Sumner Athlete Makes His Choice

It's not the time you'd expect a lot of prospects to jump in the boat, but the University of Washington isn't about to complain. The same day that Marlion Barnett verbally committed to Washington, another player decided it was time to get his decision out of the way.

"I committed yesterday," Sumner TE/OL Grant Cisneros told Sunday. "I found out that they were going to honor the scholarships, so that's when I thought that would be the best place for me."

Even without a head coach in place for next year, Cisneros wanted to let the Huskies know that he's ready to go.

"I'm supposed to (talk to AD Scott Woodward) in the next week, but I told (Chris) Tormey I was (committing), and coach (Charlie) Baggett. They seemed quite happy. Every time I saw them they were smiling and they sounded pretty excited.

"I'm pretty much considering it a done deal.

So when did Cisneros realize UW was the right situation for him? "There really was no defining moment," he said. "I sat down with my parents and talked about my options and looked at where would best suit what I wanted to do, and Washington was the best place."

At the time of his decision, Cisneros was expecting an offer from Idaho, and also had interest from Eastern Washington and Portland State.

At 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds, it's expected Cisneros will play along the offensive line for the Huskies, but not unlike another former UW big man - Joe Toledo - Cisneros could try and slim down just a little bit and play tight end

"Last year I played tight end, and that's when they started to recruit me, and when I went to one of their camps I played tight end," he said. "They've seen what I can do." Top Stories