Top West Coast RB back from visit spoke with Reggie Bush's father, Lamar Griffin, about Reggie's official visit to Washington this past weekend. We were hoping to catch up with Reggie, but he was unavailable for comment. He's working hard on school and Helix plays another playoff game this weekend. His father gave us the details of the visit, which he gave an '8.5' out of 10.

It helped Bush that his teammate Charles Smith, and his UW host, Stanley Daniels, are people he knows well. "Anytime you have someone around like Charles, it helps," Lamar said. "And with Stanley, Reggie's pretty decent friends with him. We know him from down here. So that was nice. It was cool having someone he knew with him. It made him comfortable."

Academics has always been a focus for Reggie, and it was no different on this visit. "He wants to be a doctor, and Washington has a hospital on campus, so that surprised him a little bit," Lamar said. "And it's a big, big, big campus. It reminded him a lot of San Diego with all the water." Griffin also said that Reggie, while not being able to go to the hospital, did get a chance to speak with a doctor and was able to get all his questions answered.

Lamar said that Reggie thought the whole area was nice. "He noticed how clean the air was," Griffin said. "He also talked about the tower they went up (Space Needle). He liked that. He was very impressed with the campus itself. All in all, it was a cool visit for him. There was really nothing negative about it."

Rick Neuheisel called Reggie tonight as a follow-up to his visit. "He just said what a great time he had with him and how much respect he has for Reggie," Lamar said. "He said that I should be proud to have a son that's so humble, and yet knows exactly where he wants to go and what he wants to do. He loves his attitude."

Bush has trips scheduled for Notre Dame and Stanford, and just might set one up for Texas, but that's still in the planning stages. "It's a maybe right now," Lamar said. "There's no date yet."

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