Dawg Scraps - 12/10

Well, UW's first big recruiting came and passed without much hullaballoo, but that should certainly change this coming weekend, as things really heat up in the Emerald City. Some shifting has occurred with the current list of visitors, and it may change some more before the weekend is upon us. With that, here's a couple of bones...

Chad Green will not be coming in this weekend. He'll be in the weekend of the 20th, and he's bringing along teammate Dennis Keyes. Dennis has opened things up a bit since Bob Toledo got fired. "He doesn't want to say he's not going there," Green told Dawgman.com tonight. "But he won't know for sure until they hire somebody. So he's more open now." Chad will also be visiting Oregon (1/10) and LSU (1/17), but the LSU trip isn't in stone yet. CJ Wallace is also coming to Seattle the weekend of the 20th.

BJ Vickers will not be tripping to Seattle this weekend, so he can concentrate on taking his ACT. I talked to his Mother tonight, who explained that since BJ had already been up there twice before that a third trip wasn't necessary. With an official trip to Oregon already under his belt, he's looking at taking visits to Cal, Michigan State and Tennessee, but no dates have been set yet. BJ wants to visit MSU with teammates Eddie Miller and Antwuan Giddens, but can't until they've hired a coach. They are expecting Coach Fulmer from Tennessee next weekend. They have talked to Washington's coaches as well, so everybody appears to be on the same page.

Corey Williams, Juan Garcia, Tahj Bomar, Derrick Bradley and Bobby Whithorne are all officially visiting this weekend. Williams was just named to the Las Vegas All-City team today.

Craig Chambers was supposed to but had to reschedule. "I'll probably do it in January, around the 10th or 17th," he said.

Garren Strong is not visiting this weekend and has dropped Washington. "I think they already have all the receivers they are taking," Strong said tonight. He's switched his trip this weekend to Oregon instead, and will be visiting Arizona on January 10th and either Oregon State or Arizona State on the 17th. He's not sure yet.

Another recruit that was thought to be taking a visit to Seattle, Rudy Burgess, is not. In fact, Rudy may not be taking a trip to Washington at all. He's got a title game against Ontario Christian this weekend. He's already visited Washington State and Oregon State and has visits set up with Oregon and Arizona State. He talked with Chuck Heater about setting one up but isn't sure if it's going to happen.

Milvon James confirmed that he and teammate Mark Bradford are coming to Seattle this weekend. James didn't go to Cal this weekend and has dropped them from consideration. He's got one more trip set up, to Oregon (1/10). We were also able to get confirmation on Mathew Malele's visit this weekend to UW.

With the interest in Mike Mapu, Donyell Booker and Doug Langenfeld, expect Washington to continue to scour the JC's for more help on the DL. There's one name we've come across and there will be a story tomorrow about him.

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