Player Quotes - UCLA

SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Washington's Mesphin Forrester, Ronnie Fouch, Johnie Kirton, Brandon Johnson and Mason Foster after losing to UCLA 27-7. With the loss, this UW team ensured themselves a place in the history books as the only Husky team to have not won a home game in a season.

CB Mesphin Forrester:
On not having a win - "It sucks being 0 and 10 but we have the Apple Cup next week and that's something to look forward to. We just have to find a way to come back Tuesday and have great practice this week and win this Apple Cup.

On playing - "I missed the last two games due to my knee, my knee is a little banged up. It felt good to come back out there for Senior Day, it was a good feeling to be back out there."

On what the team has to do - "We just have to stick together as a team and a find a way to come out and work hard and win this Apple Cup."

On how Senior Day felt - "It was a different. Other years I see the guys ahead of me do it. So it was weird for me to be in that place. It was a little emotional. It was alright I guess."

On if time went to fast - "Not necessarily. I've been here five years, so I feel like I've been here for awhile."

On what beating WSU would mean - "It would mean a lot. I think I've only won one since I've been here. I think it was back in '06, down there in Pullman. Hopefully we can go down there and do it again."

On if there is a lot riding on the WSU game - "Yeah it's the Apple Cup. There's always a lot riding on this."
QB Ronnie Fouch:
On the UCLA defense - "No we didn't scout them to blitz that much. They blitzed a lot more than we thought. Every team we've played has blitzed us so we just didn't handle it as well as would have liked to."

On where his performance ranks -"One of the bottom. I'm pretty frustrated after this game. I have to forget about it because we have Washington State this weekend. There is no reason I can't get fired up for that game, or anyone on that the team because of the rivalry. We just have to put it together this week."

On if he thought this team would be 0 and 10 - "I didn't think that at all. Stuff happens. We're a young team. We just have to keep getting better and hopefully in the future things will turn around."

On not getting a win as the quarterback - "It's frustrating for me as it is for anyone else. Everybody on this team wants a win as badly as I do. It's frustrating for all of us. We have to move onto Washington State now."

On the UW defense - "The defense played a great game tonight. They gave us a lot of opportunities to have the ball in good field position. We just didn't capitalize like we would like to."

On if he believes he can lead a comeback - "Yeah. Because I have seen it done before and I have seen what we could do in practice. We all have confidence in each other and we never think we can't come back. That's a losing attitude. Our coach instills in us a winning attitude and no matter how much you are down you still have to keep fighting and believe you can win. If you don't believe you could win nobody else will believe it."
DE Johnie Kirton:
On the offense not executing - "It gets tough at times with wear and tear on your body. The defense has to rally just like the offense does. We kept having big turnovers, which is a good thing, we haven't had a lot of those this year. You never blame the offense of the defense. It was one of those nights where things didn't go our way on both sides (of the ball)."

On his pre-game shirt - "It was something different. I'm always the loud guy who does something off the wall. It said, ‘A Dawg for Life' and I mean that. I'll be purple and gold until I die."

On not having a win - "It's tough because of the fact we're 0 and 10. It's been a lot of losing in this stadium, it's been tough. At the same it's a happy feeling to know that the guys I'm with I've made bonds with and friendships with and I get to finish out with these people."
RB Brandon Johnson:
On if the team has forgotten how to win - "I mean every game we go in expecting to win. This is the outcome. We still have two games to go. I still everybody will come out and play hard every play."

On if the loss hurt more since he's from LA - "I think it hurt more that we let out seniors down. More than being from LA and more than us being 0 and 7 (at home). We wanted to set our seniors out with a win in Husky Stadium. You can't replace that. The memories all the hard work in the off-season. I felt like we let them down and didn't give them a chance to win."
LB Mason Foster:
On seeing Rick Neuheisel - "We just came in like another game. A lot of guys didn't mention it. We just came out tried to play hard. Unfortunately things didn't go our ways, we just have to finish."

On being a step slow - "I don't know. We just have to keep pushing through. I say every week, ‘we have to stay positive'. I'm still confident in my teammates. I love them. They're like my brothers. You have to find that extra gear, find a way to pull through when things aren't going right."

On what it will take to get emotion - "I think it's going to take individuals on the team to dig real deep and pull whatever they have left out and show everybody things can go our way. We still have to fight and play hard regardless. We still have to show people and give people something to be happy about. People want to see us do good." Top Stories