald Butler 6-1 242 Jr./Jr.
OLB 40 Mason Foster 6-1 229 So./So.
29 Chris Stevens 6-1 218 Sr./Sr.
FS 34 Tripper Johnson 6-1 210 So./Jr. OR
36 Johri Fogerson 6-2 190 Fr./Fr..
SS 8 Nate Williams 6-0 207 So./So.
34 Tripper Johnson 6-1 210 So./Jr.
CB 28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
6 Vonzell McDowell, Jr. 5-9 178 So./So.
CB 19 Matt Mosley 5-10 180 So./Jr.
23 Mesphin Forrester 6-2 202 Sr./Sr.

Special Teams

P 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
FG/PAT 13 Ryan Perkins 5-10 205 Jr./Sr.
12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
KO 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 186 Sr./Sr.
HLD 8 Ronnie Fouch 6-1 203 RFr./So.
SNP 49 Danny Morovick 6-4 213 Jr./Sr.
KOR 82 Jordan Polk 5-8 161 Fr./Fr.
28 Quinton Richardson 6-0 200 RFr./So.
PR 11 D'Andre Goodwin 5-11 175 So./Jr.
9 Devin Aguilar 6-0 195 Fr./Fr.

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